7 Aug 2016

Carra raves: Exciting £125k-a-week Liverpool star was 'really amazing' against Barcelona. Agree?

After seven games without a goal or assist, Sadio Mane finally got off the mark today with a superb strike against Barcelona (great assist from Adam Lallana) and after the Reds' fantastic victory, Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher hailed the £34m summer signing for his contribution to the game.

"Today was fantastic practice for playing Arsenal. [Sadio] Mane did really amazing, he was the man of the match" ^

Rip-off transfer fee aside, there's no denying that Mane is a potentially exciting player, but can he do the business consistently for Liverpool in the Premier League?

That's the big question, and although beating Barcelona 4-0 is a stunning (and and well-deserved) result, it means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

The Premier League is what matters, and today's will be rendered even more meaningless if Mane and co fail to get a couple of positive results in the first few league games.

With any luck, Mane - and the rest of the team - will take confidence from the Barcelona annihilation (albeit pre-season Barca), and hit the ground running at Arsenal next week.

Like all Reds fans, I enjoyed the victory, but I don't buy the developing narrative that Liverpool are somehow a massively improved team, and the team is ready to challenge for the title.

I'll believe it when I see it. This victory may actually turn out to be a negative as it may foster a false sense of security and/or superiority amongst the players, and that can only lead to disaster.

Obviously, the players were pumped up to play against the likes of Messi and Suarez, but it's not going to be like that every week, the Reds will need to display the same hunger and motivation in every single game this year.

Last season, it sometimes felt like certain players only really performed in the big games, and the club arguably became a 'big game' club. That needs to change this season.

As for Mane - I'm intrigued to see how he develops at Anfield. If he's allowed the freedom to express himself, he may - as Steve Nicol suggested last week, turn out to be one of the 'signings of the season'.

^Transcribed whilst watching live.

* Mane reportedy on £125k-a-week


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