29 Sept 2015

Carra warns: 'Awesome' £32m Liverpool attacker may be snubbed by Rodgers after 'massive difference' made by Ings

After two goals in three games, Liverpool striker Danny Ings is the current flavour of the month amongst fans and ex-players, and according to Anfield legend Jamie Carragher, Ings' form is so good that 'awesome' £32m signing Christian Benteke may struggle to get back into the team.

Speaking to Sky Sports on Monday evening, Carra raved:

"He [Ings] has made a massive difference. He is pressing people, running behind, making the game quicker. The way Ings is playing, it will be difficult for Brendan Rodgers to get him [Benteke] in the team...when he comes back "
Sorry, but in my view, there's no chance that Ings will keep Benteke out of the team this season for any significant period of time, and there are several reasons for that:

* Benteke cost £32m. You don't spend that amount of money on a player and leave him on the bench in favour of a player who will end up costing around £6m. Unless Ings suddenly starts delivering goals/assists at the same rate as Luis Suarez, it just isn't happening.

* Rodgers is under intense scrutiny this season, and if he leaves Benteke on the bench for an extended period of time, serious questions will be asked in the media, and that's the last thing he needs right now.

* Ings is the James Milner of strikers: full of running, stamina, and effort, but not prolific enough in the end product department. Last season, for example, he averaged a goal every 274 minutes, and this was in a team set-up to serve him.

* Benteke is the more effective (and prolific) Premier League striker, and their career Prem stats categorically prove this:

- Ings: Goal/assist every 203 mins.

- Benteke: Goal/assist every 126 mins.

Prior to his injury, Benteke toiled away in an atrocious team that barely provided him any service, and spent most of his time isolated from the rest of the team.

If Rodgers consistently plays the Belgian striker as part of a front two, he'll score goals. Leave him isolated, and it'll be Mario Balotelli all over again.

Ultimately, it all comes down to end product. Ings can press, hassle, run as much as he likes, but those things will not win games. Goals win games, whoever scores the most goals should stay in the team, irrespective of price tag (or miles run per game).

If that's Ings, then so be it, but I believe it will be Benteke.

For £32m, it has to be.

Author: Jaimie K


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