1 Mar 2016

LFC Exit: 'Excellent' Liverpool attacker to leave Anfield after reaching transfer 'agreement' with Euro giants

Over the last few months, I've repeatedly argued that 'excellent' Liverpool attacker Joao Carlos Teixeira should quit Anfield this summer and seek regular first team action elsewhere, and new reports today suggest that's exactly what the Portuguese attacker intends to do.

According to Sky Sports Italy journo Gianluca DiMarzio today:

"Fiorentina have reached an agreement in principal with Joao Carlos Teixeira. Fiorentina coach Paulo Sousa sent representatives to England, and Fiorentina got to work right away to sign Teixeira".

This is great news. I'd love to see Teixeira to stay at Anfield, but only if he's actually going to play regularly, and that is never going to happen under Jurgen Klopp.

Like Rodgers, Klopp has utterly failed to give Teixeira a consistent chance in the team, so why should the Portuguese attacker hang around and waste even more of his career?

Teixeira is nearly 24 years old, yet he *still* hasn't been given a single start in the league.

This season, for example, Klopp has granted him just FOUR MINUTES of pitch time in the league, and that's in a year where Liverpool have suffered a massive injury crisis.

To add insult to injury, Klopp has even played Steven Caulker (a central defender) up-front in several games instead of bringing on Teixeira, who is a dedicated attacking player.

The final insult came in Sunday's League Cup final, where Klopp shunned fully fit academy players like Teixeira/Smith etc, and selected Allen and Lallana, both of whom were nowhere near match-fit.

Sorry, but it's an absolute disgrace, and Teixeira is right to leave Liverpool. He needs to play under a manager who appreciates his potential, and that clearly isn't Jurgen Klopp.

Author: Jaimie K


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