29 Jun 2016

I Want Out: 'Brilliant' Liverpool star confirms he wants to quit Anfield 'ASAP'.

After the recruitment of Mainz star Lorius Karius, Adam Bogdan is now Liverpool's fourth choice goalkeeper, which is, in effect, career suicide for any player with a modicum of ambition. After a torrid time at Anfield, Bogdan is desperate to rebuild his career, and the Hungarian 'stopper has now made it clear that he wants to quit Anfield ASAP.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo this week, Bogdan admitted that he doesn't see the point in going on Liverpool's pre-season tour of the USA, and admitted that he wants out of Liverpool. He explained:

“My goal is to get a loan deal ASAP. The new arrival of a goalkeeper shows that they don’t count on me. I can get out of this situation by performing well somewhere else. I need to go to prove my worth.”

With Ward, Mignolet, and Karius on the books, there's absolutely no compelling reason to force Bogdan to stay. Just let him leave, and give him the chance to resurrect his career elsewhere.

Bogdan's struggles at Anfield are hardly surprising - what did Liverpool expect when signing a goalkeeper who struggled to be first-choice at Bolton? On the day Liverpool signed Bogdan, I posted the following:

"Bogdan doesn't have the stature, experience, or ability to permanently relegate Mignolet to the bench, which (arguably) makes his signing a retrograde step for Liverpool".

I also posted an article detailing nine reasons why Liverpool erred in signing Bogdan. Now, I feel compelled to clarify a tedious misconception: I (and others) regularly called for Bogdan to be given a chance ahead of Mignolet, and I stand by that, for the following reasons:

* Once he signed, Bogdan became Liverpool's back-up goalkeeper, and there's obviously nothing I could do about that (!) I may have been against the signing, but there's always a possibility that an unfancied player may step-up and do the business.

* As last season proved yet again, Mignolet is error-prone, and needed to be replaced. Like every player, Bogdan deserved a chance to stake his claim. I (and many others) called for him to be given that chance (just as I called for Teixiera to be given a chance).

* Bogdan had the opportunity to put some serious pressure on Mignolet, but, unfortunately, he didn't take it. That's life. Some players triumph under the pressure, and others (like Rooney and his fellow England POMMMs) fold. The key point here is that you'll never know unless the player is given a chance.

Calling for Bogdan to be given a chance is not retrospectively wrong just because he failed, and the possibility of failure should never be a reason to keep a player on the bench. This applies to Bogdan, Teixeira, and a whole host of youngsters currently toiling away in the Academy.

The prevailing view is that Bogdan failed at Liverpool, but in my view, that's an overstatement. Yes, he made a couple of mistakes, but Mignolet made more, but the difference is that he - like Lallana - got endless chances to make amends and/or play his way into form.

Like Bogdan, Mignolet's time is up, and with any luck, Klopp will replace him from day one with Karius.

^ Hailed by Klopp as 'brilliant' last season.


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