9 Feb 2016

Confirmed Liverpool XI: Klopp names bizarre team; shock in defence; massive insult for Danny Ward

On Monday, Jurgen Klopp went into hospital to have his appendix removed, but based on today's starting lineup, he clearly ended up in Neurosurgery, as that's the only possible explanation for some of the ludicrous decisions he's made for tonight's FA Cup clash with West Ham.

CONFIRMED TEAM: Mignolet, Flanagan, Ilori, Lucas, Smith, Chirivella, Stewart, Ibe, Coutinho, Teixeira, Benteke.

SUBS: Ward, Enrique, Milner, Henderson, Sturridge, Origi, Randall.

WEST HAM: Randolph, O'Brien, Ogbonna, Reid, Cresswell, Noble, Kouyate, Antonio, Payet, Obiang, Valencia.

SUBS: Adrian, Carroll, Collins, Moses, Oxford, Cullen, Parfitt-Williams

* Ilori and Lucas in central defence? It's so ludicrous that Klopp deserves some kind of award :-)

* In what universe is it a better idea to play Lucas - a midfielder - ahead of a dedicated central defender?

* Today is the perfect game for Caulker to start, but he's not even in the match-day squad. If he's injured, why not play Toure or Sakho?

* It's madness, nay, negligence, to Play Ilori and Lucas (i.e. an untested central defensive duo) together in what is, essentially, a Premier league game, especially when Sakho, and Toure are available.

* Add Flanagan and Smith into the equation, and this back four has never played together before. To add insult to injury, there are no centre-backs on the bench.

* Mignolet in the starting XI again despite costing Liverpool another game at the weekend? Mama Mia! Klopp still blindly keeps faith with him? What a massive insult to Danny Ward as Klopp is basically telling the world that Ward is not good enough to replace one of the most error-prone players in the Premier League. Pathetic decision.

* It's good to see Chirivella and Stewart in midfield, though. Anything but Emre Can, please.

Defensively, Klopp has lost the plot here. There's absolutely no need to play Lucas at centre-back; that's a decision he's made, and in doing so, he's opened himself up for serious criticism if Liverpool lose the game.

West Ham players - specifically, Andy Carroll - will licking their lips at the prospect of getting stuck into the Ilori/Lucas partnership.

(Liverpool will probably win 5-0 now!)

Author: Jaimie K


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