28 Aug 2016

You're Out: Klopp happy to sell 'excellent' Liverpool powerhouse; deal expected before transfer deadline

The Academy cull continues! After the departures of Rossiter, Sinclair, Canos, Vigoroux and a host of others this summer, Andre Wisdom appears to be the next youngster heading for the Anfield scrapheap.

According to the Liverpool Echo:

"Andre Wisdom is a transfer target for Celtic [and] will be allowed to leave Liverpool before Wednesday’s transfer deadline if a suitable offer is received".

If this news is true, it just goes to show that new contracts mean diddly-squat these days. Wisdom signed a new 'long-term deal' in May 2016, yet just three months later, the club is open to selling him off.

This is clearly a money-making strategy: tying young players down on long contracts = potentially bigger transfer fees, especially if the possibility of a deal arises soon after the new contract is signed.

It's a shame as Wisdom - once described by Jamie Carragher as 'excellent' - can provide cover at right-back, a position he's played a hundred times so far in his career (with 19 of those appearances for Liverpool).

After signing his new deal in May, Wisdom gushed:

"My future is definitely back at Liverpool because that is my dream".

Well, the dream appears to be dead.


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