24 Sept 2015

Slammed: John W. Henry's wife blasts 'ridiculous' Liverpool fan for daring to question FSG apathy

There's no two ways about it: FSG are absentee owners of Liverpool FC, and in the five years the group has owned the club, John W. Henry has visited Anfield less than ten times to watch the team play. Given the club's current slide into abject mediocrity, Reds fans are increasingly perturbed by this perceived dereliction of duty, but according to Henry's wife, absenteeism and lack of communication are not equivalent to apathy.

On Wednesday evening, Linda Pizzuti blasted a Liverpool fan for daring to question Henry's absenteeism:

"Ridiculous question. Not engaging on Twitter is not an indication of interest or care".

Pizzuti is right - lack of engagement on Twitter is 'not an indication of interest or care', but there's no need to respond to a Liverpool fan in such a classless manner.

Given the current situation, fan unrest is inevitable, and the last thing anyone connected to FSG should be doing is antagonizing the fanbase.

FSG have done some great things for Liverpool, including facilitating the redevelopment of Anfield; exponentially improving the club's commercial performance, and making almost £450m available in the transfer market.

However, right now, it's hard to avoid the perception that Henry and his FSG cronies are asleep at the wheel.

Under many regimes, Brendan Rodgers would've been summarily sh^itcanned after presiding over the shameful 6-1 defeat by Stoke City, a soul-destroying nadir that capped an often appalling season of managerial ineptitude, ineffective transfers, and, ultimately, footballing regression.

Like Prospero in Shakespeare's 'The Tempest', Henry arguably neglected his duty (i.e. to do the right thing for Liverpool), and Reds have suffered the consequences this season, with fans subjected to (arguably) the worst team since (and results), since the 1950s.

Yes, I say that with a straight face. For me, this is the worst Liverpool team I've experienced in my lifetime, far worse than Hodgson's team, or the Souness era.

As such, it's time for Henry to start 'engaging' with his responsibility as Liverpool's owner. He doesn't have to do that via Twitter, but after the Carlisle embarrassment, he has to do something...surely?

Author: Jaimie K


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