5 Sept 2015

'Ridiculous': Redknapp blasts 'appalling' £30m striker who wanted Liverpool transfer. Better than Benteke?

During the January transfer window, Liverpool were repeatedly linked with a move for West Brom rebel Saido Berahino, who was allegedly the club's top transfer target. The deal didn't go through, and when the same fate befell his mooted transfer to Spurs this summer, the £25m-rated striker blew a gasket, and claimed he'd never play for West Brom again. If Berahino follows through with his threat, it basically amounts to going on strike, and ex-Red Jamie Redknapp has slammed the 21-year old for taking such a 'ridiculous' stance.

Back in January, Berahino reportedly 'preferred' a move to Anfield, and after discovering that West Brom reject FOUR separate bids from Spurs (including a final bid on transfer deadline day), Berahino tweeted:

"Sad how I cant say exactly how the club has treated me, but I can officially say I will never play for Jeremy Peace [West Brom Chairman".

Redknapp is right - Berahino's comments are ridiculous, especially since refusing to play basically amounts to a breach of contract.

However, it's not a breach that West Brom will punish, as in this situation, the power is with the player, not the club.

In short: West Brom need Berahino more than he needs him, so they have to keep him sweet.

As such, irrespective of his comments, Berahino will still get picked for the Baggies, just like Raheem Sterling stayed in Liverpool's team after his unauthorised BBC interview.

What West Brom should do (IMO) is suspend Berahino's salary. Footballers are paid to play, and if they don't play, why should they get paid?

West Brom want £30m for Berahino, which is a ridiculous figure for a 22-year old who's achieved nothing in the game.

That said, with insane transfer fees flying around for similarly-aged players (£49m for Sterling; £58m for Martial), West Brom clearly believe they can fleece one of the big boys with this deal. Good luck to them I say!

It's easy to see why Brendan Rodgers was interested. With his pace, power, and finishing ability, he's basically Daniel Sturridge mk2.

The major difference is that Sturridge cost a comparative pittance, and given his subsequent injury history, it's now easy to understand why Chelsea let him go so cheaply. But I digress...

Berahino is arguably quicker/more mobile than Christian Benteke, but is he a better option than the Belgian? Who of the two is more suited to Liverpool's style of play? (such as it is)


Author: Jaimie K


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