1 Feb 2016

Thommo insists: Klopp 'should've' signed 'unbelievable' £100k-a-week striker who's a 'Liverpool fan'. Agree?

Over the years, Liverpool have been regularly linked with ex-QPR striker Charlie Austin, and according to Reds legend Phil Thompson, Jurgen Klopp should've got in ahead of Southampton and signed the 26-year old goalscorer.

When asked on Friday about potential Liverpool transfers, Thommo told The Mirror:

"They [Liverpool] should have signed Charlie Austin.

"It's a case of needs must and for the price Southampton paid he would have been worth a gamble. And he's a Liverpool fan."

Last summer, Liverpool were linked with both players, and I repeatedly called for the Reds to sign Austin over Ings, for one simple reason: Austin was/is far more prolific. 2014-15 stats:

* Austin: 18 goals/6 assists in 36 apps (One every 118 mins).

* Ings: 11 goals/41 assists in 38 apps (One every 202 mins).

In the words of Joe Miller:

Given the choice, I personally wouldn't have chosen Austin or Ings, but Rodgers seemed hellbent on bringing in a British striker. With that in mind, when faced with a choice between two British strikers, in what universe is it a better idea to sign the least prolific of the two?!

Ings is a decent player, and he probably runs more than Austin, but a striker's primary role is to score goals, and Ings' goal record last season (11 in 38) is comparatively poor. Austin, on the other hand, grabbed 18 goals in 36 games, which is an excellent record for a striker in a relegation team.

In May 2015, I conducted a poll on the site asking whether Rodgers should sign Ings or Austin, and a whopping 75% of fans chose Austin. Why? Probably because Austin scores more goals. It's not rocket science.

I still don't get the thought-process, but this kind of illogical decision-making is par for the course at Anfield, and it's indicative of the transfer negligence that has plagued the club for years.

Rumours abound about Austin's alleged knee issues, but at 26, he's suffered just ONE injury for his entire career, and that had nothing to so with his knees.

As for Liverpool missing out on Austin this time: at £4m - the price paid by Southampton - it's arguably a no-brainer, but with Ings now at the club, there'd be little point signing him as the back-up striker places are already filled.

Liverpool need proven, prolific, European-class strikers now, and that rules out Austin, who is reportedly on a whopping £100k-a-week at Southampton.

Author: Jaimie K


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