26 Sept 2015

Rodgers Out? 'World-class' boss finally responds to 'Liverpool rumours' and insists speculation is not his fault

Despite today's 3-2 victory over Aston Villa, Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers (rightly) remains under pressure, and Jurgen Klopp is still the Bookmaker's favourite to take over at Anfield. The German admitted this week that he'd be happy to break his sabbatical for a job in the Premier League, but what are his thoughts on signing for LFC?

On Thursday evening, Sky Sports claimed:

"Jurgen Klopp is interested in working in the Premier League, and would cut short his sabbatical for the right job".

Sky Sports 'sources' also claimed:

"Klopp has not received any contact or interest from Liverpool FC".

When asked on Friday about the possibility of becoming Liverpool's next manager, Klopp told German newspaper Bild:

"I'm here [at Oktoberfest] in a private capacity. I have nothing to do with the Liverpool rumours".

This is a standard response from Klopp. He's hardly going to disrespect Rodgers by stating publicly that he's interested in the job.

The German is far too shrewd for that, but like the above claim from Sky (probably leaked by his Agent), Klopp uses the media indirectly to get his point across.

For example:

* In June - when speculation was a fever pitch over Rodgers' future, Klopp - hailed buy Ilkay Gindogan as a 'world-class' manager - told reporters:

"I’ll be back to train a team. It doesn't have to be an absolute top club. There are other good projects that are exciting, [teams] who need help".

* Soon after, Klopp's Agent, SPOX Marc Kosicke, confirmed that Klopp is:

- Willing to work with a Director of football."In Germany there is a clear separation between manager and sporting director. Jurgen does not like to speak to players’ agents"

- happy to take on a team that's NOT in the Champions League. “It's about the challenge. He has the great ability to develop things. If he thinks that he can make a difference, this is more attractive than going with the big deals".

Reading between the lines, it was blatantly obvious (to me) that Klopp wanted the Liverpool job back in June.

His agent's comments were an obvious and very transparent 'come and get me' plea directed at the club as part of a calculated strategy (probably endorsed by Klopp) to entice FSG into making the German manager an offer.

That obviously didn't happen, but with Liverpool struggling this season, the German's shadow continues to loom large over Anfield, and one win over Aston Villa will not stop calls for Rodgers' removal.

For many fans, Reds legend Steven Nicol summed it up perfectly back in April:

"If I'm the owner, and a guy like Jurgen Klopp is available, I'm going for Klopp. They've already given him [Rodgers] a lot of money. You put the two resumes together and there's only one winner"

Amen to that.

Author: Jaimie K


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