7 Feb 2016

Carra raves: I'd love to have 'fantastic' £150k-a-week title winner 'at Liverpool' because 'he's the best'

Earlier this week, ex-Red Jamie Redknapp hailed John Terry as the Premier League's 'best ever' central defender, and it appears that LFC legend Jamie Carragher holds the Chelsea icon in similarly high esteem.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Redknapp slammed Chelsea for failing to renew 'fantastic' Terry's contract.

Carra also weighed in with his view, and in his column for the Daily Mail this week, he mused:

"I'm shocked. He's Chelsea's best centre back. He's the best there's been. Why have they allowed this to happen? I'd have him at Liverpool tomorrow".

John Terry* at Anfield? Irrespective of his talent, the very idea of it is nauseating. It makes no difference anyway as Terry would never be accepted by Liverpool's fanbase.

As a comparison: Paul Ince - a staple of Alex Ferguson's Manchester United side for six years - signed for Liverpool in 1997, and even though he came from Inter, Reds fans (in my personal experience), never really accepted him due to his prior Manc allegiance.

Terry is (arguably) a far more reviled figure than Ince, and I'm pretty sure that the sight of Terry in a Liverpool shirt will produce widescale projectile vomiting amongst LFC fans.

The irony is that Liverpool need a proper leader at Anfield, and Terry is definitely that. Plus, even at the age of 35, Terry is (statistically) a more effect/reliable defender than Sakho, Toure, and Lovren.

I'd rather see Carra come out of retirement than have Terry at Liverpool.

* Reportedly on £150k-a-week


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