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19 Dec 2014

You're Wrong: Angry stars blast BR for 'harsh' & 'unfair' treatment of €12m LFC star

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Last week, after 18 months of increasingly error-prone performances, Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers finally dropped Simon Mignolet, and according the manager, the Belgian will be on the sidelines for an 'indefinite' period. Exorcising Mignolet from the first team is definitely the right decision, but not everyone feels that way, and three of English football's top goalkeepers have slammed Rodgers for taking such drastic action.

Explaining his decision to drop €12m-rated Mignolet, Rodgers told reporters:

"It is something that can happen to keepers, taking them out of the firing line to give them time to reflect. I spoke to him [Mignolet] and he accepted it. I just felt after the Basel game that I needed to make the change"

Rodgers is clearly convinced he made the right decision, but Tim Howard, Asmir Begovic, and John Ruddy disagree with his choice, and all three have shown solidarity with Mignolet this week:

Howard: "I feel for Simon [and] I don't agree with it [Mignolet being dropped]. When you take him out then you bring him back, there's a question as to whether the team and the fans have confidence in him. I think it's a hard road back. Sometimes there's no way back".

Begovic: "It's a little unfair [and] it's unfortunate for a goalkeeper, but that's how it is. Obviously, we as goalkeepers feel for anyone who gets put in that position. We feel for Simon and...realise it’s a difficult situation".

Ruddy: “I’m disappointed for him. To drop your number one goalkeeper is quite harsh but I’m sure Simon will bounce back, and when he’s back in the team he will prove him [Rodgers] wrong.”

The solidarity is understandable, but in my view, Rodgers decision is neither 'harsh' nor 'unfair. Mignolet is basically unchallenged at LFC, and over the last 18 months, he's been a guaranteed starter. He's had every opportunity to nail down the number-one spot his own for years to come, but the brutal truth is he's singularly failed to do that.

There's no room for sentiment; Mignolet deserves to be dropped, and he deserves to be replaced. Mignolet's overall record for Liverpool is 1.4 goals conceded per game, and the incremental regression of goalkeeping standards at LFC is obvious:

* 2010-11 - Pepe Reina: 50 goals in 50 games (1.0 per game) - 20 clean sheets.
* 2011-12 - Pepe Reina: 48 goals in 46 games (1.04 per game) - 14 clean sheets.
* 2012-13 - Pepe Reina: 43 goals in 39 games (1.1 per game) - 17 clean sheets;
* 2013-14 - Mignolet: 53 goals in 40 games (1.3 per game) - 10 clean sheets).
* 2014-15 - Mignolet: 30 goals in 22 games (1.4 per game) - 4 clean sheets)

Tim Howard's suggestion there may be 'no way back' for Mignolet is spot on; he is 26, and if he hasn't learned the basics by now (distribution, communication, command of the box etc), then it's unlikely that a huge transformation will take place in the future.

Mignolet had his chance, and in the words of Lt. Moe Tilden:

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  1. It is not unfair to drop Mignolet because he was poor. But it was wrong because Jones is worse, and more importantly, nobody actually believes that he can be EPL caliber. Probably including himself...

  2. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:02 pm, December 19, 2014

    On the echo there is a picture of training today where Rodgers is talking to 11 football players at once and one in daily mail

    those players are :

    with one more player whose back is turned but luckily it is not Joe Allen
    it is probably Gerrard if i am wrong it is Emre Can

    But Rodgers talking to them 11 players in training a similar set of players to the ones that faced boremouth does it mean that could be the starting 11 vs Arsenal?

  3. prepare to get attacked :)

  4. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:04 pm, December 19, 2014

    So based on the pictures on echo and daily mail
    the lfc team for Arsenal is this one:

    Markovic................Lucas ...............Unidentified player.....Henderson

    would people be happy with that line up
    unidentified player is most probably Gerrard

  5. on here ? who else ?

  6. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:07 pm, December 19, 2014

    It was unfair the timing of it
    He had decent displays recently Vs Basel , vs Sunderland, Vs Stoke
    so why take him off when eh is doing decent but not when he was poor?

  7. If he plays as a DM, SG will remain unidentified during the match as well.

  8. Jones is not worse. He has better stats that Mignolet, so to say he's 'worse' is factually wrong.

  9. The awful truth. By Chirag Vyas.

  10. Howard has a ruddy cheek - Neville Southall was previously way out of order on Mingolet - disgraceful in fact. Everton should stick to their criticising their own club. Mingolet is awful and why we pay a goalkeeping coach I do not know.

  11. Darn! I hate suspense.

  12. Stats have very little to do with facts when it comes to keepers. There is a keeper in Montenegro that didn't conceede a goal for a dozen games, Neuer is still better... I know I am pushing it too far but the truth is that stats almost don't matter here.


  14. I don't know how clean sheets and goal conceded stats are factual proof of GKs caliber. Mignolet has made more saves than any other goalkeeper in the league. Says a lot about our defense, isn't it?

  15. Stats have everything to do with it. Your example is irrelevant as it doesn't take into account context. Mignolet plays in the Premier League, not Montenegro. It's a world of difference in terms of league quality, salary, facilities, access to top class training, physios etc. The two most important stats for goalkeepers are clean sheets, and goals conceded. For strikers it's goals/assists etc.

  16. Simon Mignolet is simply an easy target. He s being used as a scapegoat in attempt to shift the blame for Liverpool's poor form from Brendan Rodgers. I've lost a lot of respect for Rodgers because of this. Brad Jones is abysmal and incapable of even standing in the right place.

  17. I know but common.. How many clear cut chances had all the teams got against us? How many mistakes from our defence PLAYERS lead to goals. That ain't on Migs. OTHER stuff, not presented in stats as much are why he is not good enough for us.

  18. Not according to "the stats that never lie". :-)

  19. Even I make mistakes with common/come on. ;-)

  20. You're just another fan peddling the spurious myth that Jones is 'abysmal'. Where is your proof of that? You have none. Last season, Mignolet made more mistakes that led to goals than any other Prem Keeper; Jones has made ONE mistake in his entire LFC career.

    He conceded goals against Man United; big deal - keeper's concede goals, and he wasn't at fault for any of them (IMO).

    He had no chance with the Rooney goal. Rooney had acres of space to set himself, and pick his spot.

    Goalkeepers often go the wrong way on penalties; does that make them 'abysmal'?! Of course not. The Rooney goal was similar, i.e. middle of the box.

    Bottom line: Jones concedes fewer goals than Mignolet, and keeps more clean sheets. This is an irrefutable fact, and I've shown this with evidence in various articles.

    So, how exactly does that make him 'abysmal'?

  21. Yes it's quite come on apparently

  22. Like what? Please provide specific examples of this 'other stuff' that proves Jones is not good enough.

  23. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:26 pm, December 19, 2014

    how come orme keeps getting away with being rude to me?

  24. oh dude now you're being a tattletale ? :D

  25. hahahahah he is rude to me teacher, hahaha

  26. I am not sure that Migs is an easy target the opposition seem able to miss him - and score

  27. It was correct decision, I am actually surprised it took BR this long. I don't see how you think SM is an easy target? Watch Bruce Grobbelaar interview on SM, he pretty much summed it up...

  28. Brad Jones is a decent backup keeper. If he was better than Mignolet, Jones wouldn't have wasted all these years on the bench. He knows very well that he is not good enough to start for most of the EPL clubs. However, Jones is not abysmal. He is ok.

  29. I wasn't in favour of dropping Mignolet but there was a game recently (can't even remember which. Coping mechanism) but before the game Mignolet was staring at the floor to his right. He was all over the place and made some terrible kicks. At that point I thought it might be time as his head had gone. But he did have a couple of improved performances before getting dropped.

  30. Dropping him is difficult to argue with if we had someone better. I don;t think Jones is better and most people seem to feel the same despite what JK and the stats say.

    "JK and the stats" will be appearing at a venue near you very shortly.

  31. Sunderland I think.

  32. The fact he has so few career goals shows how poor he is never mind his poor performance recently. He is not much good at anything really but better than MIngs at most other than shot stopping. But that is not hard.

  33. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:34 pm, December 19, 2014

    Last 4 migs starts
    Stoke o goals conceded
    Leicster 1 goal conceded
    Sunderland 0 goals
    basel 1 goal

    so in 4 games he conceded 2 goals
    and that is when he gets dropped ?

    brad jones two games 4 goals cnceded

  34. Now those stats I believe

  35. I would bring back Migno for the Arsenal game . Nerves are going to play a big part and of the two he probably would be the more confident on the day with his experience so far . The kick up the rse could be just what he needed ! It's is another big game for Rodgers and a good result could keep him in his job for the time being at least . If this proves to be another bad selection decision it will be another nail in his coffin

  36. That was down to Lucas and Toure IMO.
    £120 million spent.
    Brad Jones in goal.
    Kolo Toure our best defender.
    Raheem Sterling playing upfront. ........WHERE DID THE MONEY GOOOOOOO

  37. Your absolutely right. Small amount of stats that give a tiny part of the picture. We don't know shots faced or any of the other necessary information to really indicate. But we know as wee can use our eyes.

  38. That is the point, my and preety much everyone's eyes tell us Jones is not for keeping. hehe..

  39. I don't want Liverpool to lose but it doesn't make sense to keep BR even if he wins against Arsenal. I just don't believe that BR is the future. I wanted him to stay till the end of season but he has made too many mistakes and I have just lost all hope in him. He must go sooner rather than later.

  40. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:39 pm, December 19, 2014

    well we spent most our money on midfield
    55m and can,lallana and markovic all look quite promising
    32M on defense Moreno looks good, lovren not so mcuh but i ahve faith in him

    the two positions you reference gk and strikers we spent if origi does not count cause he is not here

    20m up front
    o million on goalkeeper

    but sterling as a striker is blessing in disguise as i beleive he can be really good
    rvp,messi,henry where all wingers at one point before enlightened managers
    wenger and guardiola saw otehrwise

  41. That actually sounds right both ways.

  42. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:41 pm, December 19, 2014

    he told me to F off 5 times
    in three days

    dont like him : (

  43. Where did the money go was just an expression. I know who we bought and stuff.
    Anyway, Sterling is a much better winger than striker. We will get a good striker sooner or later but its difficult to find a good winger. Sterling should stay as a winger.

  44. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:44 pm, December 19, 2014

    see Lallana,Coutinho and Markovic all do similar jobs to Sterling
    then Ibe next season as well
    makes sense to move him up front in my opininion might save us 30m

  45. That's an uneven frequency per day. He is not consistent, is he?

  46. IMO, he will never be a top striker like Sturridge or Suarez.

  47. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:50 pm, December 19, 2014

    But he is learning from his mistakes if the line up on the echo is to be believed
    all season we want pace and intensity in behind now he is finally playing someone who can do that
    markovic and lallana are slowly increasing their game time
    Toure is playing he is a good leader

    Rather have him finish off his project then someone maybe like Da Boer come in and scrap everything

    If Sterling sucsessfuly converts to a striker we get Sturidge back and Ibe next season
    taht is one hell of an atatck

  48. da boer be da bomb !

  49. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:55 pm, December 19, 2014

    Strikers need the following attributes to be successful based upon my study of Henry,Drogba,Torres , Sturridge,Augero ,Sanchez

    Pace - check, it is important to be able to have pace up front Stering has more then all of them

    Power- He is according to Gerrard pound for pound strongest player he played with

    Work rate - check he has that as well like the ones mentioned even better then them actually

    Skill- The players all have natural skill which cannot be taught and Sterling is very skillful

    Movement- as evidneced vs man utd he gets in great positions

    what eh lacks is instinct at the moment and that will come

  50. finishing god dammit. your ideal striker does not need the finishing ability ???

  51. Have you seen the pics on facebook? They have practically released the defensive lineup early. Talk about a way to 'drop the ball'.

  52. Off the ball positioning.

  53. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:01 pm, December 19, 2014

    that is easy to work with
    only augero is a natural finisher on that list
    the other all honed it
    skill cant be learnt doing dribbles skipping past players like sterling did vs jones
    but finishing can be learnt

  54. I think after last match... anyone could have guessed it.

  55. I don't think that instinct can be learnt.

  56. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:03 pm, December 19, 2014

    they released whole line up apart from one player who had his back turned

    the unkown luckily is not allen he is too big to be
    who do you think it is?

  57. Tell me already!!!!

  58. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:05 pm, December 19, 2014

    That depends
    Look at Fowler and Defoe they are useless at going past people but because they have the best instinct they score

    while Rvp,Torres,,Sturridge etc they will get into good positions take 6 shots score 1 or two

    sterling can be like the latter

  59. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:06 pm, December 19, 2014

    I reckon it is Gerrard
    but i hope it is Can

  60. You behave like your name.

  61. id really like to take your side against jk orme but migs is garbage

  62. Mess of 206.5mn.


  63. if you have seen him play or think before you type sh*t up you would have realized that sterling does not have the killer finishing ability. if you had watched the game against man utd at the very least you would have seen how he failed to convert a single one of many chances he had. ask anyone who coaches football at a grassroots level and they will tell you that the ability to finish comes natural to most players. dribbling and getting past players on the other hand is something you can work on and develop more easily.

  64. there both poor but jones deserves a chance maybe we can get a dispensation to play them both at the same time

  65. lbe cant make derbys team

  66. hes a stealth goalie

  67. mingo is excellent at standing at standing where the ball isnt

  68. Nevergonnacrackthecode9:21 pm, December 19, 2014

    people said after his first season here
    suarez aint a natural finisher

  69. i think the other stuff is jones picking the ball out of his net

  70. and then dropping it

  71. rodgers makes his signings on the strength of stats ..........ill leave it there

  72. i think the ability to catch a ball has to be high on a gk skill.......alas its a skill that neither jones or mingo have mastered

  73. not saying he isn't. Just that jones is worse

  74. You might be right.

  75. You would expect this from the current goal keepers union. Mignolet is not better than Reina except maybe as a pure shot stopper. He makes too many mistakes inc poor distribution. I remember Reina setting a couple of goals just from his distribution skills. Its telling that Grobbelaar has come out publicly to judge Mignolet poor performances since his move.

  76. Bet they have some top numbers.

  77. Mignos errors make me want to throw a beer bottle through my tv, but at the end of the day he is 10 times better than Jones. So no, he should not have been dropped, not because he doesn't deserve it but because the alternative sucks.

  78. ...But why was Sakho judged by the amount of goals he scores???

  79. Those stats I assume you are referring to are very simplistic and rounded up and down in favour of your argument.

    I agree that it was probably right to drop MIgnolet now and I bet the indefinite period will be shorter than we think unless a new keeper is bought in Jan.

    The stats don't say whether he's worse or not, but his last 2 performances were not exactly confidence inspiring.

  80. The simple truth

  81. Can you give us those stats. Based on your claim Rodgers must have been out of his mind to have had Mignolet playing as his first choice. Sorry, but Jones would be good to play in Championship.

  82. man someone is defending jones..end of world is near i guess..HE IS WORST

  83. mignolet is a top quality number 2 keeper

  84. its like comparing stalin to hitler

  85. Again with the stats. That sounds so childish. Did you see the reason why we didn't snap a clean sheet vs Bournemouth? Partially defending, but the goal that was let in.. that was pathetic. I think if Mignolet and Jones switched places and played each other's games, I doubt your stats argument would be relevant