24 Sept 2015

Anfield Warning: Liverpool hero admits he's unhappy 'on the bench'; confirms he wants Mignolet's place

It's eight games into the season, and two things remain constant: Simon Mignolet is still making mistakes, and Liverpool still don't have a goalkeeper in the squad capable of replacing the Belgian (long-term) in the starting line-up. Like Brad Jones, Adam Bogdan is destined to be a perennial benchwarmer, but the Hungarian stopper has different ideas, and he's seemingly determined to oust Mignolet from the team.

In an interview with the Liverpool Echo this week, Bogdan claimed that he 'likes' working with Mignolet, but warned that he's gunning for the Belgian's place:

“I didn’t sign for Liverpool to sit around on the bench or be happy being the No 2 keeper. Like everyone else, I’m here to compete for a place in the team.”

Fighting talk! I like it, and this is exactly the attitude required of a 'back-up' goalkeeper.

Bogdan can talk the talk but can he walk the walk? Three heroic penalty saves against Carlisle last night suggests that he can, but situation is out of his hands.

Bogdan can have the greatest attitude in the world, but if Rodgers doesn't see him as a genuine long-term replacement for Mignolet, then he's probably not going to get many games.

I've argued for two years that Liverpool need to replace - not challenge, *replace* - Mignolet.

Liverpool had the chance at the end of the 2013-14 season (during which he conceded 50 goals in the league), but Rodgers failed to act, and Liverpool suffered in the first half of the 2014-15 season.

The same thing is blighting Liverpool's progress this season. After just six league games, the Reds are thirteenth in the league, and Mignolet's panic-inducing mistakes, poor communication, and dire distribution, are contributing factors to Liverpool's malaise.

Rodgers needed to sign a goalkeeper this summer who is capable becoming Liverpool's long-term number-one, but it's clear (to me) that he still has the utmost faith in Mignolet, which means Bogdan will probably end up being another placeholder in the squad.

The acid test will come on Saturday: how can Rodgers drop a goalkeeper who made THREE penalty saves?

And it's not only penalties - Bogdan arguably saved Rodgers' job (or at least bought him a little more time), so the least the manager can do is reward him with a start against Villa.

There's no reason to bring Mignolet back. The Belgian cost Liverpool yet another goal against Norwich, and it's obviously the ideal time for Bogdan to be given a chance in the league.

Author: Jaimie K


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