22 Jun 2015

LE Exclusive: Liverpool chase record-breaking £15m 'marvel' after transfer for £32m 'beast' ruled out

With a deal for Christian Benteke looking increasingly unlikely, Brendan Rodgers has reportedly switched his attention to Zenit St. Petersburg striker Salomon Rondon, who has been linked with Liverpool several times in the past.

Back in 2012, Rondon's agent, Pablo Martinez, told El Mundo Deportivo:

"Chelsea, Tottenham, and Liverpool are following him [Rondon]. The 27 goals he scored in two seasons did not go unnoticed."

Then, in the summer of 2013, Spanish newspaper Marca claimed:

"Liverpool have asked about the former footballer of Malaga Salomon Rondon. If Luis Suarez is sold, the club will make a formal offer"

Liverpool were last linked with Rondon in February, and according to an Exclusive on Sunday in the Liverpool Echo:

"Liverpool have turned their attention to Salomon Rondon as they weigh up alternatives to Christian Benteke. The 25-year old would cost around £15million.

Some info about 25-year old Rondon:

* 2012: Became the most expensive Venezuelan footballer in history when he signed for Rubin Khazan in a €10m deal.

* 2013: Broke the record record for most goals by a Venezuelan player in La Liga.

* 2014: Cost Zenit St. Petersburg £15.8m.

* Malaga: 27 goals/7 assists in 72 apps (Goal/assist every 2 games)

* Rubin: 25 goals/3 assists in 56 apps (Goal/assist every 2 games)

* Zenit: 28 goals/8 assists in 55 apps (Goal/assist every 1.5 games)

* Totals: 80 goals/18 assists (98) 183 apps (Goal/assist every 1.8 games)

* Sergio Asenjo's assessment (Rondon's team-mate at Malaga): “I knew Rondon in Malaga. He is a physical marvel, who is very effective in front of the goal and plays well between then centre-backs".

In some ways, Asenjo is right: Rondon has suffered only one injury in the last five years (fractured metatarsal), which kept him out for only two months. Since that time, he's been injury-free, and strong, robust players are a major priority for Liverpool.

On the goalscoring front - Rondon's record over the years is middling (goal every 2.2 games), but at Zenit, the Venezuelan has increased his overall creative average to one goal/assist every 1.5 games, which is heartening.

Premier League 'beast' Christian Benteke has a £32m release clause in his contract, and spending such an insane amount of money on an increasingly injury-prone striker is madness.

At £15m, Rondon is clearly better value than Benteke, and in this case, Liverpool are arguably right to look at alternative, cheaper options.

Worth a bid on that basis?

Author: Jaimie K


  1. 15mil for Rondon? What are we waiting for? He's physical and agile for a big man. Liverpool should really be looking more at players playing in Russia/Ukraine.

  2. We're definitely out of the running for Benteke?

    Thank god for that! £30 million on an injury prone, streaky player totally unsuited to not only our current style of play, but also to every other style of play Brendan "Reinventing Football" Rodgers has attempted to develop here (of which there have been a lot).

    Not seen much of Rondon, is he better than Bacca? How does he play?

  3. He was talking about both. However, we have since then bought Lovren and Gomez. So he certainly was wrong about protecting the club for next 10 years.

  4. Mate, great comments.

    We ARE living in the twilight zone, with the current set of owners/execs.

    And, for those who grew up with LFCC being the benchmark, not just for on the picth success, but also off the pitch honour, dignity etc, it's quite the ordeal.

    The whole set-up screams incompetency.

    That nailed it, so gonna repeat myself...

    The whole frickin' set-up screams incompetency.

  5. The middle ground between both your arguments being that lots of money generally buys you the good management and efficiency needed to win and that either money or good management can be the deciding factor when Clubs are closely matched.

  6. Two words? Really?

  7. Theycallmemrburt5:03 pm, June 22, 2015

    Young Joe should have given Danny Wilson a call.......... always played out of position and never given a chance to build on his impressive start at Rangers. Where is he now?

  8. You're right in that we have spent good money in the last 5 years.

    However, the other teams ahead of us were spending good money before those 5 years and built up their teams in that time.

    Chelsea & Man City in particular built up their teams to such an extent that they are not building anymore (like Liverpool), they merely retooling for the upcoming season.

    Arsenal has bought Ozil and Sanchez in the last two years.

    Man U went out and bought Shaw, Fellaini, Di Maria.

    Chelsea bought Costa, Hazard, Oscard, Cesc.

    The players these teams are buying are on another level in terms of talent and cost than what Liverpool can currently afford.

    So while our wage bill is currently 5th in the league, the fact of the matter is that the rosters of the top 4 are better and more valuable.

    Wage bill is one thing. But roster value widens the gap that much more.

  9. What an amazing comment. It gets better with every read.

    Here's to hoping, too... : )

  10. Haha, nailed it!

  11. There's only one "Steven" Mignolet...

  12. You do also realise that we will need more than one central defender in any one game over the next ten years... If we play 3 at the back we will need....well... ...3 funnily enough

  13. "For the love of god if they offer 50mil ACCEPT IT"

    A galactic sized seal of approval on that one!

  14. Bacca is a better option than Benteke/Rondon

  15. Totally hear ya, but you shouldn't worry.

    Rooney, as much as we love to hate the trog, was a natural born player, they don't come around too often.

    Sterling doesn't even have the right attitude, let alone the requisite level of all-round skill. He's an athlete playing football.

    Trust me, you have nothing to fear, he will never be what Rooney has been (at club level I should hasten to add).

  16. Haha, just typed out pretty much the same, though far more long winded, so have a thumbs up!

  17. You nailed it again, as usual.

    One criticism though, not ever seen Jaimie mention that about him...

    ; )

  18. "It is completely laughable as business sense because the two things are not connected"

    Totally, totally nailed it.

    Two entirely different business transactions, to be judged entirely on their own merits.

    And there isn't a finance or business professional anywhere in the world who would disagree.

  19. Well, when you take into account that probably 90%-ish of what we discuss on here is purely opinion based with no right or wrong answer it seems foolish to be shooting one and other down in flames on a regular basis, although the odd one liner may prove difficult to resist.
    Also, when I read in the t & c's that Jamie had pledged to lay on a free bar for all of us when we win the league, I felt we'd all want to really enjoy as much free beer as possible, so best to all get along.
    Having said all of that, I completely disagree with you - BR totally knows what he's doing/saying - it's all an amalgamation of the opposites of 'in' and 'sitting'
    PS - Like you to man... anyone who tries the old 'Lion King' on there other half is certainly brave and probably a pioneer - gets my vote either way.

  20. Rondon would be good business at 15mil. Hes got some experience in some solid leagues and he only seems to be improving. At 25 he's entering his peak and has all the traits to do well in the EPL. Very similar in style to Costa from what I've seen of him. Pace, power and better with the ball at his feet than you'd expect from someone his size.

  21. He buys players that no-one else wants.

    He either loans them straight out or plays them in positions to which they are unused and unsuited.

    He then sells these "broken" players for a loss.

    BR claims he has final say, BR is the man who trains them and picks them, so the is clearly the man to take the fall.

    He loves bloiwing his own trumpet when good things happen, yet to hear him admit culpability for the embarrassments...of which there seem to be no end.

  22. "although the odd one liner may prove difficult to resist"

    Thats what she said...

  23. Er, turn on your sarcasm meter bud ; )

  24. We could have had the same roster but we bought poorly and it cost us.

  25. So you mean BR was just talking nonsense then? We actually do need more CB.

  26. To be honest I do feel a large amount of regret that it may have gone the way of the pear and somebody may very well post a compelling case for keeping him.
    He certainly isn't as good as Rooney yet, he doesn't get paid enough after all, but I've not written off the possibility that he'll go on to greater things and it sure will grate if he does. I just think it's reached a point where that won't be happening with us.

  27. Geoffrey Kondogbia has signed for Inter Milan for a fee in the region of £25m (€35m)

  28. Free agent....was playing in the second tier of Scottish football last season. Possibly joining Rangers again.

  29. ESPN here in the States is reporting that City will increase their offer for Sterling to 50M. Any buzz in the English press to confirm? If the deal goes through it will make Sterling the most expensive English player ever.

  30. "we are not declining. we are standing comfortably still"

    That's my biggest concern.

    FSG talked up the "CL ambition" game at the start, but the evidence sure is mounting to refute that lovely PR soundbite.

    I'm worried we'll quietly become content with 6th.

    In this day and age, more often than not to reach the CL, you have to pay CL level money, and, after seeing most of our high waged guys either shipped out or attemtped to be phased out needlessly from a playing standpoint, FSG insistance in slashing the wage budget doesn't bode well.

  31. Haven't seen much of him to have any idea. In other news, Atletico Madrid completes Vietto signing,

  32. Loads of speculation yesterday, but it all traced back to the daily express which is related to the star, so i just ignored

  33. By all means ;) However, this all comes back to the our definition of success. I was never trying to establish that excellent management would not lead to titles. In fact, if you don't have a good management, you cannot win anything. However, without proper financial resources these titles will remain outliers. Hence, I sadly though predict that both Atleti and Dortmund will not consistently overcome their respective domestic financial powerhouses: Real Madrid and Barcelona in Spain and Bayern in Germany.

    The tricky part is to winning titles on consistent basis in the long term (+10 years). That you cannot do without the financial resources, but these two should run hand in hand as success brings more money. Rarely though the management structure will last long enough for the financial resources to build up. Only rarely clubs have been able to cultivate a succession of managers to replicate the success of the predecessors.

    IMO in England there has been only one club to have done this successfully: LFC with boot room. ManU with Fergie has been immensely successful but their success has been culminated to a single extraordinary manager. Arsenal has been close to similar single manager success with Wenger but he has been eclipsed by Fergie and the emergence of sugar daddies in Chelsea and City. It remains to be seen whether Chelsea can also replicate the ManU model with Mourinho.

  34. I like that term, that's definitely where we've been going wrong and I vote that we change our search criteria from a tent to a difference maker with immediate effect. That's not sardonic, I feel it much better describes what we need.
    If I was on the receiving end of a Ayre/BR sales pitch I'd also be more likely to sign if I was given the title of 'The difference maker'

  35. Why will it grate?

    Don't understand any feeling wahtsoever being extended to someone who basically has told us, "thanks, but no thanks...not while that clown is in charge of this once great club...you FSG guys should azazzanate Brenston Pickle and hire hug kiss, he knows what's up"...

    It's like you're giving a girl Lion King and she's not down wid it...

    You don't lie on the couch regretting it...
    ...you live every moment to it's fullest and laugh at it all!

    What I'm trying to say is, never give one thought to anyone who wants to go in another directiin, only ever look at what new way you can prosper.

    And on that note, just remember the likes of Scott Parker, Shaun Wright Phillips and a a ton of other young English players who rather than stay loyal, opted for the riches and glamour of the oil money clubs, only to see extended periods in the football wilderness (on the bench or out of the match day squad), with a resultant decline in International recognition etc etc (won't labour the plight, we've seen it all before).

    Or, to sum all this up, think Rocky IV, think Drago whilst standing opposite a fallen Apollo and swap in "goes"...

    "If he dies, he dies"

  36. i have much trust in FSG and how they run the club. if i understand correctly our Commercial and Sponsorship money have if not skyrocketted but atleast risen a lot. with the incoming stadium expansion revenue, and the policy of developing young players (and how we have been hoarding them all over europe to academy) i expect us to stand still couple more years before we can realisticly expect it to reflect on league.

    this model, i trust and hope, is successfull in long run, and it allows us to compete with richer clubs.

    it wouldnt hurt if we actually would be successful every once in a while in transfers to slot right into first team.

    FSG is doing a top job imo. people who handle scouting and transfers should be under scrutiny, and make it or break it year for Brendan.

  37. not sure about him as a player but whats thats song they do rondondon they do rondon

  38. Just one difference in my opinion. I think good management will eventually bring good success and good money. So in the long-term if management is good, financial resources will build-up and a team can continue its success. It shouldn't be too difficult to achieve success, especially for a club which already has a good financial strength like Liverpool.

  39. Nahhhh...he will go to ManU and score 20+ goals for them a season. Really don't see cracking the top 4 again for some time. Last season was our chance to solidify the club as a top 4 team. BR was inept in the transfer market and lost the team. We will be competing for Europa spots for years to come while the current top 4 will just cotinue to pull away from the rest. The only hope is if they relax FFP and we splash the cash...which won't happen. Either that or we get a genius manager - not BR - who through astute buying and coaching/tactical presence makes Liverpool relevant again. Here's hoping...

  40. Theycallmemrburt6:06 pm, June 22, 2015

    We destroy kids. We sign them and then don't commit to the transfer strategy. We are becoming the Barry Fry of the 'elite'

  41. You are correct good sir, our increased off the pitch revenue generation has been a great success.

    What we've also seen is a successful removal of many/all our high wage earners, many of whom were perfectly good players and superior to their replacements.

    The Kuyt removal wrankled me greatly.

    So, they've reduced costs and increased gains...and haven't removed a manager who oversaw football embarrassment we haven't seen at this club for over 50 years.

    That is why I am worried about FSG.

  42. Good song and better when Aerosmith do it than Eminem, but I'm also with you on Metallica, especially their work with San Francisco Symphony Orchestra - very good indeed.

  43. If true, it would cost quite a bit of money to reprint Webster's Dictionary.

    It would be the new definition for the phrase: "Robbed in Broad Daylight"

  44. SF Symphny, ah, good old days.

  45. it is the only good work for metallica, it was saved by the Symphony orchestra cause they had rhytm section, unlike Metallica with that handless legless rhytmless dane =)

  46. It's like sending your wife out to get spark plugs and she comes back with a geranium.

  47. Metallica did a really good cover of Bob Seger's "Turn the Page"

  48. i admit, it is a good cover, but it is a damn good song. Seger has lot of em

  49. Bob seger pretty darn good - Nightmoves a good track.

  50. they also did a horrible cover of Astronomy by Blue Öyster Cult.

  51. Not sure on that mate. Part of modern football to hoover up as many talented kids as possible, send then on loan,let other clubs develop them & see who makes it.

    Lukaku never kicked a ball for chelsea & they made 20m profit on him, they've owned Curtois for years. That gael kakuta looked the business when they poached him but has just been released.

    Not every 18-20 year old will make our first team, its just what clubs do now, our record probably similar to other teams

  52. I wonder why, when we are desperately in need of a genuinely high class, durable 20 goal per year stiker, we are dropping the likes of £3.5 million - £6 million commitments, without said marksman already on board?

    I mean, what is Gomez, our 7th choiuce centre back option?

    We need a number one striker to replace Suarez, we can't just rely on Stuzza. I hope to god they aren't thinking we'll be content with Ings, my gosh...

  53. We need at least two real proven strikers with great footwork and tireless work rate. Origi might work out as might Ings. But given their question marks and Daniels inability to get and stay healthy, we have no choice.....Bacca sounds the better but as long as FSG are doing some homework and not getting more unproven people, we cant help but improve upon Balo, lambert, Borini honestly who were useless........

  54. For the price, not bad business. Of course BR will play him as a wing back. In other news, Can showing what he can do when given license and faith to play his preferred position. What a novel idea...playing somone in their best position. Maybe FSG can hire the German U21 coach as an assistant to impart such knowledge to our manager.

  55. "Not sure on that mate. Part of modern football to hoover up as many
    talented kids as possible, send then on loan,let other clubs develop
    them & see who makes it."

    Yeah, but the teams who are doing that are way in advance of ours in terms of first team quality. They have turned their attentiion to development now that they are entrenched with a successful footballing operation.

    We are not similarly positioned. Nowhere near. We need to win now, not let the title run prestige fade away.

    Was worried when the best we could get last year, in terms of a Luiz replacement, was an ill-suited, much maligned, "nomadic herdsman" of a player in Balo.

    Spending any amount of money on anything other than the sort of strker fit to wear the Red shirt is questionable. We have plenty of depth everywhere except striker.

    If our "brain trust" are taking us into the season with only adding Ings and iOrigi up front, haha, well, I just cannot see how that either a) works, or b) is really good enough for LFC.

  56. I think a massive part of it is our location.

    Manchester as a City has received an obscene amount of money from the government for regeneration for nearly 20 years now and continues to do so.

    It is the hub of the North West.

    Liverpool has received next to nothing.

    Then look at the location of the clubs.

    Anfield is a very poor area and heavily built. Liverpool itself is also poor when compared to Manchester.

    The Stadium has needed an entire renovation for nearly 15 - 20 years.

    Man City got their stadium for virtually nothing thanks to the Common Wealth Games.

    Its not just us that have this problem, look at Everton.

    They have a amazing local fan base, one of the best in the world.

    They are known world wide yet Everton as an area is very deprived. The Stadium is a wreck.

    I can see very easily why a business would look at Manchester as an attract place to invest over Liverpool.

  57. Value 90 = Suarez
    Value 50 = Balo/Lambo...Borini...Aspas


  58. Agreed, however did Borini and Lambert ever get a real chance to play? Both had decent seasons prior to last season. Granted neither are top class but I think BR threw them under the bus. Watch them go elsewhere and suddenly chip in 10 goals each.

  59. Alberto will never get a game for us again. He is done.

    Markovic at £20m is exactly what is wrong this club. Have no idea how to do business in the transfer market. Nobody, but nobody else would have spent £20m on Markovic.

    It is not his fault that he cost that much but the inept way LFC do business.

  60. I doubt you will see Rodgers still in the LFC job we were to be bought over by oil fields.

  61. Great points, great post.

    There's also the "declining superpower" angle, that we haven't been successful enough in recent years (in relation to other teams) to generate enough passion in kids to want to come to us, no matter what.

    Not as many young players have watched us do great things in Europe - quite the opposite - so, they're not as eager to come to us, not like they used to be.

  62. Andy Carroll must be gutted.

  63. Not a fan then! Maybe not the best technically but some of the best bands of all time weren't any great shakes in that respect - some even got by on as little as three chords, sometimes a bit of pantomime and occasion also goes a long way :)

  64. This is it for me.

    Look, I am not Suso's biggest fan but he is a talented footballer. If he was given the amount of time Lallana had on the pitch last season then there is not knowing how much better he would have done instead of blowing £25m on a player who contributed very little and still has to prove that he is good enough.

    Suso = sold for fooking £1m
    Lallana signed for £25m

    Just think about that while I go grab another beer.

  65. ESPN seems be very conservative regarding rumors. That's the only reason I give it some level of belief.

  66. There is that as well.

    Some of us here are old **** that remember watching the great Liverpool teams of the last 70's and 80's.

    That was a long time ago as my kids like to tell me.

  67. Haha, you upvoted me? "SF Symphony" isn't a euphemism, or new twist on the Lion King...I bet you thought I was being saucy!?

    I went there for the first time exactly 10 years ago to the week. I did go with a gay man...it was San Francisco.

    And for all those happy to pile on...

    San Francisco is also the home to the biggest Chinese community outside of China...but that doesn't make me a, er, an oriental person ; )

  68. Yeah i agree, i just don't have a problem with 2-3 speculative cheap buys.

    Got a bad feeling with strikers its 1 out ( Balotelli) 1 in ( whoever) this summer.

    Going off topic re Balotelli. You've got to presume Rodgers was going to continue with 442 diamond last season as it took him till oct/nov to change formations. If this was the case, I'd be amazed if the committee forced him onto Rodgers.

    Thats whats makes it so frustrating towards the end the season. Balotelli , Borini & Lambert , 3 strikers he chose & he did'nt deem good enough & would rather play with none.

  69. Excellent business. Id rather have this guy than Ramos.

  70. We absoutely skinned Chelsea alive in that deal. Mainly because Torres did some of his best work against the Abramo' Twits. You know what these international, playboy kajillionaires are like, "I want, I want..."

    So, we took his desire and run with it. £50 million pesos (paces) ; )

    But then, in a moment of madness returned to Newcastle - after they had just turned down our offer if £30 million - with another 5 million big ones tacked on......

    The sheer horror of breaking the bank on the roulette table...
    ...only to lose most of it in the slots on the way to the exit... : (

  71. Danny Ings cannot get a start for England U21 and has been underwhelming whenever played. Hopefully, he will show much better form for Liverpool.

  72. Mate, that last paragraph is why I'm always highlighting just how bad this regime is.

    Nothing adds up. Nothing makes sense. We're stumbling from formation to formation, playing players out of position, buying players who didn't suit us in the first place, spending money on kids when there are gaping holes in the first team, sacking subordinates, sticking with a man who did exactly nothing in the entire year to foster any confidence...
    ...yet all the time increasing off the pitch revenue and slashing the wage budget.

    Nothing makes sense.

    We've already been taken for a ride by one set of american owners, and after they gallantly saved us and spoke of a leading us back to the promised land, we have witnessed a lot of things to sugest that isn't the case...i.e., shipping out nearly all our high wage earners and replacing them with cheaper and usually inferior replacements.

    And, the grand result of all the dysfunction listed above, were 1-3 and 6-1 embarrassments, the likes of which we haven't seen at our club for over 50 years.

    As a loyal fan, the evidence is worrying.

  73. I would blindly bid for Carlos Bacca (22 million) and Salomon Robdon (15 million) instead of Benteke (32.5 million) for sure

  74. Well, for one he's behind 'arry Kane. After last season, that's understandable. And 2, while I didn't watch last game, I've read multiple articles citing how he (and the other subs) completely changed the game. Again, not sure if it's true, but from what I hear he did 10x what Kane did all game.

  75. Oh mate, rewatched the first half of the '84 Roma game the other night... Oh mate..............................................
    Football! Glorious, glorious, glorious football!
    OOooo, it were greet ; )

    Also, if you haven't seen it this decade, get on you tube and see that legendary 7th goal we got against Spurs in '77. It's on yt.

    'Twas Sir Bobs favourite ever goal. *genuflects in honour

  76. Rodgers said Balotelli was a collective decision.

    Letting go of the Remy deal, who would have made that decsion. He was bang on to become a LFC player and we ended up with Balo.

    Rodgers has stated many times that no player will join without his go ahead. He is a liar then.

    Even 'if' Balotelli he did not want Balo he could still have said no and stuck with what he had or go for another option on the shortlist. Balo is here and everyone else is to blame but Rodgers?

  77. 100% mate. Posted this morning, FSG used to working within strict FFP & salary caps guidelines in this scenario moneyball works fine, just not right for us at moment.

    Long term, cant see us moneyballing (is that a word) our way to sustained challenging.

    Worrying times indeed

  78. What is moneyball?

  79. I haven't watched it either, just read it somewhere. Yes he is behind Kane so am not really worried about it. I also don't think he will hit the ground running at Liverpool. However, I do hope he will have some sort of impact coming from the bench at least.

  80. buying cheap, supposedly value players based on stats

  81. Markovic Cheap? Lovren, Lallana?

    Even Alberto at £7m who did not even get to play a full 90 minutes.

    Moneyball comes fro =m Baseball. It is about buying players who are talented but are not valued by the seller. Go research.

    It has nothing to do with buying a player and selling them on for a profit. NOTHING.

  82. A healthy striker for 15 m ....

  83. voice of reason7:19 pm, June 22, 2015

    i watched the game he looked more a threat than kane with his off the ball movement... he has good positional sense... he did make some sloppy touches ceding possession needlessly though

  84. Where did i say buying & selling them on for profit?

    Ok i have conflated its true meaning into buying potential not established players. Not on all players but a general theme. Sorry.

    More importantly, why do you ask questions you already the answer to?

  85. I hate watching the old games because I get depressed afterwards....

    My favourite was the 9 - 0 nil against Palace.

    John Aldridge, one of my all times favourites players and a very nice guy.

    Met him a couple of times, once was at my cousins sons christening.

    A true gent.

  86. It was not directed at you :-) so I just wanted to get my point across.

    But tell me, you mentioned Moneyball, in what shape or form is that present at LFC?

    Like I said, Markovic £20m, Lallana £25m, Carroll £35m, Lovren £20m etc etc.

    Moneyball does not exist at LFC. If you want moneyball then employ Billy Beane.

    He most certainly would not have recommended Markovic at £20m, let alone Lallana at £25m and Lovren at £20m. Moneyball at LFC does not exist.

  87. I like Newcastle, six points normally.

  88. Not sure...
    I really can't wait for us to seal the deal on a player we can all get excited about and strangely I think every single one of us agreed Benteke at £32 million is ridiculous, however we'd all previously agreed we needed a Striker that was already proven at a certain level, a marquee you might say.
    It also seems to be a commonly held opinion that we have a tendency to buy British all too often and that other Clubs are better at casting a wider net. I'm slightly fearful that as a result we may therefore get carried away too easily with these foreign/cheaper purchase prospects; granted the price is appealing but what we don't want to do is end up with half a dozen - 'potentials' We already have Origi and Ings in that respect, so if you added Rondon, who would be our go to Striker for the first fifteen games...

  89. Eek!

    In business, and most things in life, to get to the truth, you must follow the money.

    In owning sports franchises, surely the level of passion/commitment has to be judged by how often they are actually at their investment? Not entirely, but my point is clear.

    How many times have FSG been over, to grace us with their presence and lift the morale of the troops, lately? Once? To view the stadium extension they have invested in which just so happens to, yep, increase revenue.

    All the signs are that they are happy to increase revenue, cut costs and increase the bottom line, whilst rarely attending, and allowing "the worst manager we've had", arguably since before Shanks, to continue after last seasons shocker.

    (I don't really count Roy Evans as a 'manager.' He was a backroom guy, one of the last, if not the last, of the boot room era, and a hire made out of sentiment, not out of any real management experience or pedigree.

    AND, Roy certainly DID NOT talk himself up as the new messiah of football, "death by possession" ... ... "you don't train players, you train dogs...I educate players" (god that comment alone makes me want to punch him...always thinking he does it better than every one of the previous managers ever...always trying to re-invent the wheel...show how amazing he is.) etc etc)

  90. I also read we created very few chances throughout, so perhaps Ings or kane for that matter, shouldn't be judged too harshly.

  91. Can't expect anything out of a young Belgian striker who was so bad last year, he made the team of shame in an inferior league to the EPL.

    The other major red flag would be, if, after one year of knowing he is coming to an Egnlish club, he hasn't bothered to learn how to speak the native tongue pretty darn well.

    Not heard/seen him talk, but I really hope he has, other wise it'll be six months before he even gets onto the pitch.

  92. For 15 mil pounds, this boy sounds a good buy, especially a fit and healthy one, though I don't think those fellas at the management will make it happen. Personally I'm not convinced if anyone at LFC is capable of identifying a player of such. Anyway, it seems like the approach now is either to buy young (Joe Gomez) or one with EPL experience (JFM), maybe coupled with one or two dare-devil acts (last season's 20 mil pounds on Lazar Markovic). 32 mil pounds for Benteke is negligent but I highly suspect they will go all-out for him instead. Not long ago I mentioned the 4 highly possible targets for this summer in Benteke, Clyne, Ings and of course, JFM. Now we already made it 2 out of 4. So we shall see what's going to happen in the next 6-7 weeks or so.

  93. Not sure of his language abilities but I've read a few of your posts below/above and agree with where I think your coming from - we still need our 'difference maker' and although I'm happy with both signings, I don't think it's fair or credible to expect Ings or Origi to be that player just yet and I really don't think Rondon fits that description either.

  94. Ah, John Aldridge, now there's a decent bloke! If you were within 100 yards of a bar, I bet he bought a pint?! Top bloke.

    Loved him as a player, too.

    Not that big, not that fast, not overly athletic and rarely ever beat a man...
    ...but his timing, instinct and finishing, particurly his heading, was spot on. He managed to take over, successfully so, from arguably the greastest goalscorer ever to grace the British Isles.

  95. So, Lacazette may be available, he will do well at the Emirates.

  96. It CAN work, if you know how to extract the most from your resources and maximise every penny...
    ...like Arsenal did on the way to overtaking us : (

  97. Totally agree they have been noticeable only by their absence at times, also I'm pretty sure with the state of our roads and all the round potholes, BR's plan to corner the square wheel market will prove a great success ;-)

  98. Man Skity and chelspell probably went through all this window-shopping sh*t for years....

    ...hoping....praying....helter-skelter; roller-coaster....like a drug addict with a sadist for a dealer; one who dangles the finest columbian and Jamaican in front, then snatches it for some weird half-tested hybrid sh*t....

    ...so we torture ourselves as if we get a buzz out of it...cos thats really all we can do.....dream and be optimistic (which, incredibly, I am), nonetheless, still we wait for FSG to put up while also secretly wishing for the days when we can go into Harrods and buy what we want......

    ...oh yeah, and this guy looks great.....lets get him on hire purchase...what's your credit rating like guys....? ;-)

  99. BR has convinced everyone that square wheels will give you a smooth drive and will reduce potholes too.

    Man of many talents.

  100. That's what happens when your missus is a Chelsea fan mate, she probably wants to shaft you with it ;-)

  101. Judging by this video, I wouldn't be too excited.

  102. Jaysus, the thought alone makes we want to wear a chastity belt.

  103. Exactly!

    We sold arguably the best player in the world, and to this day, I'm still convinced we attempted to replace him with Lallana.

    Balo was never going to be able to mesh well with stuzza in that diamond we rocked so well when we had Suarez, so, imho, I think Balo was bought as back up to Stuzza in the 4-2-3-1 BR tried to make works at the start of the year, with Lallana being the one to slot into the team in replace of Luis.

    Origi and Ings, my god, we used to rock some of the best strikers in the WORLD, anything less than a £40 million superstar-ish at this point and man, well...you know!

    Especially with Sterling going. We have many players, we just need quality now, top quality. Liverpool FC quality. Quality that befits the worlds 8th richest club. Do you think if I say quality enough it might materialise, in some mysterious, shamanic manifestation kind of way?

  104. Hi Alexandre, Ian Ayre here.....Sorry I've just spoken to Arsene, Mr Van Gaal, Mr Pellegrini, Rafa and Jose you are a bit late, au revoir.

  105. Haha, mate, if Brenny was convinced that the dquare wheel was the wave of the future...
    ...he'd attach it to the roof of the car ; )

  106. Thanks Logan, glad you took that (no pun intended) in the jovial spirit with which it was written.
    Hope you've managed to discreetly 'lose' some of the clutter she brought with her and who knows, after a few years with a supporter of the best Club in the world she may come round to your way of thinking :)

  107. You're right, even Aspas had a decent season, in terms of goals and assists the year prior to Brenny performing his "work" on the player. And that was with a relegation battling team, too.

    Balo also had a decent return at Milan before he joined us, didn't he?

  108. yeah fair play, bit harsh my last statement.

    My point. I think that after that 6 month Dalglish spending spree including Carroll (which was pure panic) senior management decided on a change of transfer policy.

    Basically buy players in the younger age bracket, & dont overpay. If they don't make it, you lose less. I know Lallana, lovren disprove that, but we were held to ransom.

    If you look at majority buys we'd probably recoup ok cash from sales, aspas, borini.

    Without the suarez money, this summer be intresting, just feel the owners are looking for coutinho sturridge type bargains.

    top 4 & everton spent more on an individual last season, & i doubt we'll go anywhere near 30m this summer.

    Nothing to do with moneyball , stand corrected

  109. ...why? Vid looks okay...he looks quite energetic and accurate...

    ...are his conversion stats cr*p then....?

  110. Many of the goals came from crosses...and some were very easy...

  111. 27 goals in 2 seasons? gee that's a lot I'm not sure if I can't take it

  112. ...oh yeah...good point, I noticed that too...

    but could be he steps up with our team of players cos he still looks pretty cool in front/side of goal....

  113. Charlton season ticket holder hereJust to let you know you have signed a a real star in Joe Gomez he will go on to be an England player and will be as good as Rio Ferdinand , you've got a bargain

  114. He definitely wouldn't fit in here

  115. Not watched the vid, or any of his footage, but do appreciate the way you always seem to have a good eye when scouting.

    I don't know how accurate anyo f your insights are, but you always seem to comment on little, oftentimes unnoticed things, like the one above.

    That's not to throw my main man DinMan under the bus either, I just like your attention to detail.

  116. Seems like the kind we love?

  117. ...dude you are very kind....you're definitly not throwing me under the bus....

    ...I always defer to all you guys who know way more than me...hence why you won't find me in any arguments/vehement discussions/big disagreements over such and such player...any time soon..

    ..my 'thing' is martial arts, but I am passionate about LFC and try to grasp what people are 'seeing', assessing when they look at players...its a learning curve...

    ...having said all that...then there's damian commolli et all who have completely demeaned the argument that anyone knows what they're talking about - then taking into account old 'arry redknapp and some of the 'i just got a feeling 'bout this one' method of recruitment managers of yesteryear - some of them greatly successful...taking all that into account sometimes I just sit and ponder if all of it is just one big fat gamble...... :)

  118. We need to keep saying it all the way through Ing's and Origi's development and if we all keep saying it, well, then we give them a chance, - enjoyed reading your and Ghost Riders posts on the previous thread about John Aldridge and days gone by, my own memories start a little later and I remember him being an absolute swine to get in sticker form for my Panini book.
    Thing is though, Aldridge, Rush, Barnes, Kenny et al, all had to start somewhere and I think that is a part of our Legend we need to hang onto - the making of greats. Just that we have to supplement our squad with some experience while we're doing it and oh yes, a £40mill Lacazette would do nicely :)
    Definitely Balo was a misfire, I know we perhaps agree to disagree with regards who was at fault though and I think Sanchez was who they wanted to 'replace' Suarez. Whatever the reason for getting Lallana I'm glad we did, high hopes for him next season.

  119. Don't worry it was probably another 'massive' mistake, like when they signed Pirlo, Tevez and Khedira recently. I'M sure they'll be relegated now.

  120. Thanks hug but don't you think that you should know how accurate my insights are before complementing my scouting skills ;-)..haha

  121. i am really hoping that when Ings gets a chance to play in higher quality team with higher quality players around him, he also will increace his goals / assists ratio. perhaps he can be next seasons Harry Kane?!

    i really dont see downside with ings deal. he has the physique, he has proven in last couple years that he has eye for goal. he is young and developing. and he gives out this total Professional "aura" and is willing to work to improve his game. + he will cost us what tribunal says which is not over 10 mil i think.

  122. Well for lazy researchers...its always a gamble. .;-)

  123. I am not the serious type unlike some others on this site.

    The shed outside is good place to store unwanted things in the house. The dogs sleep in there too.

  124. I think his profile is very similar to Borini when he joined Liverpool

  125. I am not the serious type unlike some others on this site.

    The shed outside is good place to store unwanted things in the house. The dogs sleep in there too. Not that the dogs are unwanted, if they destroy then so be it.

  126. ...Chirag....I am in an abundant mood today...

    ....I forgive you for calling me lazy... ;)

  127. You are forgiving me not because of your good mood but for your laziness to insult me back. ..;-)

  128. The way LFC spend money is like sending your wife with your your wallet to the shops. You know she is not going to come home with what you asked for.

  129. Not our kind of olayerplayer anyway.

  130. How about Depay?
    According to Brendan he was not our type either!

  131. ...you know bro...I don't even insult my opponents in the ring....

    ...why then would I insult a fellow LFC bro...?

    ...I come from the school of Don Corleone....smile, stealth, make them relax, hug, flow, denature, attack and win.....

  132. Absolutely, with you there. I'm happy as Larry with the Ings signing and actually so far, I can't fault our start to the Summer, but I think with the official opening of the window looming we now want to start hearing some news of our intent to land a 'difference maker' or three.*
    *(credit LFCNYC74 for original invention of 'Marquee terminology' improvement)

  133. BR said that we have enough wingers. Depay was surely our type of player and I was frustrated when our infamous TC didn't go for him. It hurts even more when some reports suggested that he was looking to join us before we withdrew the interest due to Sturridge injury.

  134. Thanks Gazza, hope Charlton have a great 2015/16.

  135. Are their any levels in martial arts?? Like black belt or something? ? If yes, which level are you on? ?

  136. agreed. we did well with the bossmans. Ings and Milner both wouldve ended with our top four rivals if they had not ended with us. next two months will show if this was successfull summer or not, but it did begin well enough.

  137. Strange that we play hardball (not moneyball) with foreign clubs, refuse to budge, walk away from deals.

    But when it comes to southampton we always fold. Clyne in last year of contract & wants to join us. £15-18m it is then

  138. ...oh my god Case....honestly; really...I thought I was the only one who thought the very same...

    ..that we bought Lallana to replace Suarez....two feet trickery, unpredictable turns and lines of play, quick thinking/instincts...... Lallana just forgot to visit the laboratory where they injected Suarez with superjuice.....

  139. People were slating Benteke the other day as he thrives on crosses.

  140. ...umm, are you asking seriously....?

  141. Well just don't go trying a Lion king on her (ask the Hugster if unsure of meaning) or you might end up in the dog house yourself :)

  142. Both players are very skillfull and thus look like similar players. But in all honesty...Sanchez was Suarez replacement and we ended with Balo. Lallana is a midfielder who can play on the flanks but I wouldn't call him a forward player like Suarez or Sanchez. We could have gone for forwards like Depay and Griezmann to replace Suarez abd after missing out on Sanchez.

  143. Yes...i don't know anything about it so.

  144. It is laughable to be honest. Let's just buy Southampton.

  145. Lion King? I am going to watch Animal Planet now take some tips and then execute.

  146. Really? Good man, nice to know someone else at least considered it.

    As for the superjuice, they still need to work out some of the kinks, I feel, like the vampiric side effect thing... ; )

    I'd happily be their experimental guinea pig though...if it meant pulling on that red shirt just once in front of the Kop... ; )

  147. There is only one issue I have and that is we are trying to follow Arsenals Transfer Policy.

    When you look at most of their buys they are for the most part very good value.

    It is rare that Arsenal spend double figures on players are young, inexperienced outside of their country.

    We on the other hand pay silly money for these kind of players.

  148. ..ok cool man...

    ...black belt is an instructor belt, hence it is held up as the highest and very sought after, but there are more belts after black, they are firstly black belt dan 1, black belt dan 2 etc.....

    ...I started very young cos of a variety of reasons I don't wanna go into today...hence I am an instructor in karate, kick-boxing and also wing chun kung fu....have learnt chinese boxing and street fighting and also quite adept at Ju-Jitsu (ground-fighting)...

    ...I train because I love competing and learning..and pushing my body to the edges of its capabilities...and way, way out of my physical and mental comfort zones....but.....I never pick a fight - always avoid, there are many ways out before it gets physical...and then only ever in self defense...only....

    ...I have taught to others in order to redress the balance in favour of those being 'put-upon' for no reason...

    ...there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing a male/female grow in confidence and negotiate the world on their own terms....

  149. Arsenal always but always make one big name signing every season even if they have to go all guns blazing like with Ozil who is a quality player and worth it.

    Looking at their squad at the moment, Wenger knows exactly where he needs to strengthen. Not all signings pan out but most of Arsenal's do.

  150. Sure but the point I was making is that he rarely pays made money for unproven players.

    When he does its for players who are proven, like Ozil and Sanchez.

    Just look at his transfer over the last 20 years and it is the same.

    Big money is usually reserved for proven experienced players where as well spend daft money on young unproven players.

  151. Don't worry DinMan I've totally got this:
    Chirag, If you are interested in martial arts and in particular karate, the most important thing to know is this...
    Wax on, Wax off.

  152. ...Dude....we are soo lucky...let's get in that experimental program.....haven't you heard.....vampires are in.... ;)

  153. ..."my own memories start a little later and I remember him being an absolute swine to get in sticker form for my Panini book."

    I absoutely roared with laughter when i read that and can only thank my lucky stars I didn't splatter the screen with a moutful of the delightful tuna salad I'm currently enjoying ; )

  154. ..thanks Case....,man...I should have just left it to you... :)

  155. Oh and I like the making of greats...jyst need a decent set-up to facilitate this...like we used to have and Arsenal now have...

  156. Yup, go look at our spending spree last summer.

    That is why it comes down to who you have managing your team. Wenger is one of the best when it comes to finding young talent but he as sure as hell is not going to spend £20m on Markovic.

    Unless we can get someone in who is adept when it comes to making the final decision then things are not going to change.

    Keep the faith is what I have been told recently. have faith in something that is at a dead end?

  157. Nice DinMan.

    Cool that you don't like to pickup the fight because you know...i watch a lot of wwe and you dont wanna be at the receiving end huh..hahahaha...

  158. Sorry DinMan, couldn't resist.
    Few friends who train in Muay Thai, not to anything like the levels your at mind, but I think they get a lot out of it.
    I find Krav Maga to be well thought of amongst friends when discussing such matters and along with boxing think any of these sports are a good thing when learnt for the right reasons which you describe.

  159. ...bro I've been on the receiving end of plenty.....

    ...it kind of breaks the fear somewhat.....

  160. ...Case...I'm a creator, not a destroyer...

    ...I love harmony and the finer things in life....

    ...I also understand the value of confidence and focus; making the most of what we can on this playground called earth....

    ..so...knowing I am borne of neanderthal..I have to appease the 'ugg ugg' in me and blow out the nervous tension and built up hunter sh*t...it leaves me peaceful and wanting to flirt incessantly...both of which make me very happy.... ;)

  161. Yea..i would believe that but i would rather have that fear... ;-)

  162. Brendan figured out how the oil stays in the sump when the car is upside down.


  163. You know, I wasn't mad at the Lallana signing, even though I suspected he was Suarez' replacement (we just didn't go all in on Sanchez like we needed to...and like Utd did with An-Hell). I was also majorly disappointed he diodn't have more of an impact last year...but then there is the huge Rodgers drag factor impact to take into account...

    Rodgers drag factor = Players who did great/well alright/pretty decent at pervious clubs seem to come into contact with this man and suddenly regress to the point of being totally ineffective.

    Many examples of "RDF" to cite.

  164. That's nice of you; enjoy the pre-season madness as much as we are.

  165. ..yeah great stuff Case...krav maga brilliant, muay thai brilliant, boxing brilliant....

    ...its all about confidence and feeling great about yourself...your friends are lucky to get the chance to train....

    ...there's never too much of a need to fight...either one can sniff it out and avoid or diffuse tension by shedding the ego and making a laugh of it....

    ...slightly different rules regarding bullies though....

  166. Omg, just seen you mention about MMA...

    ...please tell me your a fan of the King, Conor McGregor...?

    You must be...you juyst must!

    Or at least Joanna Champion?

    Sorry, there are my two faves, i'm from a stand-up background myself (kickboxing) so prefer the strikers to the wrestlers.

  167. Let's hope he makes it at Anfield mate. Hoping for him that it works out but with the way we sign all these young players who do not even get a sniff at the first team, it is unlikely. Our academy is a breeding ground with talent, not getting utilised either.

    Good luck to the fella.

  168. Case, wonderful interjection!

  169. I can tell from your posts mate, you never come across as anything other than a thoroughly amicable chap :)
    I love to watch the boxing and have seen countless programs over the years about how a kid with not many options found his local gym, learnt to respect himself, his environment and others around him and went on to make a career out of it, can only be a good thing as far as I'm concerned.
    Get the bit about the built up tension/hunter too, that's why I fish, can see the training would do the job too though.

  170. Well, without reading every poist in this thread and going solely on your "I'm a creator, not a destroyer......I love harmony and the finer things in life...." comments, I'd say you're into jiu jits...am I right?

    BJJ is the thinking mans martial art, egos rarely make it onto the mat, right?

  171. If you like boxing, you gotta get into MMAQ my man, specifically the UFC, the big league.

    There's a young Irish guy by the name of Conor McGregor who is taking the game by storm.

    Seriously, he's the most exhilerating athlete I've seen since Steive burst onto the scene all those years ago,.

    Conor fights like an MMA version of Mike Tyson and talks like a modern day version of Muhammed Ali...he is a true legend in the making and inspirational superstart of awesomeness.

    Yes, i am a fan!

    Conor bless

  172. Nah, those who train, rarely get into confrontations. Its only those pent up wannabe's who start trouble, usually when they've had a few shandies, bless 'em.

  173. ..Yeah Hug Kiss, I prefer the dynamism of the stand up guys too...

    ...I'm gonna have to defer to your knowledge of mma because I'm either too busy teaching kung fu, fighting or training myself ....or any time left, doing my paying job....

    ...sorry, but only real guy I've ever studied was Anderson Silva cos his fighting style is how we spar.... also check out a friend of a guy I train with...Michael venom Page....

    ...nice to know I have a kindred spirit on here...(apart from being LFC bro's obviously).... :)

  174. ..that is bang on man....

    ...but my deep roots are like yours...stand up stuff....

  175. ...thanks man...you are too kind...and ditto... :)

  176. ...so true...so true...

  177. I'll take a gander, must admit though my heart really lies with the Boxing, although I respect UFC and it's fast growing popularity.
    Have you seen Roy Jones Jnr, he's probably my recent favourite, although I've been lucky to enjoy some of the best domestic fights of recent times with Eubank, Benn and Collins. If you ever want to watch a great trilogy then check out Gatti v Ward.

  178. All awesome fights/fighters!

    Thats why you gotta belive me when I tell you that this Conor McGregor kid is something sensational.

    his interviews, his comments, his bravado, his attitude is all on another level than anything you've ever seen..ever...

    ...and he wrecks fools in the cage!

    He's taken the UFC by storm and has liuterally vlazed a trail to a title fight, on July 11th.

    He says he's KO these guys, htne goes out and does it.

    He is, without a doubt, a true superstar of epic proportions!

  179. Yeah, after I posted that comment \i read just how wrong i was hahaha.

    Good to see people wiuth such a great attitude. You up for the McGregor Aldoi fight in 19 days? Haha, been counting this fight down for about 5 months already...can't...frickin...wait...

    I love Conor as much as I loved Stevie...and almost as much as i loved Kenny ; )

  180. You train with Venom? Holy moly, watched that guy fight, he's sooooooooooo loose and flexible and man, that guy comes at you with more unorthodox angles and m ovements than Prince Naseem...remember him? I loved Nas.

    Man, training with Venom must be "fun"...!

    If you have hespect for Anderson, you'll appreciate Conor. I said when he was coming up he riminded me of the spider with the way he just moves so freely in the cage.

    Yeah, if you ever wanna boast about some great training stuff or anything, hit me up, I love all that! Would just die if you told me you accidentally rocked Michael Page one sparring session...not that I want him to be hurt, got hopes he may break into the UFC and give us Europeans another fighter to root for in the US and Brazillian dominated sport.

    Did you, by any chance, get to see what joanna Jederzjcyzk did to Jessica Penne? She turned her face into a mashed up mess of blood and swelling, the likes of which you rarely see in MMA.

    Joanna Champion is my second favourite fighter., European muay thai destroyer who not only beats her opponents, she smahes them into a brutal, soul destroying oblivion.

    Seriously, google Jessica Penne and see her face...bless her. She asn't even rocked when the ref stopped the fight., it was the first ever (M)KO...Mercy Knoct Out...Stopped out of mercy!

  181. Just had a quick watch of his fight v Poirer, over too quick to ascertain much - I'll pencil in July 11th for a viewing.

  182. Top man, i knew you were class! ; )

    Google the brimage fight...was an awesome display of back foot counterpucnhing...and the way he wobbled Brimage with every shot on the way to the (T)KO is one of my favourite finishes ever!

    He just clamly picked his shots, woblled him with every one, and then went in for the kill...masterful!

    but, as good as his fighting is, his interviews are ona totally different level! He comes out with the coolest, most sinpirational stuff i've ever heard...ever!

    honestly, a true superstar!

  183. Gatti/Ward, awesome! That Eubank was a helluva fighter. I was a Benn man myself, but props to eubank he had a chin on him! tough as nails, all the respect in the world for these guys. Nigel Benn went into club DJing later on, saw him on the circuit, not a bad dude. Also saw Prince Nassem alot, he loved a good club night! Absoutley tiny and surrounded by his security staff.

  184. ...no sorry to break the bubble dude..I only have trained with a friend of m venom page...

    ...my karate left me with questions, as did my kick-boxing.even though I was teaching it....(But I now know that was me more than the discipline - look inside, not out)...so when wing chun came my way I grabbed it with both hands and immersed myself into it....the style I learn is progressive adaptive evolution style...so it brings in all my previous training and we cross train with boxers, mma guys, judo guys, angry guys.....all kinds....just to have self defense skills to negotiate life with...be it emotional or physical...cos it runs to both....

    ..the ju-jitsu is so we can learn the dynamics of dealing with someone taking us down...and in doing so I'm enjoying learning the fine 'thinking' man's art....it takes me back to being a kid again...i just love it...and it teaches you a new level of 'not to panic' even when you think you're f*cked......

  185. now you've told me about him I will try my utmost to check him out and see that fight...bro I just can't promise...as LFC, fight training and sex are more priority...not in that order... ;-)

  186. Eubank is a funny fella, quite eccentric to say the least and a great Boxer and Benn and him made the perfect Boxing storm which I don't think happens all that often. Benn by his own admission has at times been involved with shall we say - the wrong crowd, but think he's a pretty humble guy these days.
    Was never a big fan of Naseem, obviously never met the guy and not to say he wasn't good up to a certain level but he sure came unstuck when he came up against Barrera.

  187. Remember the Nas Kevin kelley fight? I think it was Kelly, the one with about 6 or 7 knockdowns in it, back and forth? Amazing fight!

    Was never a big Eubank fan at the time, he was the anti hero, but in retirement (and my maturity) I see a different guy.

  188. They all have there place... I m ean, if you're at Anfield, then LFC takes priority...likewise, if you're in the bedroom and you're not working your magic on her coz you're watching the match/fight... there's gonna be trouble! ; )

  189. ..hell yeah...you're not wrong about the bedroom bit...although car, shower, disabled toilets...all are magical places for said deed...... ;-)

  190. Damn, was gonna butter you up to hopefully ask you to get a signed pair of gloves or something... might be worth a fair few bob on ebay if mike makes it into the UFC.

    haha, "angry guys" love it...those with the winging, put every ounce of energy into every single, technique shy, heave ho of a punch haha, brilliant.

    Hope training goes well and you stay fit and healthy : )

  191. ..hey thanks man...you too...you still training..?

  192. I do remember that fight! Another one of his you could put to the Benny Hill theme, to Nas' credit you can't argue he didn't bring a lot of entertainment to the ring.
    Think Eubank was a clever old fox in playing the man people loved to hate and that's part of the ingredients of a great match up - you have to want someone to win and someone to lose - a lot of the fights these days just don't grip us in the same way.

  193. Yeah, but had to rein it in significantly due to injuries. Had a great sparring session last night though, although my right shoulder knows about it today...worth it though ; )