26 Feb 2016

Gerrard raves: 'Dedicated' £27m 'leader' is a great 'example' for all Liverpool players to follow

Liverpool face Manchester City in the League Cup final on Sunday, and ahead of the game, Reds legend Steven Gerrard has delivered a glowing tribute to his successor at Anfield, Jordan Henderson, and urged other players in the squad to follow his hard-working example.

In his column for The Telegraph this week, Gerrard raved:

"I'd love to see Jordan Henderson lifting that trophy. Something that goes underappreciated in football is those players who are absolutely dedicated [and] determined to [be] the best they can be. Jordan is an example to all [Liverpool] players".

Henderson has certainly come a long way since his arrival at Anfield, and he's already made over 200 appearances for the club, which is a significant achievement.

When fully fit, £27m-rated Hendo can be a very effective player for Liverpool (22 goals/assists last season is proof of that), but is he really long-term captain material?

Man Utd legend Gary Neville seems to think so, and in a recent interview, he explained:

"He [Henderson] is not frightened to pull people out and talk, that is why he has the captain’s armband. He is one of the leaders in the dressing room at Liverpool and he is the same with England".

That's all well and good, but I've personally seen little leadership *impact* on the field this season, and the idea of Henderson leading Liverpool for the next 4-5 years is far from inspiring.

Does Klopp have the cojones to appoint his own captain, though? I can't see it. Liverpool are not blessed with great leadership options, and if a change is to be made, it'll almost certainly have to be one of Klopp's future signings.

The problem is, dumping a popular player like Hendo for a new signing will probably put noses out of joint...unless, of course, the new signing is a world-renowned star (like Gerrard) with significant captaincy experience.

In that situation, I doubt many (including Hendo himself) will have a problem with a change being made.

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Author: Jaimie K


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