7 Oct 2015

It's Over: After talks with FSG, 'amazing' boss rejects Liverpool job. Bad News?

Along with Jurgen Klopp, Carlo Ancelotti is one of the favourites to succeed Rodgers at Anfield, but it appears that the Italian is no longer in the running for the job.

'Amazing' Ancelotti remains second favourite to replace Rodgers, and the Reds held talks with the Italian over the possibility of becoming Liverpool's new manager.

Additionally, on Tuesday, the Daily Mail, claimed:

"Carlo Ancelotti is also in the frame [for the Liverpool job].

"He has flown in from Italy [and] is willing to talk [with Liverpool].

When asked today about the Liverpool job, Ancelotti appeared to close the door on the possibility. He told reporters:

“I want to come back to manage – to work – because it is my passion, but I want to take my time to rest. Next season I am ready.”

Klopp is clearly Liverpool's first choice, and I suspect that if the Ancelotti was being pursued with the same zeal as the German, he'd have a different view about getting back into the game.

It's a shame, as it's doubtful that Liverpool will ever get another chance to appoint Ancelotti. When he returns, the Italian will inevitably get a job with one of the world's top clubs, and after a few years, he'll almost certainly get a crack at the national team.

Managing Italy is Ancelotti's ultimate ambition, and he confirmed this a few months ago:

"My dream is to coach the Italian national team. I hope in the future to realise it, because I'd like to win a World Cup with Italy."

Liverpool had one chance, just one chance to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they'll never take...OUR FREEDOM!

Sorry, I got sidetracked :-)

I'll start again: Liverpool had one chance to grab one of the most successful managers of the modern era, and in the words of Lt. Moe Tilden:

Klopp seems nailed-on, and he is also a superb choice, but what if the deal fails at the eleventh hour? Liverpool need Klopp more than he needs LFC, and despite all the hype, there's still a chance that something may go wrong.

If, horror of horrors, that happens, what is Liverpool's plan B? The next three favourites are Klinnsman, De Boer, and Mazzarri, and of those three, De Boer is arguably the best option.

Here's hoping nothing goes wrong, but even if Klopp is appointed, there's a worry that Bayern Munich will eventually poach him once Pepe Guardiola moves on.

Like most fans, I'm excited about the prospect of Klopp at Anfield, but I can't shake the feeling that Liverpool is merely a placeholder until the Bayern job becomes available.

Author: Jaimie K


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