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6 May 2015

Transfer Boost: After outbidding Roma, Liverpool hope to sign 'explosive' £36k-a-week Brazilian

Last month, the Agent of Italian Fiorentina star Norberto Murara Neto (aka 'Neto'), officially confirmed Liverpool's interest in the Brazilian goalkeeper, and according to new reports this week, the Reds remain hopeful of sealing a deal this summer.

In November, Tutto Mercato claimed that:

* Liverpool offered Neto £1.9m a year contract (£36k per week)

* The Reds outbid Roma, who offered £1.6m.

Then, in April, Neto's Agent, Stefano Castagna told reporters:

“There are several clubs interested [in signing Neto], even abroad such as Liverpool in England, PSG in France and Real Madrid in Spain.”

Now, according to The Guardian this week:

"Brendan Rodgers is still hopeful of signing Brazilian goalkeeper Neto when his contract at Fiorentina expires in the summer".

Neto is definitely leaving Italy. In January, Fiorentina released the following statement confirming the Brazilian's exit:

"Neto today officially informed the club of his intention not to prolong his contract with the Viola. The decision is definitive [and] his desire [is] to be free to decide his own future."

Neto's Stats:

* 104 goals conceded in 96 games.
* Concedes 1.08 goals per game.
* Clean Sheets: 33 (34% - 1 every 2.9 games)
* This season: 37 goals conceded in 33 games.
* 1.1 goals conceded per game.
* 12 clean sheets (36% - 1 every 2.7 games)

Neto's record for Fiorentina is quite impressive, but over his career, his goals-conceded per-game ratio is not the greatest. However, last season, he conceded fewer goals (51 in 49 games) than Mignolet (53 in 40 games), so at a basic level, the Brazilian is clearly an upgrade.

Former Fiorentina goalkeeper Sébastien Frey certainly believes that Neto is a top-class 'keeper. In an interview earlier this year, he raved:

“I trained for a few months with Neto and he his is naturally explosive, and I think the Italian school helped him grow even more. He can become one of the best goalkeepers in Serie A.”

Is Neto the answer, or should Liverpool try and sign a proven, world-class goalkeeper (like Petr Cech, for example, who is currently being linked with a move to Anfield)?

I'd personally prefer to see a recognised top-class 'keeper come in. Liverpool shouldn't mess around here - despite his improved form, Mignolet still needs to be replaced, not challenged (IMO).

Neto is a mid-level stopper; he's never played for Brazil, and he appears to be on a similar level to Mignolet. Liverpool need a very clear upgrade, and I doubt Neto is the answer.

If the story has substance, though, it looks like Rodgers' is planning to bring in someone on the cheap to merely challenge Mignolet, rather than replace him.

Author: Jaimie K


  1. Neto is an excellent keeper. He's not yet Cech class but he has time on his side and he will get there. He's definitely an upgrade on Mignolet because he commands his box better, he has better distribution and he can start attacks while being equally good with his reaction as a shot-stopper. On free, he represents real good value.

  2. We need 5 players ...GK, DM, RB, AM, ST. All should compete for first 11 and no more potential BS.

  3. Stan Dinaround4:19 pm, May 06, 2015

    I think Ming has done enough this season since being dropped to gaina another season... Neto coming in on a free isn't exactly what we could call a risk, and wages so small for a 24 year can hardly be considered a problem either. Cech won't be coming to LFC, he'll more likely sign for Arsenal and stay in Londan where he has a home and his family.... I think this would be a reasonable move.

  4. Stan Dinaround4:20 pm, May 06, 2015

    Not sure we "need" another AM, but the other positions, definately.

  5. Stan Dinaround4:22 pm, May 06, 2015

    The kid is a GK, not an attacker.

  6. Stan Dinaround4:29 pm, May 06, 2015

    We missed out on Aguero because we were cheap aswell.... Lets not make those same mistakes again... He'll either make us some cash, or become a huge star.... Who knows, but either way, It's win win.

  7. Does Cech fit your quite stringent works class criteria Jaime?
    An upgrade on Mignolet is preferable but atbyhe very least we need competition.

  8. Stan Dinaround4:31 pm, May 06, 2015

    I had to read that twice, I thought it said Venom Gangster centre.

  9. Stan Dinaround4:33 pm, May 06, 2015

    Not many managers out there that have won anything yet that would trust academy players...

  10. Stan Dinaround4:37 pm, May 06, 2015

    The club didn't have Pepijn Lijnders then...

  11. Stan Dinaround4:47 pm, May 06, 2015

    Suso made numerous appaerances under BR..

  12. Stan Dinaround4:48 pm, May 06, 2015

    Don't forget Ibe, could also say thy are Jamacain and Nigerian respectively if you want...

  13. Stan Dinaround4:50 pm, May 06, 2015

    Bought for peanuts and sold for more, either way, profit.

  14. Stan Dinaround4:50 pm, May 06, 2015

    Kevin De Bryne

  15. Stan Dinaround4:55 pm, May 06, 2015

    For once we have a head start.

  16. Hahahahahaha
    U are very delusional. People like you are more than happy to go another 25 years without a trophy. U and your kind have been spewing this same $hite for the past 25 years and you honestly believe the crap u keep spewing. So sad we have losers like u in charge of our once great club. Who label our average squad as young players full of potential. Next year is your year isn't? Loser.
    I was raised by winners. Men who made millions before they were 30. Self made men of the ilk of John Henry and let me tell u this men like them do not suffer losers like brendan rodgers and u. People like u and rodgers are full excuses. Also if u were doing the same kind of job Rodgers is doing at lfc at your current job.
    I'd be amazed if u weren't fired all ready. This world is driven by results and not excuses. Wakeep up boss.

  17. According to some sources he s on 3.5 mill euro now..

  18. How much is our annual wage bill please?

  19. Not compete. But instead others should compete against them. We don't need a DM as good as Lucas, we need one far better. We don't need someone equal to Mignolet, we need a much more proven one, so he has to work to get into his position. The 2 players shouldn't be competing.

    Also, the problem with this is that if 2 players are competing for a position, 1 english and the other from X country, the english one will always be ahead of that player in the pecking order.

  20. Number 1

    In my opinion

  21. This is a business model.nothing young talent for next to nothing then sell them for a profit assuming they don't make the 1st team.all helps with ffp.if there good enough to make the 1st team even better.either way its win win situation.

  22. The problem is that Liverpool's rivals have also attained significant financial success over the same duration.

  23. The real question we have to ask is:

    On a more limited budget, can we afford to devote a large amount of that budget to a keeper?

  24. Or can we afford not to?

  25. £132 I think it was last season. I saw the top half of the table teams but can't remember where. Arsenal's was around 40 Mil more if I remember rightly. The other current top four teams were around 100 Mil more.

  26. A central mid over an attacking mid and i have it on good authority we are not buying potential BS whoever he may be.

  27. Are there any actual supporters left? Glory hunter fans tend to not support the managers or players much, they demand world class players from other teams to replace established players even homegrown, and players who might be struggling for confidance one season and given no chance and no support, balotelli I understand but every transfer is a gamble at the end of the day esp to be a proper club aiming to develop players into stars themselves, last season a lot of supporters from other clubs were hoping Liverpool would beat Man city and Chelsea to top spot saying they're less about buying success like other clubs, that's a special team, as for the manager along with potechino he could be one of the best young managers around still learning, the striker situation was just bad luck, yet fans want him gone and want Rafa back who finished 7th last time and brought through not one home grown player in his 6 years, but a squad of mostly overpaid journey men, jovanovic was on 110k a week, and why isn't Rodgers alowed one bad season? Last summer 5 transfers were <21 players and no one can know if that money was wasted less than a year since they were brought in, what about actually supporting the players that are Liverpool players

  28. I'm 25. I've made over 100k since I was 20, I'm one of the youngest employee's in my field, I live in in 350k home comfortably with a family. I'm being fast tracked on my company cause of my hard work, dedication and ability to learn quickly. I make more than both my parents combined, I'm a self made man. Not a spoiled stuck up little brat that has been handed everything in life. I was raised by winners to be a winner. I raised that money isn't happiness, family is. I have money and happy healthy family, I'm winning in my life.

  29. Well said.

    The question is will Neto (or any goalie for that matter) come here if he's not guaranteed a chance to start or at the very least a chance to compete for the job?

    After all, when Mignolet came here, it seemed awfully clear to Reina that his time with the club was over.

  30. Stan Dinaround9:59 pm, May 06, 2015

    I think for any incoming GK they should know that they are here not for guaranteed first team football, but for an equal oportunity to make it theirs... We don't want to start handing out guarantees...

  31. Aha a a a precisely my point.
    Winning !!!!u my friend are a winner. U deserve a promotion.
    U work hard and u earn your place at the top. Would you let some inexperienced face man / con man talk a good game control your investment so he could learn on the job? No u won't
    Was he qualified for the job? No he wasn't? We want to return to the top but we behave like we've never been there. Hiring ayre and rodgers and letting them continue to embarrass us.
    U are given targets aren't u and what do u think would happen if u don't continuously meet them and give excuses?

  32. Ideally, they'd be for it and we wouldn't have to guarantee anything.

    But it's not an ideal world.

    And if I'm a player, I want to know what my role is going to be on the team before I sign.

  33. Learning on the job is part of any job. Ayre is someone that needs to fired, his inability to close has to be frustrating for FSG. this whole committee choosing players needs to be squashed, leave it completely on br so failure is easy to pinpoint. BR is a good coach, he changes maybe not quick enough but his second half of every season has always been better which shows improvement. Like Jaimie said give him tell next winter window if were in the top 4 or close let it ride, outside by a ways its time to oust him.

    BR has a huge presence with youth right now he is shaping Raheem, countinho and ibe. He made Henderson into absolutely completely different player. we are on a good path, this year sucks especially after last year but sometimes it's one step back two forward. I have made my mistakes at my job but it was the ability to change that has put me in front of others.

  34. Injuries are a shitty excuse if you ask me. Maybe I'd understand if half the squad was out the whole season...

  35. Yh u changed ....but bet u it didn't take u 3 years to change into a winning formula. He's huge to the kids because perhaps he motivates them. But u get the feeling that hes not in control of the whole show. And that is worrying. Most successful coaches demand control. Pep at bayer, Saf at United, mou at che now and Lvg at United. U get the feeling he's a nice guy who's very willing to be a puppet to earn the millions he is 5 million each year he earns. He'll never get that kind of power because he doesn't deserve it.

  36. Hey NR, Totally get where you're coming from, and I'm not trying to say he gets everything right or that he's faultless, in fact he makes some absolutely decisions, but what manager doesn't. I defend BR for what he doesn't have full control over. He can only sign players on the info given to him, and the info given about, say, Lovren, was that he is an internationally experienced centre half who was one of Southampton's best players in a fine season for them. Likewise with lallana. I just dont think he should be blamed for their lack of form, the players should cop that.
    But yes, I am a pretty blind supporter of the manager, I always am I suppose. The only time I havent been was the Hodgson era, those were dark days. Whenever I see Sterling or Balo struggling up front, I think "at least it's not Voronin". Likewise with Allen in the midfield, "at least it's not Poulsen".

  37. There would be interest in all off our cast offs it is what they will pay for fees and wages which is the issue.

  38. The club's transfer policy is seriously flawed. We need first team players, period.

  39. I'm sure if u factored in salary it wouldn't be that much of a profit.

  40. Have u seen the forms list or deloitte money league lately. So depressing to realise man city who just came up and won a couple of trophies are now worth more than the great lfc. So so so depressing. Next year we might just drop out again with no cl or any worldclass talent be it managerial or playing staff. Oh how the mighty have fallen.
    Another so called dud prospect from where ever he's coming from. The future has looked bright for the last 25 years and counting or at least that's what we been saying and believing for the last 25 years. Next year is our year boys!!!!! I hope the next plane to fly over anfield reads : NO MORE MEDIOCRITY. But with fave man Ayre at the helm we can only hope and pray for better days. Sad so so so Sad.

  41. I honestly think markovic will be a success. He's just taking a season to adapt. A consistent berth on the wing and not wing back will yield results. He's got a lot of ability. I just think there's something going on with recruitment and the reason rodgers keeps playing them out of position. Perhaps he didn't want them and is playing them out of position and making them look bad by playing them out of position. Before this kid came on the seen(being linked) videos of him point out that his numerous strengths don't include work rate and tracking back yet he's played at wingback a position that requires those specific traits. Not to mention exceptional quickness which I think Marko lacks.
    For me that's one of the reasons why rodgers should be sacked apart from is lacking cv u also get the feeling he's not fully in control.
    We need someone to take charge and frankly this guy looks like a yes man.

  42. Well golden boy winners are expensive and his up side looks tremendous. So 50 is right about there.

  43. He had a winning formula. Suarez and Sturridge had one of the greatest partnerships ever. We sold one and the other had been injured basically the entire season. BR couldn't prevent either of those.

    But I think him and Wenger have similar controls over the locker room, more friendly. In America it's called a players coach, someone that is easy for players to approach. Those others are more fear mongering. I would put Klopp and ancelloti with br, probably pep as well

  44. Thats what I said 😄

  45. Don't worry about signing any new players. First you must get rid of the dead donkey goalkeeper then sign new players.

  46. Stan Dinaround7:03 am, May 07, 2015

    I hearyou, but for the idealist in me, I want players willing to fight for the right to call themselves No.1.... The realist in me can go jump....because it's a major incident for any player to admit to be willing to prove himself these days, everyone expects and demands guarantees....

  47. I think Coutinho is inconsistent.

  48. We need to ship out 13 average and dead wood players of clubs books and replace them with 8 class quality players and 1 world class player to strengthen the whole Squad:

    No more dead wood average or mediocre players allowed:Upgrades on what we already have:

    Defensive Players: Four / 4:

    GK Begovic Of Stoke

    RB M Montoya Of Barcelona

    CB: T Alderwierld Of A Madrid Or S Kjaer Of Lille

    DM L Bender Of Bayer Leverkusen Or M Schneiderlin Of Southampton

    Attacking Players: Five / 5:

    World Class CM: T Alacantara Of Bayern Munich, Koke Of A Madrid Or M Verratti Of PSG

    RWF/LWF: M Depay Of PSV

    LW/RW: Y Bolaise Of Crystal Palace

    FD: C Benteke Of A Villa

    FD: L Vietto Of Villareal Or P Aubamayeng Of B Dortmund

    Those 9 players above should be brought to club this summer to replace these 13 below:

    Defensive Players: Seven / 7:

    B Jones GK
    S Coates CB
    K Toure CB
    G Johnson RB
    A Wisdom RB
    J Enrique LB
    J Clue/Useless Allen CM

    Attacking players: Six / 6:

    L Alberto AM
    L Markovic RW / LW
    F Borini FD
    I Aspas FD
    R Lambert FD
    M Balotelli FD

  49. Coutinho and Lallana should compete with one another for the free role (AM) at club for next few seasons. They both should just be played in that position

  50. World Class CM is desperately needed

  51. Stan Dinaround7:34 am, May 07, 2015

    Yes to that idea...

  52. Stan Dinaround7:35 am, May 07, 2015

    He is improving though, with some better team mates he may become a legend

  53. You say transfer boost, I say the start of a long, horrible summer :-)

  54. Shouldn't that be "Mighty"Sanjoanense?

  55. Maintaining an Academy and these players also cost money you know. Or do you think they have to get a job at the local Marks n Sparks to pay for their cost of living?

  56. and that should also apply to any outfield signings we make.

  57. that many changes will never happen,sadly.i think we need begovic and i think we need arb,i would like us to take aurier,we definitely need a dm i would like to see kondogbia or william carvallho,i would like us to sign depay and one of benteke or lacazette.these signings will add the size and strength i think we need and will allow us to challenge for trophies,will they happen?most likely not but they will def improve lfc ,and i agree with the players we need to ship out except for markovic,he will be a player.

  58. Ok, that's a bit hypothetical tbh.

  59. Of course they do, but are you implying that these players would cost around 38M in wages during the few years they spent in the team? I highly doubt that. Furthermore, I did not account the loan fee revenues that Chelsea gained from them (e.g. Everton paid over 3M to have Lukaku for one season).

    It is not news that academy and youngsters cost money to maintain, but it is a necessary structure for a long term future. Also having some foreign players around usually develop the local lads even further as they are exposed to different kinds of playing styles and talents.

  60. is the case with every acquired player. Factoring wages to every senior player deal would probably reduce most of our transfer dealings into the red. E.g. we probably didn't make much money, if any, with Torres even though Chelsea paid 50M of him and around 20M of that was pure profit in terms of transfer fees.

  61. Kudos for responding.

    Still do not agree with you sentiments regarding BR but at least now we could potentially discuss/debate the points...

    .. and maybe one day get you to change your mind ;-)

  62. Those players don't cost 38 million although I disagree with including DeBruyne and Lukaku. Chelsea did nothing to develop them nor did they ever play in their academy teams. Yet the whole setup will cost more than 38 million over a couple of years. There is the building, the staff, food, drinks, electricity, maintenance etc etc. At the end of the day it's a worthwhile investment but it does cost more than clubs gain from it. In money.

  63. Would you be saying the same thing if Sterling signs a new contract soon?

  64. So should we close down academies because they cost money? What is exactly your point?

  65. To change and keep it I said. He spent over saw 100 million spending before last season on duds all bit two players. If we had a better manager(keyword= manager ) we could have kept suarez for at least another season. I remember a time when we could keep our players and that was under rafa. We kept Gerrard and torres after their magnificent performances. Also was forced out and so was almost all the players he sold then. Meaning we did not have to sell because the players wanted to stay. Put your self in Suarez's shoes he knew rodgers was incompotent that's why he'd been wanting to jump ship after just one season with this guy. He didn't know what he was. He would have run to wenger because honestly u know he's a better manager.
    There was no reason to stay apart from the usual bullshit of WE ARE A YOUNG TEAM GOING PLACES.yh right, of course I think that was ayre pitch when we first signed Suarez. No world class player wants to play under this guy. And I don't think u really believed Sanchez's London preference bull $hit. Or Costa's I owe Madrid bull $hit. Or mychitaryn,salah and willian. They all chose to work under better management.
    His official title is Manager.
    His job should require the management of the whole playing staff as well as coaching staff. Some managers wield so much power and that is why they are successful. Most of the players this guy has seen bought
    U get the feeling they aren't his. That's why he's willing to throw then under the boss or then loan them out. illori was never given a chance yet toure is always in and around the first team. Aspas and illori had less than 20 apps between them. Yet he persisted with allen when his form dropped. Persisted with mings last season after all that
    Criticism last year and only caved in this year in dropping him. We need a manager not a coach because u get the feeling ayre doesn't know what he's doing. And players want to play with winners. Right now we have none associated with our football club. If I was a top player and u were trying to sell the club to me last year what would u say to me?
    Mind u we made some stunning signings under rafa,players everyone wanted,they all left after he did, like to go win stuff else where.

  66. thats why you aint won the league for 25 years you donut

  67. liverpool fans are not smart , accept a average manager , first 2 season suarez kept BR job infact suarez fooled everyone to make it look like BR was a good manager now he as gone BR has beeb exposed as a very average manager remember he spent 117 million 3rd highest in europe and we are in a mess sack this fake , and get in a MANAGER THAT HAS WON A MAJOR TROPHY I.E KLOPP ,

  68. Wow what a signing, so looking forward to watching him play!!

  69. face it BR is just not that good , bottom line theres better managers out there for LFC ,klopp rafa de boer simeone , not a man who had 1 good season with swansea , sacked at reading , but liverpool is a dumb city not up to speed with london or manchester thats why them dumb fools back BR to the hilt , the only manager to spend 205 milllion in 3 seasons and not win a damm thing ,Man u just sign Depay , LFC will end up like Aston villa if they keep BR

  70. i think everyone is jealous of barca and real madrid not PL anymore your about 7 years to late mate get with it geez

  71. We need those many changes, because the last three transfer windows have been shockingly poor and we are falling further and further behind our rivals who are competing for league year in year out.
    Last Summer B Rodgers brought in 8 players, how many have been successes? Can
    Lallana, Lovren and Moreno over the next 2-4 seasons will prove their worth and class but this season they have been shocking.
    The £40m wasted on R Lambert, M Balotelli and L Markovic B Rodgers should have added £12M on top of that and M Schneiderlin(DM) , W Bony(FD) or C Benteke(FD) and L Remy(FD) should have been brought to club.
    Its not rocket science to see where Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City and Man United are stronger than us in positions and squad depth.
    in our whole squad only these players could get into the teams above us squads: Coutinho, IBE, Lallana, Sakho, Skrtel and Sterli P

  72. My point is that you are wrong assuming clubs make money off of academies

  73. Yes, he doesn't deserve one. Ungrateful brat.

  74. What's the point of keeping him till January. Why not bring in a top manager who can sign and attract top players. Rodgers is clearly a lightweight in the transfer market. And therefore is unable to convince anyone except crappy over priced British players including the mob and Southampton to come and play with him. The fact of the matter is that the best of the best players are in Latin America, in Africa and in continental Europe. This weeks champions league games attested to this fact. Now Rodgers seems to operate like a bottom feeder, constantly overpaying for crappy players. Just buy ready made players already and win a few things and the start buying for the future. RODGERS OUT!!!!

  75. Stan Dinaround4:10 pm, May 07, 2015

    Not sure whether I should be taking that as a serious comment or not....But if it is, 2 clubs don't make a league....

  76. Stan Dinaround4:12 pm, May 07, 2015

    With Sugar on top and stuffed with sticky jam.... Not quite the shi te you muppets down the road like.

  77. One 'for the future' car boot sale

  78. So there's the dissonance! I do not assume that academies are for-profit structures within clubs; where did I imply that? I was trying to make a point to JK about that there are acquired foreign youngsters that can turn out to be rather lucrative investments despite never really featuring in the first team.

    I agree with you that clubs cannot really make money out of their academies as a whole. Actually, clubs cannot really make consistently money out of transfer dealings as a whole either. The money to fund football operations comes from sponsors, merchandising, match revenues and prize moneys. However, at times clubs can make successful player transactions that produce net profit but these profitable "investments" cannot be achieved consistently because only very few players can make it at the very top. Academies' function is to work as a breeding ground for finding those very few superb talents out of huge mass of promising young players.

  79. Fsg need to take full responsibility of this mess br screwed up last season and cost us the league title,simple solution RAFA BENITEZ top 4 is a real possibility,the ability to attract top players and not to forget legendary status at LFC and a proven winner,give Rafa 60-100 million and watch LFC RISE

  80. C'MON Adelaide, It's about time sleepy Adelaide started to make a name, And I recon they will beat Liverpool, Aussies play the game the way it used to be played HARD

  81. just face it liverpool will never be as big man u chelsea and arsenal , you lot accept 8th 7th 6th 8th in the league and think youre a big club rodgers is crap , you lot should be praying for klopp but you idoits think rodgers is the new shankly hahahahahahahaha bet you any money come december you we will be all calling for rodgers head when the penny finaly drops that rodgers is crap , we are liverpool we dont sack our managers ( only the ones that win trophies i.e benitez, daglish houllier, you lot are idoits i tell you idoits

  82. Dear Pete i hope you are basking in your glory i knew our defense coupled with a bunch of poor finishers would cost us.
    It is such a disappointment to us here we nailed ya all year only to lose the 1 that counted.
    Anyways i really hope you flog victory i will be barracking me heart out for yas.

  83. Haha good on you Greggy. I just had a feeling about this game. Was never confident against the Reds during the league, but there was a certain buzz about the finals and this particular game. Not sure if we can go all the way because our defense is prone to mistakes. No one likes Muscat and Victory though!

    I also thought the ref was pretty poor. A lot of your Spanish lads fall all over the place ;)

    Disqus is so wonderful I'm replying to you whilst reading the health benefits of a mandarin! Tried to comment on a post of yours earlier today but of course it got held and never went live (on purpose). You're a good bloke though wish there was a messaging feature.

  84. You too Pete so disappointed i hoped at least 1 of my reds would do something look mate Adelaide never make the most of their chances and apart from Isias the rest of the imports are rubbish including Carrusca who is grossly over rated.
    Anyway your team played great attacking football and Sydney to me have the quality to take it off oh and the coaching.

  85. Stan Dinaround3:15 pm, May 09, 2015

    Struggling for friendship kid....Only reason I can see you coming here to join the other hate filled muppets.

  86. I have NO problems at all with opposing views; in fact I welcome such views as often they encompass things I haven't thought of.
    What I can't be doing with is ultra polarized, inflexible statements especially if, as you say, the point made has little or nothing to do with the debate topic. Exposing the illogical nature of

  87. Just as in the Kick-Ass movies.. have you also got a costume and mask..?

    Mines spandex red.. maybe we could join forces to fight criminal posts together...

  88. Mike Aitcheson2:11 pm, May 11, 2015

    I'll let you into a secret.

    I'm Batman.....:-)

  89. Cooool... ....!!!!

    Can you use your powers to get me tix for the premier of your new film..?

  90. Come good they may but is their good, good enough? I think not. Instead of Lovren, we should of gotten Forte, for Lallana...I think we should have never bothered

  91. I will if superman doesn't destroy me while making it...

  92. Will Lallana and Lovren come good? No. If they do I will eat my hat with dry rice together with the raw grass on the pitch at Anfield. They are a total and negligent waste of money, just like Aspas and