29 Apr 2016

Transfer Fee Confirmed: Liverpool to pay £8m for 'terrific' international attacker. Decision finally made

Ten months after sealing a deal for Danny Ings, Liverpool have finally learned the allegedly 'terrific' striker's transfer fee, and to be fair, the figure determined by the Professional Football compensation committee (PFCC) is an absolute bargain for the club.

According to multiple reports:

* Liverpool must pay Burnley £6.5m plus a further £1.5m in add-ons (Total: £8m)

* Burnley will also be entitled to 20% of Ings' future transfer fee.

After the ruling, Liverpool released the following statement:

“LFC would like to thank the PFCC panel for their time and diligence in deciding this matter. We believe the process was conducted fairly and we respect the outcome. This chapter is now complete and [Ings] can look forward to a long and successful career at Liverpool.”

Talented British players often sell for grossly inflated transfer fees, so by comparison, Ings is arguably a bargain at £8m. Plus, if Ings ultimately fails at Anfield, the worst case scenario is that Liverpool will make their money back (or close to it), so the risk is minimal (compared to, say, £16m on Mario Balotelli).

Ings appears to be popular amongst Liverpool fans, but I just can't get excited about him. In my view, he's a squad player at best, and will never be prolific enough to be the club's number-one striker. Of course, I'm happy to be proven wrong, and I hope I am over the next few years.

Author: Jaimie K


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