27 Jan 2016

Carra insists: Liverpool's pitifully 'poor' performance vs. Stoke City doesn't matter because the result is 'massive'

Despite delivering one of the worst home performances of the season, Liverpool are somehow through to the League Cup final, and according to Anfield legend Jamie Carragher, the turgid nature of the performance is secondary to the actual result.

Speaking to Sky Sports after the game, Carra admitted that Liverpool were 'poor' against Stoke, and 'got out of jail' against Norwich, but insisted the positives outweigh the negatives:

"This is a massive result. Forget how you play, it's all about getting through in big games.

"I wouldn't say this saves Liverpool's season; it's more like a learning curve for the manager, so if he can get a trophy then no one can ever say 'he hasn't won a trophy', if they win at Wembley."

Yes, let's just 'forget' such an appalling performance (and another home defeat) just because Liverpool got to the final of a soulless, and irredeemably pointless domestic competition. Some depressing stats from the game:

* TWO shots on target in 120 minutes of football. The first SoT didn't come until 70+ minutes into the game.

* Collectively, Liverpool gave the ball away 40 times, which equates to once every 3 minutes. Firmino (11 times) and Lallana (9 times) were the worst offenders.

* Passing accuracy was an absolute joke. For much of the game, Moreno, Milner, Flanagan, Lucas, Ibe, Benteke, and Lallana averaged 50%-60%, and at one point, Mignolet had higher passing accuracy than Benteke.

For me, winning the League Cup is meaningless next to another (probable) failure to qualify for the Champions League. Why? Even with Liverpool's problems, the race is wide open, but the team keeps sabotaging itself, and repeatedly failing to capitalise on the inconsistency of other top teams in the league.

This is arguably Liverpool's best chance in years of getting back into CL (which brings with it much-needed revenue), but all the problems evident in the last two performances are conspiring to make that goal impossible.

Tonight, again, Liverpool's preening pack of pampered playboys totally failed to deliver, and that's been the pattern for much of the season.

League Cup? Pffft. It's disheartening to see the likes of Carra celebrating such a hollow competition. In the 1980s, when it was just 'The League Cup' it meant something, but now the competition is just another victim of the money-grubbing corporate commercialisation that continues to poison football.

Still, Capital One, eh? What's in your wallet?

Author: Jaimie K


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