11 May 2015

Sturridge raves: 'Unreal' £30m attacker is a 'striker's dream'. Better than Coutinho?

These days, Daniel Sturridge spends most of his time on the sidelines, which gives him plenty of time to watch football, and after witnessing Man city demolish QPR 6-0 over the weekend, the Liverpool striker singled out one of the Premier League's best attacking players for individual praise.

Spain star David Silva delivered a masterclass performance during the game, prompting Sturridge to rave:

"David Silva is a striker's dream. The guy's passing is unreal"

If things had gone differently, Silva could be a Liverpool player right now.

Back in 2009, the Reds were linked with a move for the Spaniard, but as is always the case when it comes to elite players, he rejected the Reds in favour of a move to Man City.

At the time, Rafa Benitez confirmed Liverpool's interest, when he told the Liverpool Echo:

"We were asking about the situation with him [Silva]. We are trying to have conversations and trying to progress but it’s not easy to sign any player now"

What a signing that would've been. On the plus side, Liverpool later signed Philippe Coutinho, who is a similar type of player, but according to Jamie Redknapp, the Brazilian is not yet on a par with Silva.

In a recent interview with Sky Sports, Redknapp observed:

"If he [Coutinho] wants to step up to the level of players like David Silva - which he can - then he needs to be scoring 10 per season".

I agree with Redknapp on the 10-goal figure, but £30m-rated Silva rarely scores more than 10 league goals a season.

In fact, he's only managed that twice: in 2009-10 with Valencia, and this season with Man City.

In terms of pure talent, Coutinho is arguably already on a par with Silva, but the Spaniard has the edge when it comes to creative contribution.

This season, for example, Silva has 24 goals/assists in 40 appearances, compared to 14 goals/assists in 50 for Coutinho.

Like Coutinho, Silva is a joy to watch, and hopefully next season, the Brazilian's output will be commensurate with his talent.

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Author: Jaimie K


  1. Oh Silva, what a silky player!! He is a level above Coutinho, his ball control is sublime. I wish we bought some Spanish talents like Silva, Mata, Cazorla, Fabregas instead of Alberto and Aspas.

  2. At the momen Silva is a much better player than Coutinho surely.
    But if Coutinho continues to fulfill his massive potential - and I'm pretty sure he will - he'll become a player that is just as good as Silva if not better.

    What I love about him is that Cou seems to be extremely grounded. He's one of our few star players who doesn't follow the hype that is built around him and doesn't demand enormous amounts of money like a few others

  3. That is pretty amazing by the way. I am not afraid he will leave, and if he does I am sure it will be in a manner that is not disrespectful or ungrateful in any way..

  4. Like comparing young Stevie with Scholes or some one like that back then. You know he will become the best,but at that moment..

  5. So why don't we get Ayew, Konopljanka, PirloMilner for free; sell Sterling an those we don't need an go shoping for a striker and a striker with 70 million?

  6. We've got Aspas and Alberto, what more do you want?

  7. What I'd love to know is what the stats would be like if the two players switched teams.

    In my opinion, their numbers would also switch to be about equal.

  8. Love the little magician but Silvas ahead of him at moment but Coutinho's young he'll hopefully reach Silvas level and beyond.

  9. Nicolas Chamberlain11:39 pm, May 11, 2015

    Coutinho will get there.
    One of my favorite players.
    Humble, grateful and full of class.

  10. Give Phil another season or two and a couple of better strikers and I think you will see a far better player.

  11. Think silvas still ahead of Phil but not by alot, we have to remember who Silva has on the pitch with him to finish off what he creates,

  12. I went with Silva...today. next year Coutinho will be the magician we know he can be. Cripes he's only 22.

  13. I'm down with that!

  14. Mr. Point Of View10:44 am, May 12, 2015

    Both is really fun to watch ! But i would like a midfield who know how to bang in goal .
    Let compare Yaya and Silva. Who would you like?
    I would go for yaya because he scoring goal. Good footballer is all about goal

  15. Who cares? At LFC neither would have a striker to setup. Silva is a brilliant player though.

  16. Coutinho is nowhere near the likes of Silva,

  17. I don't think Coutinho is that far behind Silva - if he played for Man. City I think he would have had a similar output in terms of goals/assists (especially assists). Don't think Silva would have as much assists passing to Balotelli/Borini/Lambert.

  18. Silva vs Couts?

    Well, Couts comes up with some big goals...
    ...but in every other way Silva is much the better player.

    More conistent, too.

  19. both great players as with Sterling (if he stays with the club) Coutinho will become a better player with a top class striker who fits into his style of play

  20. Silva at the moment, however if we had a working front man or 2 this year then his stats for assists IMO would have been better. i mean how many times was he the front man in midfield this season only to have to wait

  21. Im quite certain Coutinho will get there but I think we have to be real and admit that Silva right now is a better player overall.