4 May 2015

Contract Agreed: €20m Barcelona star desperate to sign for Liverpool. Done deal soon?

Liverpool are reportedly on the verge of sealing a deal for Barcelona star Martin Montoya, who has been linked with a move to Anfield multiple times over the last few years.

In March, The Mirror claimed that Barcelona had given Liverpool the 'green light' to sign Montoya, and according to reports in Spain today:

* Montoya - who has a €20m buyout clause in his contract - has allegedly 'agreed' terms with Liverpool on a summer transfer to Anfield.

* The Spaniard wants to sign for the Reds 'as soon as possible', and believes a move to Liverpool will be good for him 'personally and professionally'

* Liverpool are yet to reach agreement with Barcelona over a transfer fee.

Transfer timeline:

* May 2013: Spanish newspaper Spanish newspaper Sport alleged that Liverpool had 'enquired about the status of Montoya' and claimed that Brendan Rogers is a big fan of the Barca player'.

* Sep 2013: Montoya's agent, Jose Maria Orobitg, told FCInterNews: "The renewal [of Montoya's contract] has not yet arrived. Inter Milan, Napoli, Bayer Leverkusen, Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool are interested"

* Dec 2013: The Guardian claimed: "Liverpool have opened talks with Barcelona over the transfer of Martín Montoya. Managing director, Ian Ayre, met Barcelona officials in Catalunya [last] Thursday to discuss a possible fee".

* Nov 2014: Reports in Spain claimed that Liverpool were on the verge of sealing a January deal for Montoya.

* Dec 2014: When asked about his future in December, Montoya's agent, Juan de Dios Carrasco, told reporters: "Montoya will 100 per cent leave Barcelona. We just want to find the best club for Martin, so he can continue his progression. Germany, Italy and England all have clubs that are already pulling strings to sign him."

* Jan 2015: Montoya's Agent confirmed the he wants out of the Nou Camp: "Our idea is still the same: the player wants to leave. We are waiting for the club to select a new sporting director so we can speak with him and find the best possible solution."

With Johnson leaving, and Flanagan already confirmed to be out for most of next season, a new right back is a priority, and it's good that the Reds seemingly have a solution already lined-up.

If Liverpool sign Montoya, it'll surely be curtains for Javier Manquillo, though, who has barely played over the last six months. If he can't maintain a first-team place right now, I don't see how that'll change when a new right-back arrives at the club.

Hopefully, Montoya will do better than fellow Spaniard Alberto Moreno, who has made lots of costly mistakes during his first season at Anfield.

Author: Jaimie K


  1. Perhaps two stupid questions...

    How could a player agree to personal terms (meaning he's been authorized to negotiate with a new club), without the two clubs agreeing on a fee?

    And furthermore, why would Barcelona allow him to do so in-season?

  2. Of the Barca games I have seen, Montoya has not been very impressive. Just one guy's view..................

  3. He seems really similar to Moreno, good doing forward but can't defend, don't know if it's a good addition to our awful defense

  4. You can still negotiate like during a transfer window as long as the player doesn't actually make the transfer before the window opens, like Can last year.

  5. Aldridge also claimed we could beat Manu to fourth place. The man needs help ;-)

  6. BR did not want Ballo, he stated that. He (Ballo) was a last resort, recommended by the transfer committee.

  7. Rumour I heard, and sated it here is, Ballo's agent wants £10m to buy out his contract.

  8. Rodgers did not 'state' that about Balotelli. In fact, he stated the exact opposite:


    You're peddling a spurious myth that has no foundation in fact.

  9. Brock Lesnar, remember Frank Mir, you tapped out.
    Leaving Skirts in the subs is something similar.

  10. Brock Lesnar came back and defeated him if I am not wrong.

    Arsenal is toying with Hull City

  11. not exactly silky skills, would be looking elsewhere if it were down to me

  12. I would go for Naingolan/Kondogbia instead of Pjanic, simply because he is too much class so he would hold Hendo back and not *that* good defensibly(nor tall or strong which we really need). Also, so far Skrtel is a starter, plus Lovren is getting better, plus Can is of greater use forward so..

  13. I think it is a stupid question, and Darovar answered it. But I still don't understand it...

  14. We didn't have any chance as Manu have been rock solid all season long. go home Aldo you're drunk

  15. Rohan Anderson9:35 pm, May 04, 2015

    Aldridge spouts nonsense all the time. I can remember on numerous occasions he has said that big name or a top quality striker is on their way to Anfield, not once has he been further from the truth. Unless N'gog or Poulsen fall into that category)

  16. Thanks!

    Perhaps you can clarify further...

    If a player is under contract beyond this season, does he need the permission of his current team before he can meet with a prospective new team?

  17. I think we did have a chance because Manu have stumbled unfortunately at the moment we are not good enough to capitalise on their errors.

  18. If I understand it correctly, they do need permission, but this doesn't necessarily mean the clubs have agreed to a deal.

    Also, by "personal matters" this doesn't necessarily mean a contract has been agreed at all. Merely validation that LFC will be a place that the player will want to play at. Thus, "negotiations" wouldn't be as accurate as simply "talks."

  19. One thing to keep in mind about Kenny's finish in his last season:

    Our second half performance in the league that year was along the lines of a relegation side. I may be incorrect on the exact number, but if I remember right, our record for the second half was 17th overall (or something along those lines)

  20. All fair points.

    Which is why I say to calculate a manager's job on only a few games is not the right way to go. We have to look at the overall picture.

    So for those who say if we win the last 3 and UTD slip, then we're in and he deserves kudos.

    There will be the other side (such as yourself) who state (factually) that if we beat West Brom and Hull, we'd already be lined up for 4th.

    It's a two sided coin. Either way, I think we all hope we're in 4th when the season ends.

    Except for Logan. He just wants Rodgers out at all costs.

  21. In my ideal scenario, I'd buy Lacazette, Adriano/Vietto, Depay, Nainggolan, Illarramendi, Montoya, Patricio, and keep Manquillo on loan (we have him for 2 years... let him stay until Flanno gets fitness).

    It's a bit more than you suggested, but it gives us a bit more depth.


    Subs from: GK, Lallana, Illarramendi, Can, Lovren, Ibe, Adriano
    Others: Markovic, Origi, Sturridge, Allen, Flanno*, Smith, Manquillo*,

  22. The other night I watched a fantastic match between Sevilla and Real Madrid ( way ahead of anything the Prem could produce ). Ronaldo scored a hat-trick, making 42 goals this season. If Madrid ofer a straight exchange for Balotell, I think Liverpool should definitely consider it.

  23. Then let's hope for a big Chelsea win.

  24. “I can categorically tell you Mario Balotelli will not be at Liverpool,” Rodgers said on the eve of Liverpool’s game against Manchester United in Miami.

    Somthing happend here....

  25. I think the 'last 3 games' take on significance when and only when you take into consideration the objectives he was set. If his objectives were set for CL qualification and by some miracle we grab 5 points more than Utd, then we finish 4th and he meets his objectives. He should stay. If we get less than that, we don't qualify. He failed his objective and should be let go. But of course that is only IF his objective was to qualify for the CL

  26. He COULD be a very good player in the future, still not quite there. I'd be hitting them up for Bartra too, not that Barca will be doing much selling due to the ban. I'd actually be very surprised if they dont pull all the stops to keep Monty at the club. If not, they better start sucking up to Alves pretty hard...

  27. He's overpriced and to me it's here we go again.Montoya hardly plays . He's a back up. He's played for Barca b more than he's played for barca a . He's never made the Spanish Main team and Moreno is probably better which doesn't say a lot for montoya . Rodgers gets very turned on by barcelona doesn't he. he plays for barca, must be good then lol. I find most of the players we've been linked with really don't do it for me. Real Madrid Russian winger Cheryshev, never been used once in the league for Madrid( they must think s lot of him ) went out on loan to Sevilla and managed 4 appearances for them ( they thought a lot of him too then ) and this season he's scored 6 goals in 26 matches . I think that's another huge risk player that probably won't turn out anything special . And if we buy another southampton player I'll be wandering why Rodgers didn't just apply for the Southampton job in the first place (he'd get the whole team for free then ) how can we improve enough to be challenging for the title ? Let's see . Chelsea buy Costa from atletico who scored for fun and was a first team regular . Arsenal brought Sanchez that played in barcas first tesm scoring 20 goals in his last season , and were goner end up with 1/2 burnley players that are about to get relagated , maybe snother southampton player, a man city back up player if we get Milner , Cheryshev that isn't good enough to get into the madrid team and montoya that's in the same boat for barca . Depay Is one of the very few players we've bedn linked with that would actually be a top signing and I'm extremely doubtfull hell come to us despite the bull crap rumours. We're on the back foot from the start when we're buying in southampton players that have had one good season and chelsea/ arsenal are buying in barca first team players . I bet chelsea, arsenal , man city and probably Man U too don't bring in any burnley players, but it's very possible we will

  28. The club can allow him and hes not important to their season. Which begs the question how he will improve us. Were like the Bolton of Allardyce these days. Buying reserves and has beens to hope to squeeze an EL place out of the season

  29. I would like to see the back of Sterling before he messes up Ibe, Ojo. I would also like the scouting tyeam to find competition for Hendo. Can they not go to South America, to Serbia, Slovenia, Germany and find us one solid CDM who is equally good going forward and defending to solidity the mid.. I like it tha your line up does not include Allen

  30. I would jump from the Thames river bridge in joy if we get Illaramendi and Depay in the same window

  31. When the Barca ban ends I will wait for just two/three windows and Couts is off to Barca f we get Delph and "buy British" Milner to solidify the mid

  32. Good team, but lose RS, put Can MF & bring MS back.

  33. It's the silly time of the season again isn't? More fluff and fantasies rather than reality. If the powers-that-be refuse to change their transfer philosophy, we'll be shopping in the bargain bins again for players that are shamelessly passed of as "exciting", "phenomenal", and all the superlative labels attached when they are just over-priced knock-offs.