9 May 2015

Legend insists: 'Incredible' €19m striker is the perfect signing 'for Liverpool'. Agree?

Liverpool are currently linked with a summer bid for Real Madrid striker Javier Hernandez, and according to Spurs legend Glen Hoddle, the Mexican striker is the perfect signing for LFC.

In April, a report in the Daily Express claimed that Liverpool are planning a €19m (£14m) summer offer for Hernandez, who is (predictably) struggling for game-time at the Bernabeu.

In his column for Zap Sportz this week, Hoddle urged Liverpool to sign the 26-year old. He explained:

“It would make sense for Liverpool to go for Hernandez. He is not going to be starter for Real. [Against Juve], he played a little deeper, put in a couple of dangerous crosses, and looked sharp and eager.

Real Madrid legend Emilio Butragueno is also a fan of Hernandez, and in a recent interview, he highlighted the striker's main qualities.

"[Hernandez] is an incredible player, and a fighter. Javier trains well and is a great professional, but the competition for places is very tough. He is a great forward, when he has played he has responded".

When asked about his future in March, Hernandez admitted that his confidence has hit 'rock bottom' at Madrid, and revealed his frustration at constantly warming the bench. He told Fox Sports:

"My situation is frustrating. I cooperate, I help and give my 100 per cent in training but in the games the opportunities are slim. I'm in a team but left out of what is important, which are the games"

Over the years, several United players - including Gabriel Heinze and Dimitar Berbatov - have been linked with moves to Liverpool, but no player has directly transferred between the two clubs since 1964 [Phil Chisnall from United to Liverpool], so it's safe to predict that there is practically zero chance of a deal taking place.

Man United affiliation aside, however, Hernandez could be a decent signing, for the following reasons:

* 79 goals/assists in 154 appearances for Man Utd (1 every 1.9 games), which is very good.

* Hernandez's record at Madrid is also impressive, and he's once again averaging a a goal or an assist every 1.9 games (15 goals/assists in 29 apps).

* Rarely injured, which is (or should be) a priority selection criterion for Liverpool when considering a new striker.

* Proven in the Premier League, so settling-in shouldn't be a problem.

* Experience in two of Europe's best leagues.

* Champions League experience with Man Utd.

* Still only 26, which means he's coming into the prime of his career.

As his stats show, Hernandez basically guarantees a certain level of goals and assists, and the fact he's maintained his creative average in two separate leagues is a good indicator of probable success.

Hernandez is clearly a massive upgrade on Lambortelli, and I'd rather see the Reds pursue him than Henry Georges Ntep, who is allegedly in talks with the Reds over a summer transfer.

Author: Jaimie K


  1. Would be a great fit if he wasn't a Manc, let's get him anyway!!!!

  2. makes sense but we'll probably go for Ntep days after saying we don't need anyone in that position.

  3. Nope, not for me. I can't see it, firstly, and secondly, though he's decent, he's just not got the finishing power in his game, and he's not going to develop it now. Just watched him for Real against Valencia. He can do pretty things but he really hasn't got the punishing mentality of the top strikers.

  4. I'm sure they have other ideas. Him too probably.

  5. A massive improvement on Ballotelli Lambert and Borini. I believe Hernandez could get us 15-20 league goals a season

  6. Hmmm, one idea could be for them to waste as much of our time as possible with never to happen transfer talks.
    Lets hope we don't play that game with them, we don't want to have to make an emergency, last ditch gambotelli again.

  7. Boom!! and the Joshua train rolls on... all against quality opponents too.

  8. No. Hernandez it the type of striker you buy when all other first choice options are exhausted...

  9. Most under valued player in United history... I think he would be a great acquisition this summer....

  10. Wouldn't mind this (to my surprise).

  11. Why should he be frustrated at constantly warming the bench in a Madrid team ? Sounds funny to me

  12. All credit to Ricky Burns too, class. Respect to both fighters for a properly gruelling contest and what a way to earn a crust, if Sterling's worth 150k a week then these guys are worth that and then some.

  13. Gambotelli sounds like a delicious seafood pasta dish.

  14. It'll be interesting to see how the transfer council of doom handle this window and how we set up next year, formation wise.

    Not a fan of the 3 CB system, but we haven't made much else work this year, so I wonder if we'll recruit players to fit that.

    We definitely need two contributors up front and maybe a defensive midfielder to phase Lucas out. Beyond that, doubt we'll get too much as it'll just reduce minutes for previous mega-buys like Lallana, Lovren, Markovic and to a lesser degree Allen.

    Would be nice to see us close some early deals. Gives me more confidence in the signing when it's done early. Makes it look more like a planned move (Can) rather than a panic/mental spazz buy (Balotelli).

  15. There'll be nothing more accurate on this board than your first sentence! Personally, I'd like more of a physical presence, but there's no denying he's got an eye for goal.

    Few years ago for United he was annoyingly deadly. Reminded me of the Norwegian twat from yonder. I don 't recall him being too injury prone either, which should be a big factor in whomever we buy up front.

    I'd take him, but won't hold my breath that he'd want to come or that we could negotiate a deal to persuade him.

  16. Who's Ntep? Another no name player we are hoping to be the next Coutinho in terms of price and hoping he comes good. Another waste of our money.

  17. Ernesto Alvarado3:24 am, May 10, 2015

    https://youtu.be/eB3hlLtJdqw and that's just the games before he was starting the last weeks

  18. How about promoting Sinclair and sticking to that? He is considered one of the most talented in our academy, so why the hell not play him? We don't spend loads and with Origi coming in we would be fine.

  19. Very true ,
    A great player that would fit in well with Liverpool's playing style .
    We NEED him !

  20. Mr. Point Of View8:32 am, May 10, 2015

    Yes he would be good under BR system. As well as Cleverly.

  21. I think his overall gameplay is not that great. He is out and out poacher and contributes very little apart from that. There is a reason he hardly played for United despite players like Welbeck starting almost every game. Even at Madrid he is not an automatic starter when Benzema is injured. He always had good service in terms of attacking players which helped him to boost his goal stats. Not sure if he will fit into Liverpool style or even get that kind of quality servIces.

  22. You're right! When our scouts find the mythical land of Jamafrica they shall disembark to a place they will name Gambotelli, from their they will enjoy sea food aplenty.

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