12 Mar 2016

Transfer Stunner: 'Sensational' €73m Liverpool star is now worth more than 'world-class' €140m-duo

In January 2013, Liverpool committed glorious daylight robbery by stealing attacking maestro Philippe Coutinho from Inter Milan for a measly £8m fee [€10m], and newly released figures suggest that the 'sensational' Brazilian's transfer value has rocketed by 630% over the last three years.

According to the CIES Football Observatory:

* Coutinho - hailed this week as 'sensational' by Paul Scholes - is now worth €73m in the transfer market.

* The Brazilian in the joint 13th most valuable player in Europe (alongside Kevin De Bruyne).

* Coutino is worth €33m more than Liverpool team-mate Roberto Firmino, who sits in joint 46th place (with Riyadh Mahrez).

CIES' analysis is conducted in conjuction with FIFA and UEFA, but some of these results seem incredibly suspect. For example:

* Coutinho is deemed to be more valuable than proven, world-class players like Robert Lewandowski (€69m), Gareth Bale (€69m), Mesut Ozil (€51m), and Thomas Muller (€71m).

* This is a good one: Raheem Sterling (€89m) and Harry Kane (€91m) are allegedly more valuable in the transfer market than Barcelona genius Luis Suarez (€86m). Give me a break.

Coutinho is a top player, but is he really worth €73m, and is he more valuable in the transfer market than Firmino, Lewandowski et al?

Ultimately, Coutinho is worth whatever another club will pay, but when it comes to end product, and fulfilling their primary role, I'd take Lewandowski, Ozil, Bale, and Muller over the Brazilian every day of the week.

Author: Jaimie K


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