26 Sept 2015

Confirmed Liverpool-XI: BR drops £41m-duo; Carlisle hero snubbed; great news as 'wonderful' attacker starts

It's crunch time! Liverpool have to win today, and anything but a comfortable victory leave the Reds languishing near the relegation zone. A home defeat against Aston Villa is inconceivable, but many fans thought the same about West Ham, and look what happened. On the plus side, it appears that Rodgers is set to continue with two up-front, which should give the Reds an increased chance of winning the game.

FULL TEAM: Mignolet, Clyne, Skrtel, Sakho, Moreno, Can, Lucas, Milner, Coutinho, Ings, Sturridge

SUBS: Bogdan, Toure, Gomez, Lallana, Allen, Origi, Ibe

* Liverpool make 5 changes from the team that started against Carlisle, with 'wonderful' striker Daniel Sturridge starting.

* Despite saving three penalties, Bogdan is dumped back on the bench, which seems unfair, but is wholly predictable. Mignolet is Rodgers' undisputed number-one, and irrespective of how well Bogdan plays, he - like Jones - will always be number-two.

* I'm no great fan of Adam Lallana, but why is he on the bench again? In the last two games, he's provided a goal and an assist, and each time, he's benched for the next game. What kind of man-management is this? Attacking players who do their job should stay in the side, especially when the team is struggling for goals.

* I half expected Rodgers to start Allen, Lucas, Milner, and Can in the same team *shudder*, but thankfully, he's left Allen on the bench. The other three remain creative poison, though.

* Gomez is on the bench for the third game in a row, which means it's basically Javier Manquillo all over again. The Spaniard was a regular at the start of last season, but lost his place when the team changed to three at the back. Gomez is now suffering the same fate, and if the Reds stick with three centre-backs, it's difficult to see where he'll fit in.

Probable formation:

----------------------- Mignolet
--------- Can --------- Skrtel -------- Sakho
Clyne --------- Lucas -------- Milner ----- Moreno
---------------------- Coutinho
--------------- Ings -------- Sturridge

Prediction League


* 0-0: Great hair, pocky, Blood Red, fkpoh, Spirit of the Shadows, xxcell2010, YoloToure11

* 1-1: PhillyRed YNWA, Sav, Stipe, tartan360, Adam, Glen, Greg, DaBandit, keegan8912, Nss Ssn, Jensen Huddleston, imoff, Chirag Vyas, Trigger, SidLFC, Dave, johnype16, hug kiss

* 2-2: Charlie, Francisco Mambela, FdotM, Donkey Kong


* 1-0: Toni ¤ 911, crolfc, krn, LFCNYC74, Eric, Gagan Jit Singh Saini, GogesusSS4, Not You

* 2-0: tigger1703, Ash, DanDifiknow, jcaw, Weiz, Stuart C

* 2-1: RedSubmarine, bob loblaw, Mr. Point Of View, Jaimiek, Coodakay, orme, Nick87, lfcjai, Peter_Maxwell, GodSpunk, gilstrap, Ahverruz Maritz, Linu, scotthardy, Case

* 3-0: Kibur Semachew, tesoman, Vinnie

* 3-1: hawthorn, demon_knight, romper

* 3-2: BEAST, Puga Nesh

* 4-0: George

* 5-1: Jaimiek


* 1-0: Steven2815, Joe

* 2-0: wallacelallace

* 2-1: Loganlfc, Salim, adamblfc, Livi, DAROVAR

* 3-1: Siavash, kopite s

* 4-0: gimio chin

Author: Jaimie K


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