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4 May 2015

Anfield Exit: Legend confirms £31m trio 'will be leaving Liverpool' this summer

This season, Liverpool 'strikers' Rickie Lambert, Fabio Borini, and Mario Balotelli ('Lambortelli') have failed the club with their underwhelming scoring record, and with only 8 goals between them, it's clear that the Reds' forward line requires a major overhaul this summer. All three players have to go, and according to Anfield legend John Aldridge, the Brendan Rodgers has already decided to ditch the trio.

In his column for Sunday World today, Aldo appeared to reveal a snippet of inside information. He noted:

"Mario Balotelli, Fabio Borini and Rickie Lambert [Combined cost: £30m] are among the...high earning...players who will be leaving Liverpool this summer"

Aldo says that the trio 'will' be leaving, which is a statement of fact, and given his position as a high-profile ex-Red, with strong links to the club, it's possible that he's heard something behind the scenes about the club's summer transfer plans.

Wanting players out, and getting them to leave, are two different things, though.

* Liverpool tried to scrap Borini last summer, but he steadfastly refused to leave. The Italian's contract expires in 2017, and he may just decide to stick it out to the end.

* Balotelli may be set to follow Borini's stubborn strategy. In March, his Agent told La Gazetta dello Sport:

"The plan is to continue at Anfield. I saw him [Balotelli] on Monday and told him: "You have a four-year contract and I won't bring you away. Either you leave Liverpool for €60-€70m, or you'll die there".

* Lambert may be easier to move on, but Liverpool is his dream move, and if he gets the chance to stay for another year, I'm sure he'll take it.

There's also something else to consider: Brendan Rodgers' position at Anfield is currently under threat right, and certain players may be biding their time in the hope that a new manager may come in.

In some cases, previously misfiring players can reinvigorate their careers under a new boss (just look at Christian Benteke under Tim Sherwood), and Lambortelli probably know that if they stick it out - and Rodgers leaves - they'll get a clean slate under the next manager.

Hopefully, it won't matter, though, as any manager of sound mind will surely see that Lambert, Borini, and Balotelli are not fit for purpose.

Author: Jaimie K


  1. I don't think Balotelli and Lambert will move on. I don't know why Lambert was bought? I think there were some add-on clauses when we bought him and that maybe related to his league appearances. That's the only reason I can see why BR used him so scarcely. Saving his ass by cutting losses.

  2. #Rodgersout.....well if he is able to get the win v Chelsea then I'm all for another season at least for him. I just can't 't fathom keeping a manager who loses both fixtures againSt Man u,Chelsea and Arsenal. If Chelsea actually out plats us and batters us then I don't think even the most avid supporter of Brendan can continue to suffer this man.

  3. Borini has to move on because like Lambert and Balotelli....BR has misused him by playing scarcely and mostly in flanks. Didn't BR raved about all these strikers before buying them? I think that doesn't imply anything as he raves about almost everyone.
    What I would like to see is a list of players being prepared by BR (if he stays) and transfer committee. The list should include players who will be given time on the pitch and should be played at their best position and as per their strength unless there is some serious injury or form crisis. Then BR should just back these players consistently for entire season.
    I don't think BR can come up with even 5 players (that he bought) which can be included in this list.

  4. And BR has consistently moaned about losing Luis Suarez and Sturridge as an excuse for his failures this season. What he forgets to mention is that he was given plenty of money to replace Suarez.
    I also remember him saying in the last summer window that this was a big window for Liverpool in terms of transfer spend and there won't be any big window for next two to three years. Now he is asking FSG to backup his plans for marquee signings. I hope every element would be considered by FSG when assessing BR's position at the end of the season.

  5. Signing Balotelli is a sacking offence in itself. Rodgers OUT!.

  6. So if Brendan Rodgers wins one game, he can stay.

    But if he loses one game, he can leave.

    What happens if we win 1-0 because Cesc passes back to Courtois who flubs it into the net. Rodgers stays!

  7. I doubt he has any inside information ut is just looking at it the same as we are. Borini has hung on despite being up for sale, Lambert would have been allowed to leave had he accepted it and Balo....well Balo is likely to go if we are basing it on how things seem to be.

  8. I agree.

    I think both end up staying, though I think Lambert is more likely to leave of the two.

    Balotelli won't be sold if we don't get our money back (in my opinion)

  9. Borini surely is not going to stick it out again its apparent and becoming more so he just wants easy money push him out at all costs.

  10. Hope we get Luiz Adriano in replacement, along with someone else.... Origi replaces Borini, Adriano replaces Lambert, Sturridge "replaces" Balotelli (we can't rely on him to be #1), we just need someone to replace Sturridge...

  11. Well it's looking increasingly like he's got at least the next six months. And well I'm really talking about performing at the home of the champions of England. If he can spur a performance maybe going into next season with him at the helm would hurt that bit less.

  12. Lambert out the 3 maybe.getting them to leave is a different matter entirely.borini should never of made the official squad list for league & champions league.gave him the wrong impression.Lambert does offer a plan B which nobody else does.Balottelli was a gamble worth taking if we were going to use him in his natural roll.there are plenty of teams out there that will offer 10mil for him.damage limitation.& will take the same punt we did.difference being they will play him sensibly & probably benefit from it.buying Balottelli wasn't the mistake.

  13. Agreed, Cannot see Ballotelli or Lambert leaving
    Lets hope Borini agree's to move on .

  14. I think if Suarez had stayed and the team kicked on from last year, Lambert may have turned out to be a useful third choice striker. As soon as Suarez left and Sturridge was injured we lost our momentum up front and the pressure to be main striker was too much for any of Lambortelli. Basically it would have been easier to integrate into a well functioning side, unfortunately this was never the case

  15. That's my point though... a manager's tenure should never be decided based upon one game.

    The only caveat I'll make is if a team is fighting a relegation battle and survives/loses on the last day, that should not determine a manager's fate (unless the goal from the beginning of the season was simply to stay up, which in that case he succeeded/failed).

    In my opinion, the next three games should bear little difference on the decision to keep him or get rid of him.

    Either he's the man to take us forward or he's not. The last three games should not count any more than the previous 50 or so this season, and the vast quantities in the seasons prior.

    We have pretty good idea of who Brendan Rodgers is as a manager at this point.

    In my opinion, he's done enough to deserve to stay at least one more year.

  16. We need 2 strikers because Studge is hurt too often.

  17. Any manager of sound mind, hey jamie... So what does that make Rodgers I remember when he signed borini BR said ... "I think the supporters will love him. He’s a goalscorer, but he’s a multifunctional player who can play in a number of positions – and someone I believe has got great growth.

    “He’s one of the few young players in the full Italian squad. I’d anticipate that over the next two or three years he’ll really progress and I’m sure do very well for Liverpool.”.tut tut how timed have changed

  18. But what about the last three games. 9 points would have us in fourth now. We got four points just about. The scum have slipped and we didn't take advantage. Rogers should be sacked. 8 goals from 3 strikers is just awful.