27 Jan 2016

Collymore insists: Liverpool must 'break the bank' and sign 'magnificent' £20m star. Agree?

In December, Liverpool were once again linked with a move for £20m-rated Stoke goalkeeper Jack Butland, and ex-Red Stan Collymore claims that the 22-year old should be Jurgen Klopp's number-one transfer priority.

During Brendan Rodgers' reign, Liverpool reportedly held talks with Birmingham over a move for Butland, and in a recent column for Boyle Sports, Collymore insisted:

"[Liverpool should] break the bank for Jack Butland. He could give the youth, quality and consistency for years to come in the manner Joe Hart did for Manchester City".

BBC Pundit Robbie Savage agrees with Collymore, and over the weekend, he told the BBC:

“If I was the manager of Liverpool, I'd be putting in a bid for Jack Butland...and keep Mignolet as back-up".

According to Stoke boss Mark Hughes, however, Butland is not for sale:

"He [Butland] is going nowhere. People are aware of him...but he needs a season-in-season-out of week-in-week-out in the Premier League".

Butland vs. Mignolet:

* JB: 43 goals conceded in 38 apps (1 every 79 mins)

* SM: 149 goals conceded in 125 apps (1 every 76 mins)

* JB: 14 clean sheets (36% of games/1 every 290 mins)

* SM: 39 clean sheets (31% of games/1 every 245 mins)

This Season

* JB: 27 goals conceded in 27 games (1 every 92 mins)

* SM: 34 goals conceded in 31 games (1 every 82 mins)

* JB: 11 clean sheets (40% of games/1 every 226 mins)

* SM: 11 clean sheets (35% of games/1 every 256 mins)

As the primary stats show, Butland is outperforming Mignolet this season, and overall, he has superior overall club stats. That said, Butland - hailed by Jamie Redknapp as 'magnificent' - is yet another talented British player who is in the midst of being grossly overhyped.

'Break the bank'? Why is that necessary when there are statistically superior goalkeepers in other leagues available at a fraction of Butland's fee? Timo Horn, for example, who outperforms both Mignolet and Butland:

* 119 goals conceded in 126 games for FC Koln (1 every 95 mins)

* 51 clean sheets (41% of games/1 every 223 mins).

Horn has a comparatively piffling £6.5m release clause in his contract, so there's absolutely no need for Liverpool to 'break the bank' for yet another overhyped English player.

Author: Jaimie K


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