14 Feb 2016

'He wasn't happy'': Jurgen Klopp admits 'brilliant' £25m Liverpool star was upset about Villa substitution

Given his injury history (which includes 5 separate injuries after playing two games in one week - Jurgen Klopp took a calculated risk with Daniel Sturridge today, and by the looks of things, it appears to have paid off. Klopp subbed 'brilliant' Sturridge off in the second half, which was clearly a responsible thing to do, but according to Klopp, Sturridge didn't see it that way.

In his post-match press conference, Klopp confirmed:

"He [Sturridge] was not too happy when we took him off. Everything was okay but it was not like he gave a sign or something like this, but I think it made sense. Hopefully he's available for the next game too.”

If Sturridge is unhappy, then tough luck. Klopp made the right decision sub him off, and in my view, it would've been a good idea to remove Sturridge at half-time.

Short-term pain for long-term gain, especially when Liverpool are comfortably winning games (a rare occurrence, I know!)

With his injury problems, Sturridge basically forfeited the right to play 90 minutes every game. The team has to come first, and playing him intermittently is (arguably) the best thing for the team.

Klopp also (indirectly) warned his players to remain humble in victory:

"It's not a day to sing songs or things like this, for us. That's partly respect for Aston Villa, a great club in a difficult situation"

A classy reaction from Klopp, and he's absolutely right. Liverpool *should* be annihilating the bottom club in the league, and in my view, the players don't deserve any special credit for basically doing their jobs (for once).

Gloating, ego-massage, and triumphalism should be totally off the table. After only ONE win in six games, it's undeserved, and Liverpool have achieved nothing this season, and remain in mid-table mediocrity.

Author: Jaimie K


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