5 Sept 2016

Liverpool Boost? After shock transfer, Carra insists 'erratic' £34m Brazilian has the 'quality' to make a difference

After Germany's incredible 7-1 annihilation of Brazil at World Cup 2014, Liverpool legend Alan Hansen accused David Luiz of producing the 'worst performance' he's ever seen from a defender. Luiz - variously described by Hansen as 'diabolical', 'farcical', and 'ridiculous', completed a shock deadline day transfer back to Chelsea, and Reds hero Jamie Carragher insists he has the quality to improved Andrea Conte's team.

In his weekend column for the Liverpool Echo, Carra mused:

"There's something about Luiz’s character I like. He can make something happen or contribute a big moment. He's erratic but he has quality".

In my view, PSG have played a blinder here. Luiz is 29 now, so to get £34m for a player in the twilight years of his career is (arguably) great business.

Additionally, in net terms, it means PSG club only really paid an £18m transfer fee for Luiz, and got him during the best years of his career. The Brazilian's transfer value will only decrease from this point onwards, and if he sees out his career at Chelsea, Luiz will have comparatively minimal sell-on value.

Liverpool fans will be hoping that Luiz veers more towards the 'erratic' this season, and with any luck, the Brazilian will derail Chelsea's defence, which will give Liverpool a greater chance of finishing in the top four.

Yes, this is clutching at straws, but the only way I can see Liverpool finishing in the top four is if Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs somehow contrive to sabotage themselves and/or spectacularly implode.


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