7 Aug 2016

Deal Close? Klopp confirms Liverpool want summer transfer for 'powerhouse' £30m attacker. 'Real offers' welcomed

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp continues to throw beleaguered 'Powerhouse' Christian Benteke under the bus, and just like he did with Mario Balotelli last month, Klopp appears to be putting public pressure on Benteke to find another club.

On Wednesday, the Daily Mail claimed:

"Benteke is prepared to leave [Anfield] to kick-start his stalled career [and] Liverpool are adamant that Benteke will not be sold for anything less than £30m".

When asked this week about Benteke's future, Klopp disingenuously claimed that Benteke is a 'great striker', but then made it emphatically clear that he wants the Belgian out of the club:

"It makes sense [for Benteke] to go to another club. If there are clubs who want him, they’ll have to make real offers. If there’s an offer, we will think about it".

I don't see why Klopp has to say any of this in public. What's the point? All he's done is:

* Further alienate Benteke. What happens if he stays? Liverpool will have a very unhappy player at the club who knows he's not part of the manager's plans. It's a potentially toxic situation.

* Weaken Liverpool's bargaining position. Klopp is clearly desperate to get rid of Benteke, so why should interested clubs may through the nose to sign an unhappy player who will probably be available at a reduced price at some point in the future (due to LFC's desire to get rid)?

If Benteke stays, the club will lose millions over the next 6-12 months paying him £140k-a-week to sit on the bench, and I doubt FSG will be too impressed to see the club hemorrhaging money in such a manner.

In my view, Klopp should stop using the media to put players under indirect pressure. It's crass, and undeserved, especially since Benteke is (and always has been) a model professional.


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