21 Jul 2016

Deal Almost Done: 'Fantastic' £60k-a-week attacker having Liverpool medical right now. £25m transfer fee agreed

Earlier today, Liverpool reportedly agreed a £25m fee for 'fantastic' Newcastle attacker Giorgino Wijnaldum, and it looks like the Dutch attacker is already well on the way to becoming an LFC player.

This morning, Sky Sports 'sources' claimed:

"Liverpool have agreed a £25m for Georginio Wijnaldum. LFC have offered Wijnaldum a five-year deal".

Sky now reports:

"Newcastle midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum is currently having a medical at Liverpool's training ground".

Unless there's a major medical issue, Wijnaldum will almost certainly become Liverpool's 5th signing of the Jurgen Klopp era. I've already outlined why he is overpriced, but inflated fee aside, Wijnaldum will hopefully move up several gears under Jurgen Klopp's tutelage.

If nothing else, Wijnaldum should provide Adam Lallana with some serious competition, and if his signing means that Lallana - the master of the pointless Cruyff turn - is relegated to squad player status, then all's well that ends well.

Where will Wijnaldum play, though? According to Rafa Benitez, his 'best position is behind the striker', so with in mind (using current players):

-------------- Karius
Clyne ---- Matip -- Lovren ----- Moreno
------------ Can -- Hendo
Mane ------- Wijnaldum ---- Coutinho
------------ Sturridge

Benitez also stated that Wijnaldum 'can play everywhere and do well', including 'on the right, on the left, and deeper'. For me, this is the biggest issue; Wijnaldum is another Jack of all trades, who can 'do well' in a number of positions, but doesn't excel in one single role.

On a related note: the number-10 position is already oversubscribed (Firmino, Lallana, Coutinho etc), which may mean that Wijnaldum is played in a midfield role as cover/replacement for Henderson and/or Allen.

Ultimately, there are still too many 'multi-functional' players at Liverpool, and this will (IMO) lead to more underperformance next season.

^ Reportedly on £60k-a-week at Newcastle


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