2 Oct 2015

Massive News: 'Wonderful' boss confirms he 'will take' the Liverpool job 'if' he can make the club 'better'

As is usually the case, wonderful Ajax boss Frank De Boer (FDB) is one of the favourites to replace Brendan Rodgers at Anfield, and the Dutch legend has confirmed today that he's definitely interested in a new managerial role at some point in the near future.

FDB is currently a Bookmakers' favourite to replace Rodgers, and when asked this week about the possibility of leaving Ajax, he told the BBC:

“Yes...I’m looking maybe for another adventure. If there is an interesting club that I can make better...then I will take that chance".

When specifically asked about Liverpool, he described the Reds as a 'fantastic' club, and enthused:

"With supporters behind them it is a fantastic environment to coach, but this year it is important for me to do well at Ajax and then we will see.”

Liverpool have a long history with De Boer:

Mar 2014: Ronald De Boer (RDB) told reporters: “Frank has already denied Liverpool. He also said no to Liverpool last year. He thought he was still not ready and wanted to learn more".

Jul 2014: FDB confirmed his interest in managing Liverpool, when he told the BBC: "Those two clubs [Liverpool or Tottenham] are clubs that I think in the future I could be a manager of".

Dec 2014: RDB told Fox Sports: "He surely could [take over at Liverpool]. Its a nice club. If Liverpool ask now he would certainly think about it. He would certainly not close the door immediately, like he did two years ago.”

Jan 2015: FDB confirmed again that he was 'quite interested' in the Liverpool job: "Two years ago, I was very honoured that Liverpool asked me. I just signed a new contract and I said you are too early at this moment".

Hypothetically, I wonder what Liverpool would look like right now if FDB had taken over?

Would the Reds have challenged for the title in 2013-14? Would Coutinho and Sturridge be at the club?

Probably not, but it's likely that Christian Eriksen would be an LFC player, as well as several other Ajax players.

It's also likely that FDB would've spent the available transfer funds in a more effective manner.

FDB is clearly a superb candidate:

* Steeped in the Dutch tradition of 'total football'.

* Highly regarded player, with name recognition across the world (which, in theory, means he's more capable of attracting big name players).

* A history of winning trophies as a manager (2010-2014: 4 league titles in a row).

Is FDB a better candidate that Jurgen Klopp, or Carlo Ancelotti, though?

Author: Jaimie K


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