6 Sept 2015

Anfield Smackdown: 71% of Liverpool fans reject 'world-class' boss as possible Rodgers replacement (site poll)

Earlier this week, ex-Spurs boss Harry Redknapp slammed Brendan Rodgers' team as the 'worst Liverpool team in years', yet in the same breath, the outspoken Londoner also claimed that he 'loves' Liverpool and would 'love to manage' the club. If things go sour for Rodgers this season, he may be out of a job next summer (or sooner), but what do fans think about the prospect of Redknapp taking over?

When asked on Tuesday about Liverpool, Redknapp - described as a 'world-class' manager by Sir Clive Woodward - scathed:

"It’s the worst Liverpool team I’ve seen in years. They look bang average.

"Bournemouth should’ve beat them, they got a last minute wonder goal at Stoke.

"They’ll do well to finish in the top five. They look a badly balanced team. They’re lucky to have any points".

Redknapp also revealed his dream to manage the club:

"I love Liverpool football club. If you said to me ‘what team would I like to manage in this country’ it’d be Liverpool, any day of the week".

Redknapp may 'love' Liverpool, but the feeling is not mutual. I conducted a poll this week asking if fans would be happy wit Redknapp replacing Rodgers, and the results are emphatic:

This is a resounding vote of no-confidence in Redknapp, which is surprising given the rising antipathy towards Rodgers.

I'm not in favour of Redknapp replacing Rodgers, but the reality is he'd probably do a better (overall) job.

* At Spurs, Redknapp's Spurs team finished ahead of Liverpool in three of his four seasons in charge (and twice qualified for the Champions League)

* Redknapp achieved this despite spending significantly less on transfers during his four year tenure.

Put Redknapp in charge of Liverpool's current squad, and I have no doubt that he'd get 30% more out of the players. If nothing else, I sincerely doubt he'd do any worse than Rodgers, especially in the transfer market (!)

At the age of 68, though, Redknapp is too old, and doesn't fit the profile of the kind of manager FSG seemingly want in charge: a yes-man who won't rock the boat, and is willing to work with a failing transfer committee.

Author: Jaimie K


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