12 Mar 2016

Scholes blasts: 'Brilliant' £26m Liverpool star was 'taking the pi$$' against Man Utd

It's almost 32 hours since Liverpool strolled to victory over Manchester United, and Old Trafford legend Paul Scholes is still in meltdown over his old team's ignominious defeat. Last night, Scholes launched a scathing attack on 'shambolic', and he's continued his diatribe tonight in an interview with Reds legend Jamie Carragher.

Discussing the game with Carra, Scholes claimed Juan Mata played like a '10-year old' child; lambasted Memphis Debay as 'poor', and slated the whole team for not having the 'balls' to match Liverpool's aggression on the ball. He further scathed:

"It wasn't so much the quality of play, it was not laying a finger on them [Liverpool] that wound me up. Lallana was taking the pi$$ rolling his studs over the ball in the second half! Why didn't someone just tackle him?"

This is gold, so keep it coming, Scholesy!

I can see where Scholes is coming from, and I feel his pain. With his pitiful creative return, and repeated failure to step-up when it matters, Lallana - recently hailed as 'brilliant' by Jurgen Klopp' - has been taking the pi$$ at Liverpool for the last 18-months.

The tables have turned now, though, it's so refreshing to see a different team suffering from the Lallana effect :-D

Author: Jaimie K


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