7 Oct 2015

Game On: World Cup winner confirms Liverpool are in 'talks' with 'extraordinary' boss

According to media reports, Jurgen Klopp is due on Merseyside this week to discuss the possibility of replacing Brendan Rodgers at Anfield. There's no official confirmation of that from any credible source, but one of the world's top managers has now revealed that the rumours are true.

When asked today about the Liverpool speculation, Germany boss Joachim Low hailed Klopp as 'extraordinary', and confirmed:

"I’m not party to negotiations but I do know talks are taking place. There are comparisons between Dortmund and Liverpool...and if they can work it out, he can be a great addition.”

Given Low's position in German football, it's highly likely that he'll know what's happening with Klopp.

Low is not the only German who is convinced that Klopp is the right choice for Liverpool. Over the last couple of days, big names in German football have been falling over themselves to hail the ex-Dortmund manager:

Franz Beckenbauer

“He [Klopp] is fantastic [and] one of the best coaches in the world. He made Dortmund into a world-class team, and if Liverpool has the chance to sign Jurgen Klopp then they should do it".

Mats Hummels

"There’s no doubt he’s a fantastic coach and clubs like Liverpool naturally come into the equation. He eats, lives, breathes and thinks football and is a fantastic addition to any team".

Ilkay Gundogan

"I think Klopp would be a great fit at many clubs and I believe also at Liverpool. It's something I can see happening. I think Klopp is capable of helping many top clubs in the world."

Stefan Effenberg

"He [Klopp] gave me this answer a couple of weeks ago:'I'm ready for a team that's not on the highest level, to build something up'. This could be Liverpool, right?. Liverpool is...pretty much the same as Dortmund. The fans stay behind the club and this is what Jurgen Klopp likes and needs".

Hans-Joachim Watzke (Dortmund CEO)

"I don't know if he goes to Liverpool but the club who gets him gets a very good manager. He can do every job, and Liverpool is very similar to Borussia Dortmund. He makes every player better, you can be sure".

Christophe Daum

"A character like Jurgen would fit in really well at Anfield. I know he's regarded very highly in England and is on the wishlist of many clubs."

Sounds good to me!

Bayern Munich legend Oliver Kahn sounded a note of caution, though:

"The question is always a bit about the language barrier. I'd trust him [Klopp] to have no big problem with English, but as far as motivating a team goes, there are subtleties, and whether he has those subtleties remains to be seen."

If the alleged 'language barrier' means that Klopp avoids excessive use of hollow, empty adjectives like 'outstanding', and 'sensational', then that will be terrific, brilliant, amazing, and wonderful news.

It's barely an issue, though. As this interview shows, Klopp will have no problem whatsoever communicating with Liverpool's players:

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