10 Jul 2015

Done Deals: Liverpool confirm that 'fantastic' midfielder and 'powerful' defender have signed loan deals

With 52 days of the transfer window remaining, there are sure be more ins-and-outs at Anfield, and loan deals are sure to feature heavily in Liverpool's pre-season transfer planning. Goalkeeper Danny Ward has already left on loan, and LFC has today confirmed the departures of two further academy players.

According to the official Liverpool website today:

"Liverpool FC can today confirm that Academy defender Lloyd Jones has joined League One outfit Blackpool on a youth loan deal"

In a separate release, the club further confirmed:

"Liverpool youngster Jordan Williams has completed a youth loan switch to Swindon Town until the end of the season".

'Fantastic' Williams made the bench seven times last season, and looked like he was on the path to a first-team breakthrough.

Now, Williams probably feels deflated, especially after the signing of Joe Gomez, who is a year younger, and looks set to be in and around the first-team squad next season.

'Powerful' Jones is a perennial loanee at the moment, and last season, he spent time with both Cheltenham Town and Accrington Stanley.

This is the reality of the academy: Youngsters constantly arrive, fail to develop to the required level, and then end up on loan and/or replaced by another young player, at which point the cycle continues.

On a related note: with the greatest respect, what is the point in sending Liverpool youngsters to teams like Accrington Stanley.

What can Jones et al learn about technique, skill, winning mentality etc by playing in a hoofball team that toiled away in non-league for nearly 50 years before finally being promoted to the lowest level of professional football in 2002?

The same goes for Cheltenham Town, who are in the fifth tier of English football.

It makes absolutely no sense to me. These young players are trained to perform at an elite level, and then they're dumped in low-level teams to play alongside Sunday league players.

Apart from the benefit of being in a mature dressing room, it's a gigantic waste of time, and if Liverpool are unable to secure loan deals to proper, competitive teams, then there's something seriously wrong at Anfield.

Perhaps part of the reason so many young players fail is that they're having their skills and development stunted by endlessly toiling away in substandard, lower-league teams?

Luckily, both Jones and Williams are moving to somewhat competitive teams this time, but in my view, Liverpool should scrap the policy of loaning young players to low-level, semi-professional teams outside the football league.

Author: Jaimie K


  1. None are top prospects, there basically being loaned to gain value. Players like ojo, Sinclair and Wilson will be loaned to top clubs as they are top prospects who can break into the first team.

  2. Do Liverpool ever loan players to non-league teams, the lowest I can remember in recent years is League 2?

  3. Lloyd Jones was very close to breaking in a few years ago when Wisdom got the call if I remember right, and Williams got some time over Rossiter in the team. I'd say they were quite promising.

  4. Just read an article on Sterling and FSG's stanc... I hope it turns out to be spot on.... FSG are prepared to let Sterling rot in the reserves if City don't meet their £50m demands.... Insisting that further business this summer is in no way reliant on Sterling being sold...... I hope this is true....

  5. As do I. Though, I also believe that progress of our summer will be on hold until the Sterling decision is made. Things will continue as planned regardless of a sale, but not until the whole thing is resolved.

  6. Jerome Sinclair's message on Twitter: "Sometimes things just aren't
    meant to be.Exciting times though.New chapter pending.Can't wait to see
    where this year takes me"It's sounds like he's off.Divock Origi,
    Sturridge, New Striker and Danny Ings pushes him out the door! I haven't
    even mentioned the striking flops we had last season that we need to
    find new homes.
    Liverpool is making a big mistake letting Sinclair go.This is what happens when you
    overload on average strikers.A talented kid with sky's the limit
    potential gets left in the cold.

  7. Need his money to buy a striker ?

  8. Not necessarily. Reports that FSG are willing to spend regardless of whether or not the deal goes through.

  9. Gary McAllister set to return. Possibly as 1st team coach, since O'Driscoll is Assistant and Lijnders is "first team development coach". Some sort of "new role" for Gary was revealed by Carra on instagram.

  10. Accrington Stanley? Who are they? Exactly!

  11. Sounded that way to me. If true, it's criminal.....

  12. Ermm Sinclair is a week away from leaving permanently. Another example of the Rodgers does so much for youngsters mythe.

  13. Exactly. Of course Marsh and Pascoe are to blame...

  14. Ogbonna to West Ham, Van Ginkel to Stoke and Cabaye to Crystal effin Palace. Seems to me they just got even more difficult to beat by a team relying on James Friggin Milner to lock up midfield.

  15. I think in england the Championship should be the limit and if that doesnt work send them abroad to a more competitive league that League One.
    At some point it has to be more of a benefit to just play with the reserves then to play in a lower league