3 Sept 2015

Transfer Insanity: Wenger confirms 'unstoppable' 11-goal striker cost '€80m'. Fifth most expensive deal in history

On Monday, reports in France claimed that Manchester United had paid a whopping €80m transfer fee ('with bonuses') for Monaco striker Anthony Martial, and according to Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, that unbelievable figure is totally correct.

Announcing the deal, French newspaper L'Equipe claimed:

"Monaco have accepted a Manchester United bid of €80m [£58m] (with bonuses) for the transfer of striker Anthony Martial. Monaco refused offers of €50m and €70 m before accepting the incredible [€80m] offer".

L'Equipe's front page on Tuesday:

Speaking to BeIN Sports, Wenger - who won the title with Monaco in 1987 - poured mild scorn on the deal:

"Monaco...sold [Anthony] Martial to Manchester United for €80m, I've heard. Martial scored 11 goals in the French championship - that sums it up well. Martial is a huge talent, but the investment is huge too".

Wenger spent 7-years at Monaco's manager, and given his ties to football in France, it's reasonable to assume that the Gunners boss has the contacts to know what really went down with the Martial deal.

He doesn't mention anything about add-ons, but even if the deal is 'with bonuses' (which probably means add-ons), it's s significantly more than the £36m transfer fee being reported by some media outlets.

As a comparison, it's like Liverpool paying €80m plus add-ons for Divock Origi, who - like Martial - is 19 years old, and spent last season in the French league.

Liverpool are lamentably wasteful with transfer funds, but there'd be blood on the streets if Rodgers, FSG, and the infernal transfer committee ever sanctioned such an insane deal.

A few further points:

* Martial is he 5th most expensive transfer of all time, with only Neymar, Suarez, Ronaldo, and Bale costing more.

* Martial cost Monaco €5m in 2013, which means the French club will ultimately make a 1500% profit.

* Liverpool have that beat, though. The Reds paid £500k for Sterling back in 2010, and the £49m sale fee = 9700% profit.

* Taking out QPR's 20% sell-on fee, the total amount Liverpool will receive from the Sterling transfer is £39.2m, which is still a profit of 7700%.

Liverpool face Man United in ten days, and it'll be interesting to see the €80m man in action.

According to France U21 boss Pierre Mankowski, Martial is 'unstoppable', and if he's up against the ever-accommodating Dejan Lovren, he'll probably score a hat-trick.

Author: Jaimie K


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