9 May 2015

Play me or I quit: 'Tremendous' Liverpool star threatens to leave unless he gets more game time

Earlier this season, Kolo Toure confirmed that his Agent was in the midst of talks with Liverpool over a new deal at Anfield, but the defender has now warned that he will leave the club unless Brendan Rodgers offers him more time on the field.

In March, the Ivorian international told reporters:

"My agent is talking to Liverpool. The club have to think and I have to think as well. It's very important to know...whether you are going to be part of the team or just a squad player"

Contract talks are seemingly at an impasse right now, and when asked about his future this week, Toure revealed that he's struggling with the decision to stay at Liverpool. He told the Liverpool Echo:

"I am looking around and seeing what’s best for my family. It’s difficult when you don’t play a lot. I’m a competitor and I want to play more".

This follows a recent report in The Mirror, which claimed:

* Toure is 'set to join' New York Red Bulls this summer.

* He has rejected Liverpool's offer as he wants a minimum 2-year deal.

* Red Bulls 'have said' that they will offer him a contract until 2017.

* An alleged 'source close to Toure' said: "New York Red Bulls have made an approach for Kolo. Once the time comes, we will decide what is best for him."

Toure's apparent frustration is understandable - he's made just two Premier League starts this year, and he's been an unused substitute for the last five games.

With Steven Gerrard leaving, Liverpool are very thin on the ground when it comes to experienced players, and if Toure leaves, the club will be almost totally devoid of experienced 'elder statesmen' in the squad.

Liverpool legend John Aldridge wants Toure to stay. In a recent column for the Liverpool Echo, Aldo hailed the defender as a 'humble man who loves Liverpool', adding:

"Wherever he [Toure] has been, the fans have loved him. Man City fans were singing his name at Anfield the other week. I’ve got the utmost respect for him. He’s a tremendous ambassador for the club".

If Liverpool can afford to pay Jordan Henderson £100k-a-week, then the club can surely pony up to keep Toure for one extra year. It's a no-lose situation - Toure is a (mostly) reliable backup, and his experience is vital to have around the dressing room.

I doubt Brendan Rodgers will respond well to what basically amounts to a veiled threat, though.

That said, even if Liverpool give Toure what he wants, he's unlikely to feature regularly in the team, especially if Dejan Lovren continues his late-season resurrection. The Croatian is in good form at the moment, and after splurging £20m last summer, Brendan Rodgers needs the defender to come good.

If Rodgers reverts back to 442 next season, it'll be even more difficult for Toure to get a game, so it's probably in his best interests to leave the club.

Unless, of course, Liverpool get a new manager in the summer. If that happens, Toure may be preferred to some of the club's other central defenders, but given his age, that seems unlikely.

Author: Jaimie K


  1. Toure should go this Summer. When you spend £ 38 mil in consecutive Seasons on 2 central defenders then shouldn't need a 34 year old to be important enough to keep around. Bring a younger defender in from the academy to be the 4 th choice CB or a Illori back from loan

  2. Stan Dinaround3:56 am, May 09, 2015

    Plenty of League cup and Europa League games he'd be useful for, then FA Cup in the new year.... Great guy, but I don't think he'll be missed if he does leave....I'm easy either way.

  3. When i read the headline tremendous Liverpool star threatens to quit i never dreamed it was Toure.
    But that was only because 1 i thought he was leaving anyway and secondly a tremendous star is not the way he could ever be described.

  4. voice of reason4:57 am, May 09, 2015

    thought BR said we didnt need a winger reason as to why Depay snub wasnt as bad as it really seems... oh the hypocrisy

  5. John Aldridge described him as 'tremendous', so clearly, he can be described that way.

  6. Surely you're used to Jaimie's Hollywood headlines by now.

    It's effective on social media. You don't know who it is, enticing you to click. Clicks mean money. I wish a different approach would be taken on the actual site though. Unless of course, JK genuinely enjoys that style.

  7. He's wanted/has value off the pitch, but not on it.

  8. ...and the failure of this one already.

  9. Was thinking about this the other day. I'v heard nothing about him since then.

  10. £38 million on two central defenders, within a year, and we're still suspect at the back... : (

    And that's without mentioning the £12 million spent on Moreno, who, while not a bad player, was a defensive liability last year.

    I knew we wouldn't be able to replace Luis' offense (goals/assists/decoy value etc), but had hopes that if we could shore up our defence, we'd offset it.

    Sadly, no sign of any improvement defensively, quite the opposite actually, with Migs saving us in many games, especially as the season wore on.

    Sure, we've conceded fewer goals than last year, but we've played with 3 CB's for a lot of this seasons games. And last year, we didn't even try to defend...we just out-scored everyone.

    0-0 draws against the top 4 would've got us into the CL.

  11. What use is his experience if every time we call for it he cost us by conceding silly goal and making the team uncomfortable cause he can completely crack under pressure and miss a simple pass ?

  12. well you (in general not just you specifically) can describe a player with any qualifive you want that won't have any impact on what the player offer on the pitch.(Gerrard's comment on Joe Cole for example)

  13. Rodgers is not to be believed. There are far too.many contradictions.

  14. Don't even remember him to be honest bud. Not all that many youngsters get to the known names stage. Are you Indian yourself?

  15. According to Philippe Montanier (Rennes manager) Liverpool did not make any contact with Rennes regarding Ntep.
    "L'équipe" is also known to be quite unreliable transfer-wise so you can take that information with a pich of salt.
    Of course in football you never know and under Rodgers we have made quite a few strange transfer but it's just to put things into context.

  16. The money I have seen connected to this lad have been no more than five million. Seems like and Assaidi signing.

  17. Reports have been that he has been to Melwood twice. So yeah chances are there is nothing in this but his agent using our name as so many seem to do.

  18. I might quite fancy a bacon sandwich (with ketchup) but if it looks like I have to bid for it and the price is likely to go over a fiver I might decide instead to make myself a sausage sandwich (with brown sauce) from the sausages I already have and save my money for a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake (victoria sandwich or perhaps carrot cake if I am going for the healthy option)

  19. I know these reporters have no shame

  20. For once, I completely agree with you. We have a reasonable squad with some depth, now we need to up our game or risk losing out to the other 4. We need three quality players; up front, in the middle and to partner Sakho......

  21. Let him go- our defence is finally showing signs of cohesion, Toure is not needed

  22. Yeah i know but them superlatives are better kept for the real elite like Messi Gerrard Suarez etc.

  23. Migs has got to go he couldn't organize a picnic for 2 let alone a defense.

  24. Ladies and Gentlemen I present Liverpool Football Clubs transfer committee and accompanying music.

  25. voice of reason11:01 am, May 09, 2015

    little confused i meant if this rumour is true BR lied to us about the Depay snub

  26. I'm not going write Ntep off from the outset just because he isn't Memphis Depay, but I REALLY want us to at least try to sign Konoplyanka. It's the no-est of brainers.

  27. I am not confident about the next one either

  28. Why you telling me? I didn't buy him and certainly don't rate him.

  29. If we couldn't get it right last year with 114million and champs lge football,i not to confident were going to do to good this summer,with less money,and more than likely no champs lge,and lastly people are to quick to blame ayre,he is a yes man just like rodgers.

  30. You didnt make it sound that way dont be so defensive.

  31. Should Liverpool sign the lad, and him being a striker, would that be one Ntep forward and 2 Steps back then?

  32. Pieter Engelbrecht12:50 pm, May 09, 2015

    amen to that

  33. All a matter of opinions and just because Aldridge described him as tremendous doesn't suggest in any way that he is. Rogers watches the same games as I and claims his players are outstanding even in defeat to teams a Liverpool team should blast out of Anfield. I can hardly ever agree with him and wonder if one of our problems at the movement is players think they are all Messi's because Rogers their manager says as much... Is Sterling really as good as he (Sterling) thinks he is? Time will tell...as I say all about opinions.

  34. Your reading and comprehension is obviously at the same level as your charm, retarded.

    No doubt you'll want to have the last word, so off you go...

    (Not that I'll ever read it)

    Mwah x

  35. Simon Mignolet has 12 clean sheets from 28 PL matches and is second in line for the Golden Glove which says something. It is not always his fault as the defence has not been up to it at times as we know. He has made some match winning saves. I do notice he is crap at kicking the ball to one of our players invariably it goes to an player of the opposing team or at worst it goes out of play. Is there a statistic anywhere which would confirm that? He is also frustratingly slow at throwing the ball out to start a counter attack when it looks as one could be on. Finally I am not sure if it his choice but wearing that purple kit he looks like a refugee waif/ragamuffin. I reckon we might have won more games if he played in Green or Black Of course this is my opinion. I think you need to look the part to play the part! lol!

  36. Sir David cusack1:40 pm, May 09, 2015

    All my arse. If rodgers buys this guy, we will fulfill Woy's prediction of us being a "mid table team" do we want this plastic manc loving owl impressionist to be right? COME ON BRENDA! Never mind the fools(fsg) whoose food is human souls, live large man. Dream small.

  37. You telling me those biker leathers aren't going to do anything for him!?

  38. Stop with the clickbait headlines you utter whopper

  39. Until B Rodgers and the abysmal and comical transfer committee are shipped out and the owners stop being jokers and actually seriously invest in top class quality players we could be a force again.
    Whilst the abysmal and comical transfer committee and B Rodgers need to be shipped out also these 13 players should be shipped out and replaced by these 8 top class players:
    Defensive players : Seven / 7:

    B Jones GK S Coates CB K Toure CB G Johnson RB
    A Wisdom RB J Enrique LB J Clue/Useless Allen CM
    Should be replaced by these: FIVE/ 5Class quality players:
    GK: A Begovic Of Stoke for £7-£11M to replace B Jones
    CB: T Alderwierld Of A Madrid for £9-£11M to replace S Coates and K Toure
    RB: M Montoya Of Barcelona for £6-£8M to replace G Johnson and A Wisdom
    LB: M Olsson Of Norwich Or M Obita Of Reading for £4-6m
    DM: M Schneiderlin Of Southampton Or Lars Bender Of Bayer Leverkusen for £16-£25M
    Attacking players out: Six / 6:
    L Alberto AM F Borini FD L Markovic RW/LW I Aspas FD
    R Lambert FD M Balotelli FD
    Attacking players in: Four/ 4:
    Marquee signing: World Class CM:
    T Alacantara Of Bayern Munich Or M Verratti Of PSG for £25-£35M
    ) To Replace the Class and quality we still have never replaced X Alonso)
    RW/LW: Y Bolaise Of Crystal Palace for £10-£16M to replace L Alberto and to compete with J IBE and R Sterling
    FD: C Benteke Of A Villa for £18-£25M plus R Lambert to replace R Lambert and M Balotelli and to compete with D Origi
    FD: L Vietto Of Villareal Or P Aubamayeng Of B Dortmund for £10-£16M to replace F Borini and I Aspas and to compete with D Sturridge
    The 13 dead wood average players need to be replaced by the 1 world class player and 8 top class players who will actually take the club forward.
    And with those players shipped out and the 8 players above brought in, we could have strong 11 week in week out and descent 2nd 11.
    Team 1:
    Montoya Alderwierld Sakho Moreno
    Schneiderlin Alacantara
    Sterling Benteke Bolaise
    Team 2: Mignolet
    Manquillo Skrtel Lovren Olsson
    Can Henderson
    Ibe Vietto Origi

  40. It's easy for us to say that but we don't know if the players are struggling for confidence or trying too hard or if it's the opposite to that, or if Rodgers doesn't want to criticise them in public but rather in the dressing room, to me it looks like lovren in particular is trying too hard to impress, in fact it's quite rare for new players to show they're true form at Liverpool in they're first year or two, look at Lucas and Henderson, confidence is so important it can make a top player look Sunday league, maybe the more they understand how special this club is they're bound to be nervous, at least at first, that's just my opinion anyway

  41. The problem with us is that no proven strikers want to join us if they have the choice to join a club in the champions league.

    I really hope God will help us get the CL spot at the expense of the manure.

    C'mon LFC keep your chin up and fight!

  42. Good opinion! Could be true. I was never on the back of Lucas but so many where. Perhaps they (Hendeson and Lucas) stand in awe of Gerrard as they both have played far better when Gerrard has not. Also I fail to understand that a player apparently worth millions should suffer a lack of confidence when he puts on a Liverpool shirt. Surely he should be full of confidence... Chin in and chest out! Irrespective of all of that Rogers is OTT when he lavishes praise on his players after defeat or mediocre draw. I would prefer him to be honest and transparent which he has not been on quite a few occasions and not just about how well or bad his players have been. Like I said though good opinion and I value it!

  43. this transfer is for Rodgers fans by BR, hope you guys are happy with this Rodgers marquee signing.

  44. thexcuriousxwanderer5:46 pm, May 09, 2015

    I don't see how he is threatening anyone.

  45. Thanks, maybe being worth millions can boost a players self esteem off pitch, and take pride that they were thought of as good enough to have been signed in the first place, but then there's the pressure to live up to that and showing they're worth and hoping no one would think its a mistake they were signed, or even called a flop, so they're psychology in they're play is centred on avoiding mistakes only, than attempting to create a chance or something if they risk giving the ball away, it's like when the sports psychologists identified the term 'fear of failure' as the reason England were so poor at passing the ball forwards and keeping it despite having great players, I think there's so much expectation and fear a wrong pass here or there would be scrutinised, so it's safer to pass back or avoid being creative or just being themselves in general, the England fans then heavily criticise every player, making it worse, when what they actually might need is encouragement and praise for what they did do right, to get the pressure off and have the confidence to express themselves

  46. No, haha. But it just came to my mind a few days ago and I wanted to see where he's at.

  47. Last summer we failed to sign sanchez, and we finished 5th this season, next summer we already failed to sign depay, where will we be next season?

  48. Completely agree with you Jaimie .

  49. voice of reason10:01 pm, May 09, 2015

    nice insight and i agree totally with your point however alcantara is probably never leaving Bayern as long as Pep is there remember he left Barca in a heartbeat to follow Pep but honestly great list with credible players I fail to see that if us fans can point this out why the Manager can't

  50. Toure will stay Skirtl will go

  51. Another dagger in our chest as Depay chooses Utd!

    This is our alternative?

    B Rod should not remain at the helm regardless of what anyone says! He cannot attract top players...Supporting LFC and suffering the ignomity continuously we shall!

  52. Every match I rage at this, he is completely incapable of kicking the ball to any of our players at distance.

  53. Did he say it after the RM match where Kolo thought he was 10 years younger and twinkle toe'd up the field leaving many in his dust? The one time he's done anything like that with us...

    I've said it before he cost us far more points last season than SG's slip, wisdom should have been kept on instead of loaned out he would be twice the player by now in a first team run.

  54. So pleased that I am not alone! YNWA either! Lol!

  55. Depends on whether you think the biker was the least popular village people dude or not...

  56. Yep. This sounds like the one we'll be pulling off

  57. Well the thing is we still not replaced the class or quality Alonso or Mascherano in centre midfield at club 7 years on and now our only world class player still at club is leaving.
    And in all honesty Can and Henderson are nowhere near the class or quality of
    Alonso, Alacantara, Cazorla, Fabregas, Gabi, Koke, Kroos, Modric, Nainggolan,Pogba, Rakitic, Verratti Or Yaya Toure world class CM's
    We need a World Class CM in desperately to replace the class and quality Of Alonso and S Gerrard this summer:
    And T Alacantara Of Bayern Munich Or M Verratti Of PSG would be that midfielder though
    Lars Bender Of Bayer Leverkusen Or M Schneiderlin Of Southampton would replace the class and quality Of Mascherano that club have been missing for 7 years now.

  58. voice of reason12:34 pm, May 10, 2015

    great point i would prefer lars bender or sami khedeira in midfield we get burned to much times trying to poach players from teams in our league

  59. I think L Bender Of Leverkusen should be brought to club ahead of any DM, he is young top class and quality DM. And has more mobility and pace than S Kheidra, M Schneiderlin would be my second choice though DM