16 Jan 2016

'Sell Him': Hamann urges Klopp to dump 'amazing' £25m Liverpool star ASAP. Agree?

To sell, or not to sell; that is the question, and when it comes to injury-plagued Daniel Sturridge, it's one of the most polarising questions amongst the Liverpool fanbase. Recent reports claim that Liverpool are willing to sell Sturridge, and according to Reds legend Dietmar Hamann, it's absolutely the right decision.

During a Thursday evening Twitter Q&A, Hamann was asked the following question:

"Would you sell Sturridge or give him more time?".

Hamann's response:

"Sell him [Sturridge] in a heartbeat".

Sturridge is an 'amazing' goalscorer (and my favourite current LFC player), but I honestly don't believe he has the mental strength to overcome his injury problems.

After so many issues, when Sturridge actually plays again, he'll be so worried about sustaining another injury (and/or his ability to retain fitness), that it'll probably affect his game.

It's a vicious circle, and could ultimately end being a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Sturridge is, after all, only human, and it takes immense mental strength to play your natural game whilst blocking out the constant worry of sustaining another injury. A paragon of physical fitness like Luis Suarez could do it, but Sturridge? No chance (IMO).

Sturridge is 26 now, and after being ravaged by so many injuries, I'll be surprised if he plays 50 full games for the rest of his career. I'll also be surprised to see any club pay £25m+ for him (Liverpool's reportedly valuation).

Right now, Liverpool would be lucky to recoup Sturridge's initial £12m transfer fee; after all, who is going to pay more than that for a player who's suffered 14 injuries in 3 years, and misses 25-30 games every season through injury?

For Liverpool to get that kind of fee, Sturridge will have to prove his fitness over a sustained period of time, but if that happens, there'll be no more need to sell (!)

Author: Jaimie K


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