15 May 2016

'Really Good': Klopp explains why he played 'terrific' £8m Liverpool attacker at W.Brom

After seven months on the sidelines, Liverpool star Danny Ings returned to action against West Brom today, and in his post match press conference, Reds boss Jurgen Klopp explained his decision to play the 'terrific' striker.

Speaking to reporters after the game, Klopp mused:

"It wasn't about him [Ings] changing the game by scoring three goals. It was about giving this really nice lad something for the break, knowing that he's already back and already able to play football again. That's really good”

Ings may be a 'really nice lad', but is he going to be a prolific goalscorer for Liverpool? I really wish I could jump on the Ings bandwagon, but I just can't see it:

* Ings grabbed only 11 goals in 37 games for Burnley during the 2014-15 season (One every 275 mins), and Jamie Vardy beat that in just 14 games this year (and he's since annihilated Ings' record).

* The same year, Charlie Austin grabbed 18 league goals in 35 games (One every 170 mins - i.e. more goals in fewer games), and he also played for a relegation side (QPR).

It bugs me how fans go on about how Ings works so hard, and runs/presses etc, as it smacks of fans getting their excuses in early. Ings' primary role is to SCORE GOALS, and based on his return at Burnley, I have doubts about his ability to be prolific for Liverpool.

Ings is a good squad player to have, but the presence of Firmino, Sturridge, and Origi (who's arguably moved ahead of him in the pecking order) will probably curtail his opportunities at Anfield. Additionally, like almost every Liverpool manager stretching back to Shankly, Klopp will inevitably bring in a top striker at some point, which will limit Ings' chances even further.

That said, Ings^ - an archetypal Jurgen Klopp player - will get chances, and his running/pressing qualities will delight a sub-section of brainwashed fans who believe that huff-and-puff endeavour is more important than actually scoring/creating goals on a regular basis.

Of course, I hope the opposite is true, and if Ings becomes a prolific goalscorer at Anfield, I will be the first to praise him for it.

^ Described by Brendan Rodgers as a 'terrific' striker. Cost Liverpool £8m.

Author: Jaimie K


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