28 Aug 2016

Klopp confirms: 'Fantastic' £120k-a-week star is my 'transfer' solution for Liverpool and he'll 'play' at LB

Earlier this month, Reds boss Jurgen Klopp insisted that he'd only buy a new left-back if he found the 'perfect fit' for the club, and based on his latest comments, it appears that Liverpool's manager has found his 'perfect' left-back (and it won't cost the club a penny).

When asked in mid-August about bolstering the club's left-back options, Klopp told reporters:

"If we'd found the perfect fit...we would have made a transfer". We will only take another one if it's the guy we want".

When asked again on Saturday about signing a new left-black, Klopp dimissed the idea, and insisted:

“Milly can play it. We were convinced he could play the position and that's why we didn't make the transfer".

In my view, Klopp's stubbornness and inflexibility sabotaged the club's league progress last season, and the same thing is happening this season, too. If he can't see that Liverpool need a new left-back, then serious questions need to be asked about his ability to make the right decisions.

Danny Rose's goal on Saturday exposed yet again the glaring need for a dedicated left-back.

* Milner was ball-watching instead of tracking Dier's run. He got drawn towards the ball, and by the time he relised Dier was behind him, it was too late.

* 'Milly' (urgh) was 20+ yards away from Dier, who had acres of time and space to pick out his pass to Rose.

* Both Clyne and Mane failed to track Rose at the back post, and Spurs consequently scored.

Including the Rose goal, poor full-back play is responsible (either directly or partially) for all of Liverpool's conceded goals this season:

- Arsenal: Moreno badly out of position, which allowed Walcott time and space to pick his spot. Moreno also gave away a penalty with a trademark reckless challenge.

- Arsenal: Oxlade-Chamberlain waltzed past Clyne and into the box to score.

- Arsenal: Clyne gave away a silly free kick, from which Arsenal scored.

- Burnley: Clyne gave the ball away in a dangerous area, and five seconds later, Burnley scored.

- Burnley: Milner woefully slow to get back when Burnley counter-attacked. Ball played into Andre Grey, who had plenty of time and space due to having no left-back challenging him.

Yet, according to Klopp, Liverpool don't need any more full-backs (!)

If Klopp fails to fix this problem by the end of the transfer window - and Liverpool continue to leak goals as a result of poor full-back play - he'll deserve all the criticism that will inevitably come his way.

^ Reportedly on £120k-a-week. Hailed as 'fantastic' by Adam Lallana.


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