9 Feb 2016

Confirmed Team News? Liverpool Academy sensation (indirectly) reveals he's playing against West Ham tonight

Will Joao Carlos Teixeira Start tonight's FA Cup 4th round replay with West Ham? With Sturridge, Origi, and Coutinho definitely in the squad for tonight's game, Teixeira will probably end up missing out. Or will he? Jurgen Klopp confirmed on Monday that he'll field a 'different lineup' from the first game, and based on Teixeira's comments today, it looks like he will be in the starting XI.

Speaking to LFC TV earlier, Teixeira mused:

"We have trained and know what to do. We just have to face the game and do our best to win. I am ready because I have played at Anfield, but of course it will be a great test for me".

Why is the game a 'great test' for Teixeira is he's not playing?

It sounds to me like he knows he's playing, which is (IMO) great news.

The more chances Teixeira gets, the more he'll grow into his role, and build rhythm and rapport with his team-mates (both of which are vital steps to succeeding as an attacking player)

If Coutinho also returns also, the front-line could look like his:

----- Ibe ----- Coutinho -- Teixeira
-------------- Firmino

(With Sturridge to come on in the second half.

Obviously, I hope Teixeira starts, but he may be in for a rude awakening, and may not even make the squad.

Author: Jaimie K


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