27 Sept 2015

You're Out: Liverpool to finally dump 'wonderful' £10m star. Rodgers wants him replaced ASAP

During Liverpool's 3-2 victory over Aston Villa yesterday, one moment summed up yet again why Simon Mignolet needs to be replaced at Anfield. Midway through the first half, Alan Hutton delivered a cross into the box, and Mignolet's weak punch landed right at the feet of Ashley Westwood, who saw his shot deflected behind. On another day, that would've been a goal, and it's indicative of the panic regularly created in the box by Liverpool's number one goalkeeper (a contradiction in terms). I've been calling for Mignolet to be replaced since the 2013-14 season, and new reports suggest that Brendan Rodgers may have finally seen the light.

According to the Daily Mail this weekend:

"Mignolet is facing a fight to save his Liverpool career following [Liverpool's decision to target a new goalkeeper. Brendan Rodgers is finally losing patience, and the club's transfer committee have started the process of identifying potential replacements".

Better late than never, I suppose.

Mignolet had a purple patch for a few months in the second half of last season, but he is not - and probably will never be - consistent across an entire season.

As his time at Liverpool has proved, there will always be one or two periods during the year when Mignolet's mistakes/poor form cost Liverpool goals.

Case in point: Mignolet's form over the last few months (this season and last):

* This season: 13 goals conceded in 8 games (1.6 goals game)

* Three clean sheets (37% - 1 every 4.3 games)

* Last 20 games: 33 goals conceded in 20 games (1.6 per game).

* 6 clean sheets (30% - 1 every 3.3 games)

* S'land and LFC: 260 goals conceded in 202 games (1.3 per game)

* 64 clean sheets (30% - One every 3.1 games)

As the primary stats show, Mignolet - who, according to Rodgers, has 'wonderful ability - is currently operating below his overall career average for both clean sheets, and goals conceded.

It's always the same old story with Mignolet: suspect communication; poor distribution; weak on crosses; uncertain in possession etc. If he's not mastered these skills by now, he's probably never going to excel in these areas.

In my view, Liverpool should dump Mignolet now and replace him with Bogdan. Then, in January, or next summer, bring in an experienced, top-class goalkeeper.

Mignolet has had his chance, and in the words of Lt. Moe Tilden:

Author: Jaimie K


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