1 Apr 2015

'I crossed my fingers': Luis Suarez reveals disappointment over Liverpool's £50m failure to keep Torres

When Luis Suarez signed for Liverpool in 2011, the idea was (allegedly) to pair him with Fernando Torres, but the Spaniard's £50m move to Chelsea quickly put the stoppers on that dream match-up. At the weekend, Liverpool fans finally got to see a Torres/Suarez partnership during the Steven Gerrard charity match, and after the game, the Uruguayan revealed his delight at finally getting the chance to play alongside the Spaniard.

Speaking to reporters after Sunday's 2-2 draw, Suarez raved:

“It was great for me to play up front alongside Fernando.

"Four years ago when I signed for Liverpool, I crossed my fingers to play with Fernando and he left three days after I signed. It was a great day for the other players but for me and Fernando it was a great chance to play together".

Judging by his comments, it appears that Suarez had no idea about Torres' impending £50m transfer to Chelsea; I'm sure the his presence at Anfield played a part in Suarez's decision to sign for Liverpool, so it must've been galling to see the Spaniard leave so soon.

It was clearly for the best, though. At that time, Torres was already in decline, and his subsequent years at Chelsea proved that Liverpool cashed-in at exactly the right time. Plus, there's no guarantee that Suarez and Torres would've worked as a partnership.

One person who most definitely was not happy about Torres' return is Liverpool legend John Aldridge. In his column for the Liverpool Echo this week, he scathed:

"I don’t think he [Torres] deserved to receive the same kind of ovation as Suarez. People talk about ‘forgiveness’ with him, but not for me. My thoughts on Torres are well known, and my opinion hasn’t changed".

I find it amusing (and hypocritical) that Aldridge can't forgive Torres for committing the cardinal sin of leaving the club, but he's only too happy to turn a blind eye to Suarez's cheating, biting, and shameless year-long campaign to quit Anfield.

So, what heinous, unforgiveable crime did Torres commit? Did he bite someone? Refer to another player as 'negro'? Give opposition fans the finger? Dive and stamp on a regular basis? Deliberately handle the ball in a World Cup quarter-final (then boast about it afterwards)? No - he said he loved Liverpool - which is almost certainly true - and then had the temerity to leave.

Yowsers - hang that man from the nearest tree!

In the aftermath of Roy Hodgson's appointment, and LFC's ownership meltdown, who could blame Torres for wanting to quit Anfield? Things looked bleak, yet despite his obvious wish to leave, he still did his job and scored goals for the club, including 3 in his last four games.

Additionally, Torres left Liverpool with comparative dignity; he didn't display a distasteful zeal to leave, or continually disrespect the club with tawdry public statements about jumping ship.

As such, there's nothing (IMO) to forgive. Irrespective of what went on behind the scenes, Torres scored a shedload of goals for the club, which, incidentally, is striker's primary role in the team:

* 2007-8: 33 goals/5 assists in 46 apps.
* 2008-9: 17 goals/7 assists in 38 apps.

* 2009-10: 22 goals/4 assists in 32 apps. That is a formidable return, and if Suarez produced that, Reds fans would foaming at the mouth with hero worship appreciation.

* 2010-11: 9 goals/4 assists in 24 apps. Yes, Torres's effectiveness tailed off a little, but across the 18 months, his combined creative output was creditable: 31 goals/8 assists in 50 starts.

Not bad for a player who suffered a major knee injury in 2010. Clearly, there's strong evidence to suggest that injury curtailed Torres's effectiveness, rather than a negative attitude on the field.

In any event, as it turns out, Torres did Liverpool a massive favour by leaving; he gave the Reds the best years of his career, and as Chelsea (and Atletico Madrid) have discovered, he'll never again recapture the magic that made him one of the world's best strikers.

It's a tragic situation for the Spain forward, but there's a certain sweet satisfaction in knowing that Liverpool - not Chelsea - got the best out of Torres.



  1. The perception is Torres quit Anfield and not only that, the reality he went to a rival.

    Suarez did many reprehensible things, but the perception is that he didn't quit Anfield, and the reality is he didn't go to a rival.

    The irony here is that I think people were shocked that Torres was sold and that made it hurt more; almost a feeling of abandonment.

    Whereas no one was shocked Suarez was sold because he was angling for a move for at least a year. But since he got us into Champions League and had a dream season, it was ok to leave for Barca.

    So the guy who left abruptly for a rival was chastised, while the guy who angled for a move for over a year and bit, cheated, and stamped his way throughout his time here was lauded.

    Just a weird conundrum of sorts.

  2. Nevergonnacrackthecode2:57 pm, April 01, 2015


    we could ahve won the league man if he stayed and Daglish kept Meireles.
    Also Mata could have been signed ,
    it was such a chance missed
    we could ahve asked Torres for 4 more months and seeing Suarez he might have stayed.

  3. Frankie Fletcher3:02 pm, April 01, 2015

    The difference between the 2 was Suarez was easy to love with his all action displays, endless magic and constantly fighting (sometime physically) for the team from beginning to end. Suarez always gave his all for the club on the pitch even if he didn't give his all off it.

    Torres on the other hand sometimes looked disinterested on the pitch and that made him less easy to love. Also it felt like Torres just jumped ship from Liverpool to a direct rival even though his form had been poor and the fans still gave him full support.

    Torres's transfer felt like more of a betrayal.
    Suarez's transfer felt like he belonged at a better club and made it easier to take.

  4. It's refreshing - after the recent articles on Sterling the Ripper - to read an anti-Suarez article again. Thank you.

  5. I firmly believe Torres did Liverpool a favour by leaving the only problem was the timing which led to the subsequent purchase of Carroll which even today leaves me scratching my head.

  6. Nevergonnacrackthecode3:04 pm, April 01, 2015


    bench: Kuyt , Meireles,Ince,Spearing,Agger,Gulacasi

    This team might have won league season after

    Daglish put lfc ten years back by signing
    Carroll,Downing and Adam 60m down the drain

  7. Well, your dislike of suarez will certainly go down with JK. It will help enable him to continue one of his long running pet hates. Never seen such a long list of excuses spinning Torres' last minute decision to jump ship to a rival. IF Suarez had gone to Arsenal, JK would have us believe that many would have still lauded him

  8. Nevergonnacrackthecode3:07 pm, April 01, 2015

    Suarez fought for every ball
    never down tooled , left us with a year to look for replacements.
    Suarez never cheated apart from once vs stoke or stamped on anyone i think you are mistaking him with Costa.
    He did bite i will give you that but he apologized to us and Ivanovic , who accepted

  9. Stan don't be offended mate, but your list of real quality forwards are not the standard of player we should go for.It looks like a Newcastle type wish list not Liverpool.
    Memphis Depay, Vietto (although I think very unlikely if Barca want him).Firmino, Leroy Sane from Schalke looks a very exciting prospect but is very raw.You'll hear his name a lot in coming seasons.
    Maybe we could try converting Julian Draxler into a striker.We'll probably be priced out of deals for Lacazette and Paulo Dybala or even Morata but no harm in trying.
    There are plenty of striking upgrade options on the market.We just need a decent negotiation/persuasion team to entice these players.David Dein is like a dog with a bone when it comes to negotiations.He would be a good short term appointment.I think we should snap him up immediately.

  10. Nevergonnacrackthecode3:09 pm, April 01, 2015

    We all loved Torres more then any player in my era from 2006
    even Gerard during years 2007-09

    the only player that came close was Suarez,Gerrard and Alonso

  11. At last! I FINALLY agree with you 100% :-)

  12. No forgiving from me to neither as far as I am concerned.
    Unless they were forced to leave, which is highly unlikely..

  13. Weird, isn't it? I don't know how to feel.

  14. Makes sense, but nobody can belong to a bigger club...

  15. Thats the point mate... Unless your willing to spend obscene amounts of money your stuck wiith the unfashionable ot the next (insert name) player....It's definately a quandry I'm glad I don't have to try and solve...

  16. Agreeing with Code you mean?

  17. Frankie Fletcher3:18 pm, April 01, 2015

    Yes sorry that was a little bit of April fools still left over.

  18. Scary I know.... :-)

  19. FSG will back us with big money this summer.Let's just hope our recruitment team doesn't waste it on garbage!

  20. I have no doubt that fans would still be drooling over Suarez if he signed for Arsenal. He's still revered despite *twice* biting someone in a Liverpool shirt, so why would signing for a rival change anything?

  21. Darn. You didn't fall into my trap!

  22. You advocate forgiveness, yet you really do hold a grudge Jaimie. Nothing wrong with your view, it just seems a bit incongruous

  23. they go back a long way. But still agree a bit with nevergonnacrackthecode earlier. Neymar maybe tapping up Couts

  24. Nevergonnacrackthecode3:28 pm, April 01, 2015

    I think we hero worshiped FERNANDO TORRES
    not really Suarez

    we sang his name more then YNWA
    He sold the most shirts in the world at one point , you had to get his shirt
    He was the face of Liverpool

    the reason why some fans are bitter is because we loved him so much
    it still hurts to this day. No player ever got as much love as Torres

    Look at Sturridge fans dont even bother to write him a song, because there is not that connection with him we had with Torres

    No one cares about Benayoun or Meirees so they got an easy time, but Torres will be a hero and probably the best player to ever grace an lfc shirt bar Gerrard .especially in 07-08 when he got 33 goals

  25. I don't hold any grudge against Suarez. I merely state facts in the article as a way top illustrate that the antipathy towards Torres is unwarranted.

    I have nothing personal against Suarez; I've praised his footballing ability continuously on this site, but just because he's no longer at the club doesn't mean the biting etc didn't happen.

  26. Mate, you're WAAAAY off. Torres wasn't as good as quite a few LFC players over the years. He wasn't even the best striker (Rush) the most influential (Dalglish) or the most talented (Barnes)

  27. Cech can come to liverpool!! Money speaks a languages that is easily audible in footballers' ears. Look at Sterling. If the money is there people will leave to go where its at. If we go for players with money (I bet you if we go with 120 Mil we will get Bale, if we go with 120 we will get SUarez back and I can most def tell you that its Rogers who targets these young players (Delph, Ings, Janmaart, Will Hughes etc) No need to blame the lack of money. Rafa was here when things were worse than now but he got the Alonsos, Reinas, Torreses of this world

  28. Nevergonnacrackthecode3:35 pm, April 01, 2015

    Just curious and not condoning biting
    But i honestly do not think Suarez biting ruined lfc reputation. I think at the end of the day top players want to play with winners,top palyers. Maradona is revered as the greatest ever but he was a massive cheat .

    For example a Alexis Sanchez would rather play with Suarez then David Ngog who was never really a problem

    Just want your opinion does a guy with racist history and biting history really damage the brand lfc ?

  29. I'm being watched.My mouth is staying shut on that topic.

  30. As for a Sturridge song, I've been tinkering with one called Glass Man - sung, of course, to the tune of Tax Man.

  31. I reject the idea that Suarez has a racist history. Can't deny the biting, but the racist row with Evra was media-hyped horseshit.

  32. Nevergonnacrackthecode3:41 pm, April 01, 2015

    Torres scored more goals then Barnes.

    Plus can you deny the English league or whatever it was called first division? was a weak league amyeb modern day Portuguese league ?
    compared to pl in Torres lfc era

    Look at Rush for example he struggled at juventus after dominating the first division
    plus look at how Scotland achieved nothing in international football with Souness and Hansen who are apparently English football greats

    I honestly think the English league was weak liek teh Portugese league is right now, the elders tell me the Italain league and Spanish was the best at the time with the dutch league also there. even in Fowlers years the pl was weak apparently a place for italain football rejects
    . It became strong when Abrahmovic took over Chelsea.

  33. Yes, it does, and you can't see that because you're an apologist who prefers to rationalise negative behaviour than accept that it can have negative consequences.

    Like so many others, you give Suarez a pass for biting etc simply because he's a good player, which means you prioritise the individual over the club.

    If Balotelli bit two players; called another player 'negro', and cheated in a World Cup quarter-final, you would've be this magnanimous.

    There would be blood on the streets, and the same fans who deify Suarez despite his transgressions would be excoriating Balotelli.

    It's rank hypocrisy, pure and simple.

  34. I know they'll back us, we're now at a critical junction with this journey, now is the point in time where squad players are no longer the concern, and starting XI are crucial... I know FSG will back Rodgers.. Question is, just how far are they willing to go? fingers crossed, I expect a cracking summer rollercoster ride...

  35. Nevergonnacrackthecode3:44 pm, April 01, 2015

    100% the Evra handshake incident
    evra had his hand to his side
    so suarez left him thinking he rejected him
    then when he moved from him evra grabbed Suarez hand

    then Ferguson and Geoff shreves escalates the situation by blaming Suarez

  36. Agreed, and I vehemently argued that at the time, which contradicts the false notion that I'm 'anti-Suarez'.

  37. Are you on medication?
    Trust me, when Barnes did what he did the pitches were rubbish, Defenders could rough you up, and teams had 'hard man' spoilers who would try to take you out of the game. Plus even his own fans booed him because of his colour, and opposing fans threw bananas and made monkey noises whenever he touched the ball. Barnes produced aginst that backdrop and scored 30+ in a season FROM MIDFIELD. No contest.

  38. I know. I was just giving you a hard time earlier.

  39. Nevergonnacrackthecode3:52 pm, April 01, 2015

    But has it damaged Barcelona as a club buying a three time offender?

    I honestly think 99.9% of players will still jump at chance to join barca ,
    And their sponsors will have a struggle to renew
    as other sponsors would want Messi,neymar,Suarez
    Plus Cristiano ronaldo is a major cheat with all the diving but sponsors ard paying him massive

    I think club success is more important to players and sponsors as well as next generation of glory hunters , especially for massive clubs like Liverpool and Barca
    And i think Suarze would have bought success
    obviously there are limits a player can go as Sheffield united found out
    But hey you are welcomed to your opinion and it is nice to hear all opinions

  40. With respect, you have no idea what you're talking about. Plus, you never even watched Barnes, Rush etc when they were playing, so you're in no real position to have such an emphatic view on their respective merits.

    * Torres (81) did not score more goals than Barnes (108), which just proves my point.

    * Torres is a *striker*; Barnes was a winger.

    * Rush did not 'fail' at Juventus. He grabbed 14 goals for them that season, and for context, Maradona was Serie A's top scorer that year with 14 goals.


    * In Barnes' day, attacking players got zero protection from referees, and had to perform despite being constantly hacked and fouled. The likes of Barnes produced amazing performances despite this. Nowadays, footballers have so much space, and massive protection from refs, who blow their whistles if the wind blows. I'd love to see Suarez/Torres score a similar number of goals in an infinitely more physical style of football.

  41. Nevergonnacrackthecode3:56 pm, April 01, 2015

    I will trust you because you saw both eras

    For me since 2006 the best players are in this order
    1) Torres
    4) Alonso
    5) Sturridge
    6) Coutinho
    9) Hyypia ( even then he was awesome)
    10) Agger

    Carragher,Kuyt ,Arbeloa just missed out

  42. Nevergonnacrackthecode3:58 pm, April 01, 2015

    You are right i did not see
    i just presumed the league would be more easier is
    so i will go with what you and Atkinson say

    i am scared of agitating you because you might ban me.

  43. You don't get banned for disagreeing with JK Code.
    And I DID see them in the flesh.. Believe me, you're wrong....

  44. People do not get banned for disagreeing with me. That is a myth; people get banned for sniping/snide comments/insults/constantly moaning about the site etc. You've been banned in the past for insulting other posters; it had nothing to do with our interaction.

  45. Nevergonnacrackthecode4:03 pm, April 01, 2015

    Just read your Rush article
    i don't think 8 goals in a league is good enough
    i mean did he not score more closer to 30 in England

    Which shows that the Italian league might be a bit more difficult at the time then English league

    plus that great Ac Milan team i hear all the time about
    with Van Basten, Riijkard and Guiuit where tehy already formed by then?

  46. You were doing quite well till Arbeloa...

  47. Nevergonnacrackthecode4:06 pm, April 01, 2015

    Well he did go on to play for Real so he cannot be that bad

    he is the best at his job for me
    i maybe could have had meireles,Bellamy,skrtel,Lucas on top of him ?

  48. Nevergonnacrackthecode4:06 pm, April 01, 2015

    O h yeah Maxi Rodrigueze
    i would ahve him there above Agger now
    he was so awesome a world class talent , completely forgot about him

  49. Rush scored 14 goals overall. Maradona only scored 14 league goals, so in comparison, 8 is creditable. He certainly did not fail in Italy.

  50. Didn't realise it was necessary to name a full team. Arbeloa did well for Real. For us he was steady and unspectacular

  51. Nevergonnacrackthecode4:16 pm, April 01, 2015

    So we can also debunk myth all players that leave lfc fail
    because Owen done really well at Real as well and people say his career went on a downward spiral
    i think that was due to sweden injury at 2006 world cup
    Alonso and Suarze are El clasico Legends as well

  52. He did that well, he was at Newcastle a year later, still pulling the splinters from his backside.
    he was at the top of his game when he left in an even worse way than Torres, and for £8m and a totally useless Real reserve

  53. Nevergonnacrackthecode4:24 pm, April 01, 2015

    He has highest goal to game ratio in his la liga year

    which current striker in 2015 would start over Brazilian Roanldo and Raul in 2005

    Suarez ?
    Cristiano Ronaldo (if you consider him a striker)

    For me only Messi and Cristiano

  54. Spot on about FSG. Personally I couldn't be happier with our owners

  55. What, they weren't there when he joined?
    You fail to explain why he went to Newcastle with such a great Real career

  56. Nevergonnacrackthecode4:32 pm, April 01, 2015

    Exactly we wait 4 month later we could ahve signed Falcao or Augero

    Imagine Suarez and Falcao at their peak

  57. Nevergonnacrackthecode4:34 pm, April 01, 2015

    Cause he wanted to live in Chesire
    where his family would be comfortable m
    apparently he used to take a helicopter to Newcastle everyday

    Newcastle had Shearer,Dyer,jeanas and Parker

  58. Nevergonnacrackthecode4:36 pm, April 01, 2015

    Apparently Liverpool are telling him to pay through pain barrier

    and they are right

    Jamie Carragher used to want to play with a broken leg
    Houlier would not let him

  59. Meireles was an ordinary player and Glen Johnson is a joke.

  60. I never said henderson was gerrards heir but he's still a better player than meireles.glen Johnson used to be very good going forward but he could never defend.now unfortunately he can do neither. ..

  61. Nevergonnacrackthecode4:50 pm, April 01, 2015

    No he said highest level not big club

    and he was right to say so

    he had to play with Jovanovic,Ngog,Poulsen,Konchesky,Cole

    He left Athletico his boyhood club to win trophies , he was happy first two years because we were competive in pl and cl

    next two years we were not at highest level

  62. There is still an implication there that Chelsea are a bigger club than Liverpool. Granted, it was/is currently true, but to say that the day after leaving Liverpool was certainly going to upset fans.

  63. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:03 pm, April 01, 2015

    So do you despise all players that join Liverpool leaving their previous club in controversial fashion or want to play at a higher level then Southampton?

  64. I'm struggling to get Luis not to lick other dog's bums let alone his own

  65. I'm sure he was only wearing a Liverpool shirt once when he bit someone. Sure he was wearing a Ajax shirt and a Uruguay shirt the other two times.

  66. For someone who said Just was their favourite player to not know why Henderson is far better than Meireles just adds to your unbreakable code.

  67. Yes absolutely this

  68. I think Benitez played a huge part in getting the best out of Fernando Torres.We played the perfect system to maximise his strengths.Everything revolved around him.Other attacking pieces did a superb job of supporting him, even if it meant a slight dilution in their own stats.
    I'm not saying Torres in reality was trash, far from it.But maybe looking back he wasn't quite the world class player his stats without doubt suggested.I think his high goalscoring and effectiveness was very system reliant.
    Luis Suarez is a player that can get a decent level of production in any football system.Even if you don't specifically play to him he would still look head and shoulders above any other attackers on the pitch.Looking back I don't think Torres was on that level.
    We saw his performances for the Spanish national team.He never looked the same player that terrorised defenders in a Liverpool shirt.That wasn't helped by Spain's tiki-taka passing which was aesthetically pleasing but very pedestrian-like in build up play.
    That being said the combination of the two would've been a mouthwatering strikeforce and no doubts by a country mile, the best partnership in PL football.
    I remember when Torres left.I was at work and my girlfriend at the time rang me up and said he was off to Chelsea.She broke the news to me like someone had di3d.Then she said Andy Carroll was being bought for 35m as his replacement.
    She really knew how to kick me in the boll4cks!

  69. Luis has apologised to all concerned about those incidents which were totally out of character - all three of 'em.

    He is seeking treatment and hopes to be allowed to get on with displaying supreme ball control - often in public

  70. Didn't read the article until the end but surely there was some use of the word mercenary in regards to Tories. I mean pushing through a move at the last minute to a rival and getting.g a nice pay rise in the process. So yes Jaime o agree Torres was a mercenary. Far worse than Sterling.

  71. He is off his meds. That is why he is posting so much.

  72. He's confusing you with the ref, hence the hostility

  73. Have to admit I loved Arbaloa. Best fill back we have had in a long time.

  74. Nicolas Chamberlain5:55 pm, April 01, 2015

    Sell Sterling to a foreign team.
    He made up his mind.

  75. Do Sterling has broken his silence. I would be interested to see what people think know of it. He mentions trophies and tells us it's not about the money. It is the only time I have had any thoughts he may be looking elsewhere. Amazing what actual quotes can do.

  76. What a coincidence! That's why I've been posting so much lately as well.

  77. He is on 'exclusively ' BBC News at 6pm Today

  78. Not as scary as me agreeing with Jaimie 100% on this one ;-/

  79. Hmmm that is quite a long list of reasons and sniping/snide comments is very much open to interpretation - your interpretation,

    Given your forthright (Luis says sometimes barking) opinions it should not really be surprising that on occasions some of us respond with a bit of sarcasm or humour. ;-)

    That said it's your site and I generally now bite my tongue (better than biting other people) so that I can continue to enjoy the exchanges.

  80. BIIIIIG drop from LFC and Real. He never scored regularly again after leaving us

  81. I was thinking the same thing.Just saw his BBC news interview thanks to Kop4it.How do you feel about joining the lynch mob?:)

  82. He mustn't have had a family the year before when he went 3,000 miles away then

  83. Great programme on Barnes last night on ITV4 by the way.

    Great player ( on the wing AND in midfield) and an even greater person

  84. The problem I have with what he says and what fans believe about him is that he thinks he is a world class player. This is his first full season, he has done next to nothing in the game for Liverpool, England or in Europe. He does not even have the best stats for players under 21 and he expects all this. All this hinges on potential. Sterling can be a world class player but right now, he is not near one. Has he even scored one goal for Liverpool when they really, really needed it like Gerrard vs Olympiakos importance. The answer is no.

  85. Your right of course Raheem is no where near the finished article and no where near world class yet .
    But he played with a world class player in Suarez last season and it's obviously had an influence on him . OK he is arrogant and thinks he is better than he is but that's the nature of the beast ! He probably thinks he will develop faster and greater at a more successful club and alongside world class players ..... who knows ? He is 'box office ' at the moment at LFC but won't be if he goes to any of the other top European clubs .

  86. Proof positive that Jaimie must be right

  87. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:06 pm, April 01, 2015

    if we signed sanchez no one would leave

    The floodgates opened when Suarez left:
    1) Sterling 2) Coutinho 3) Sturridge (if he gets injury free)

    Imagine City selling Augero or Chelsea selling Hazard that was what selling Suarez was

  88. If City sell Aguero, they will just go and sign another top striker and Chelsea will do the same. We should have done that with Suarez but did not.

  89. Somewhere along the lines, it is the fault of us fans as well for praising Sterling to the stars. If he has one or two good games, we fawn over him with praise. We made him think he is better than what he is.

  90. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:08 pm, April 01, 2015

    he is better then Navas and Milner
    and Walcott and Chamberlain

    he would paly for City or Arsenal

  91. He sure does use the word money a lot for someone who is 'not interested in money'.

  92. Unfortunately if he does go I fear more tor Liverpool than him

  93. There you go with these obscene comparisons again. Sterling will ruin his career if he goes to City for sure and how big of a step up is Arsenal compared to Liverpool.

  94. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:10 pm, April 01, 2015

    It si Liverpools fault

    They tend to think by getting players to one or two years is the right way, then offer

    happend with:
    and soon Skrtel

    Gerrard said in his time(bfor fsg) this did not happen

  95. Right. What is Sterling supposed to say: 'Yes, I'm a mercenary and I'm in it for the money'. Jeez, you'll cling onto anything to keep peddling the myth that Sterling is just a young, misunderstood young pup who's being led astray by nefarious agents and machiavellian representatives.

    I bet you also believe Jeffrey Dahmer's contention that he ate all those people as an expression of 'love', and it had nothing to do with being a psychopathic murderer.

  96. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:12 pm, April 01, 2015

    Are you telling me he will not play over Navas or James Milner
    Milner has played enough and he is a very poor player.

    If Navas or Milner can play for City so can raheem

  97. if Liverpool had signed Suarez instead of Keane for the 08/09 season, they would of won the league

  98. It's harsh reality but he looks better than he is in the team we have - not good enough to compete in both CL and Europa when we get there and struggling to obtain fourth PL spot

  99. It is not that he is better than Milner or Navas. There are different purposes to different players in a team. They play to different systems and styles and you cannot just go around and say this guy is better than that guy. Ronaldo might be the best player in the world but he might not find t easy to play flase nine in a three at the back formation or when a team parks the bus.

  100. Who's next? Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy? Ed Gein, perhaps? Can't wait to find out.

  101. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:15 pm, April 01, 2015

    But still it is a bad show
    Liverpool shoudl be the peak for a player

    and with this developmental status the club is occupying it is almost an academy for the top club

    Rafas team in 2009 was the best mix

    But it is not Rodgers fault , FSG have thrusted this buy young on him
    i will not be surprised if he joins Man city

  102. You seem to know rather more about especially gruesome murderers than is healthy.....

  103. Ypur mask is slippig

  104. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:17 pm, April 01, 2015

    He apparently approached bbc not the other way around

    simmialr to how Suarez approached the Times,telgrapha nd Guardian
    when he wanted to join Arsenal
    he has been hounded by lfc fans on social media
    to sign a contract so i agree with him to spread clarity on teh situation

  105. Pretty much how I see it Garfield and well said. Stan wrote a similarly positive post yesterday and I'd like to think the above view more or less represents how the majority of fans feel.
    Perhaps at some stage Jamie will conduct a poll along those lines.

  106. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:18 pm, April 01, 2015

    Yeah what you say would hold if Man city were stoke

    Man city and Arsenal alongside us play the best footy in the league
    the style of footy is not very dfferent

  107. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:19 pm, April 01, 2015

    Except he was not half the player he is today back then

    Rafa wanted David Villa and David Silva and he wanted to join
    and i agree with you Villa would ahve won it

  108. It is not only the type of football but also the atmosphere and support he will get. Over here, he is loved by everyone. At City, he is just one of many signings. If he goes through a lean patch like he has on many an occasion with us, he will just be dropped and criticized by the fans.

  109. I was thinking Son of Sam; or perhaps the Zodiac killer.

  110. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:22 pm, April 01, 2015

    This guy was 14 and playing with 18 year olds

    he can do it

    good players ahve self confidence

    and if he cost 30m or more city will give him time and patience
    tehy showed more patience with balotelli then us so why not Sterling

  111. So just to get it straight. We should take the word of people when you agree but when you don't we should ignore it ankad carry on as normal? Just so I know. Am I supposed to believe that his agent and PR are the ones calling the shots? That poor Raheem is being forced to do it despite not caring what us filth think?
    Have you got a list of serial killers to compare Sterling with?

  112. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:23 pm, April 01, 2015

    I know Southampton buying should be banned

    But Sadio Mane to replace sterling

    what do you think?

  113. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:23 pm, April 01, 2015

    Players control agents not the other way round

  114. I think Ibe could step up and do an equally good job tho a bit more injury prone ....... however he might just go the same way as Sterling at a later date !

  115. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:25 pm, April 01, 2015

    If Sterling leaves
    Coutinho will say "Hang on a minute Suarez left , Gerarrd left now Sterlings leaving"
    " Are Liverpool ambitious or going anywhere? "
    " Real Madrid want me ? "
    "Agent i am submitting a transfer request"

  116. You make good points. I think there could be something in his comments. That what you refer to the most. It is funny that this money grabber is not getting the extra seventy five grand a week he has been reportedly offered. Such a shameless mecenay would surely be taking the extra dosh now and get another pay day as soon as possible.

  117. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:27 pm, April 01, 2015

    I was all for selling Sterling

    but Jay Jay opinion grew on me

    we would just be stuck ina circle
    Sterling leaves then Coutinho

    we replace with youngsters they want to leave when doing well
    we are as Jay says " stuck in transition forvever"

  118. I'm not comparing Sterling with serial killers, and arguing that is childish. I'm using these comparisons to illustrate a principle.

    And you can believe whoever you like. Looking at the situation objectively, it's clear (to me) that Sterling is in damage limitation mode.

    It's just nonsense to suggest that a footballer who rejects a contract worth £100k a week (and holds out for more) is *not* motivated by money.

  119. I'm not lynching him yet and we need him to perform if we are going too get anything from this season so I won't be heavily criticising him. Having actual quotes to go on is much better than regurgitating the hateful spew of the tabloid rags though. Those quotes do make it seen like he is considering g pastures new. Well if he wants a big club he needa to play well. Let's hope I'd he goes we get as much as possible.

  120. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:32 pm, April 01, 2015

    I thought Jay made a great point the other day

    Me and you agree Sterling can be replaced


    do liverpool become a selling club like everton?


    all lost faith in the FSG project

    future top targets will not join like Snachez

    and players at the club like Coutinho will question the ambition of the club , tehn the likes of Ibe and Can a couple years later will follow suit

  121. I don't know how many times it needa saying but we won't be spending like City.

  122. No, but I *do* go on random killing sprees.

  123. Phew that's OK then!

  124. Why bother with serial killers why not just use Nazis? Why I mention it is due to it being unnecessary hyperbole when you can make a point without the ridiculous metaphor.
    The quote seems to me that he may be more interested in a move than the money. He is ignoring around sixty five grand a week for what will.amount to around four or five months. Maybe money is not the highest thing on the agenda. I don't know. My point has mainly been we don't know the facts but regurgitating spurious rumours that paint one of our own players so negatively that he gets abuse from the stands is unfair and counterproductive. We want our players to perform. Giving them down the banks regularly is the last tactic that anyone with sense would suggest. Also his money demands if true are just part and parcel of the modern game.

  125. Agreed that's the first time I've thought he might actually be thinking about leaving

  126. One bite was in a liverpool shirt the other was in his countries shirt. Just saying jk.

  127. The Sterling Strangler works

  128. Mike (big Ron) Aitchinson

  129. Sterling coming out and saying he is fed up with all the rumours can mean one of two things.

    1. He is sick of everyone talking shite about him


    2. He is ready to seek greener pastures.

    I believe he will still sign a new contract.

  130. Rafa wanted every player on the planet.

    Many teams wanted Villa and Silva. Does not mean they wanted to move to us.

  131. I'm not gonna bet on that one.

  132. So Henderson is also going to decide he wants to move because of not signing a new contract now?

  133. Don't recall ever saying that.
    I'm just not so sure about the Sterling situation - hence, the no betting. I want to believe your option number 1 is correct, and still refuse to jump on the Bash Sterling Bandwagon. See comment below.

  134. I must have missed the bit where he said Villa would have won the EPL in 08/09.

    It;s a bit of a stretch though they did well to finish 6th especially as they are in Scotland.

  135. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:12 pm, April 01, 2015

    You can keep defending FSG but it is their fault
    If Suarez had to leave , the replacement should have been Cavani
    or Falcao ideally Sanchez ( give Sanchez 200k and a helicopter to get from London to Liverpool)

    FSG have to end this buy young policy
    it takes two years for them to get to their own then they think they are too good and leave

    Financially it is not even sustainable because we miss out on cl which could be worth 80m

  136. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:13 pm, April 01, 2015

    Villa did

  137. (You might need to clarify that Scotland is not in Africa.)

  138. 'I talk about winning trophies throughout my career. That's all I talk about.

    I reckon Sterling is waiting to see what happens at the start of next season. Maybe he knows something we do not and will only put pen to paper once it is confirmed ;-)

  139. Could be that he just wants out and has refused to sign and leave things in the air until the Summer - just hope it's all not going to be too much of distraction as we need him to be well focussed for the run in !!!

  140. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:14 pm, April 01, 2015

    David Villa
    he is a Spanish World cup winner
    Who has played for Valencia and Barcalona

    Liverpool were linked with him from 2007 to 2010
    and he even said lfc is a great club
    And Torres told Rafa to buy him

  141. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:15 pm, April 01, 2015

    Robin Van Persie did exactly the same thing to Arsenal

  142. We'll see. I've already got a list of names picked out for you.

  143. What buying young policy? Did we not go over this the other day?

  144. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:17 pm, April 01, 2015

    Just saying
    Suarez, Gerarrd, Sterling all leaving

    Are Liverpool becoming everton/Villa a selling club?

  145. Mate, Rodgers is the first manager to not win anything in his first two season in recent times.

    Not a very good sign especially the amount of cash that has been spent on square pegs for round holes.

  146. It seems a lot here are not willing to give him the benefit of the doubt ......

  147. Gerrard's time was up.

  148. When it suits you, you say look at the quote. When it doesn't, you construe whatever you see fit to support your views
    Which is it?

  149. What Villa wanted them?

  150. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:21 pm, April 01, 2015

    yeah sure?
    Henderson 20
    Allen 21
    Coutinho 19
    Sturridge 22
    Moreno 21
    Manquillo 19
    Origi 19
    Can 20
    Markovic 20
    Borini 21
    Assaidi 24
    Yesil 19
    Sakho 23
    Mignolet 24
    Alberto 19
    age at time of purchase

    Are you telling em there is no buy young policy?
    some bargains there liek Couts and Can
    but lots of flops

  151. Absolutely agree with you there bud.

  152. Good to see you again, Twist.

  153. Since when is 24 or 23 buying young?

    Enrique, Lallana, Toure, lambert, Suarez, Lovren, Balotelli, Aspas, Adam, Bellamy, Doni, Downing,

    Mignolet was 25 when we signed him. He is 27 now so your maths has clearly gone wrong.

  154. Maybe he was wearing the liverpool shirt under his Uruguay jersey?

  155. Suarez dived (is it dived or dove?) on multiple occasions, and I can think of at least two stamps against Everton in one game alone.

    Again... I didn't like some of the things he did, but I still wish he were an LFC player and I still hold him in high regard.

  156. U seen the 27min interview? Didn't know he has a 2yr old

  157. Only read the article.

  158. I don't dislike Suarez. In fact, quite the opposite. I just dislike some of the things he did.

    And I still wish he were an LFC player.

    I'd even offer up Jaimie's shoulder for him to bite to help with his biting addiction. Sorry, Jaimie, but you'd have to be the sacrificial lamb. @bob loblaw, @Stuart C and I would sell tickets to the biting event, and broadcast it on live TV (HBO, right before the Game of Thrones premiere) to make some money on it. Don't worry... we'd cut you in on the action... how does 0.5% sound?

    And of course Phil Collins would be there to sing Sussudio.

    Everybody wins!

  159. Might I suggest you either auction off the name or barter it out.

    Perhaps, you could even hold monthly contests.

    There's money in this venture. I can feel it in my bones!

  160. Don't be silly. Everyone knows Scotland is off the coast of Indonesia.

  161. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:38 pm, April 01, 2015

    Suarez 24
    Lovren 24
    Balotelli 24 are young

    How much money has been spent on your elder statesmen and what role did they play

    why have we signed no cavani type player 27 year olds that are marquee signings

  162. Steady on I wouldn't insult Jamie by offering him any money......;-).

  163. They didn't lose faith.

    Torres got offered significantly more money.

    Suarez got offered significantly more money.

    Sterling thinks he'll be offered significantly more money.

    Gerrard got offered significantly more money.

    Catching a trend here?

  164. There is no policy you are blabbering about. I have just proven thata FSG sign 'older' players.

    Maybe you are just to young yourself.

  165. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:42 pm, April 01, 2015

    How can you deny it?
    you provided old guys who are squad players

  166. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:42 pm, April 01, 2015

    Come on the money argument?
    Suarez is earning g less at Barca

  167. I cannot actually believe what you have just said :-o

  168. Ten years back, huh?

    It's a wonder we finished in 2nd less than 2 years after he left.

  169. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:45 pm, April 01, 2015

    Watching Sterling interview

    and he jsut said Suarez and Gerrard leaving are massive blows

  170. Just think how surprised he was when he read what he'd written.....

  171. 100% --the lady doing the interview even suggests that and also Carra not helping- wouldn't let me post name of site but u can easily find it

  172. Was thinking about writing a guest post on the site and putting a survey at the bottom asking people which name should be Logan's next.

  173. Nevergonnacrackthecode8:47 pm, April 01, 2015

    Logan you are right he is peed of with rodgers talking in press

  174. Interesting isn't it .... No flack going Hendo's way !

  175. It is like agreeing and disagreeing in the very same moment. How the f*** is that possible???

  176. Just pointing this out...

    Suarez: One of the best players in the world. Serial diver, stamper, biter. Labelled a cheat by many.

    David Ngog (as an example): Nice guy. Not really a special player but doesn't dive, stamp, or bite.

    If a fan had to pick one player for their team, wouldn't most fans choose the more talented player (in spite of his transgressions)?

    And wouldn't that mean that the fan is actually choosing the club first because choosing to support the better player gives the club the best chance to win?

    Or is the argument that it's not all about winning... which leads me to Bill Shankly who said:

    "If you are first you are first. If you are second you are nothing."

    Something tells me that he would have found a way to deal with Suarez being on the team.

  177. Now... John Terry on the other hand...

  178. Rodgers has mentioned sweet blue all about Henderson's contract. Makes you think wtf is actually going on?

  179. Only if he bites someone again.

    He's currently making 10m per year at Barca.

  180. Don't bother... even if you win the argument, you'll still lose a part of your soul

  181. I am still here and will still be here irrespective of what happens. 2 months away...

  182. When are players who want to win trophies going to start trying to win trophies with the clubs that pay them rather than the teams who may want to pay them more? Where's the sense of achievement? Wigan won the FA cup 2 years ago why isn't there a stream of world class talent that wants to "win trophies" heading for the DW stadium? The win trophies argument is horsesh**e, when are players gonna get called on this BS.

  183. And Suarez was going to be suspended for 4 months.

    The fact that Barca was willing to still pay 75m was an offer would just couldn't refuse.

  184. We cannot say that the money spent on the correct players though...

  185. Another Rogers/FSG type signing - cheap, young, potential. Unfortunately, these type of buy works may be 1 out of 10, LFC already has got Coutinho & Sturridge (Suarez as well).

    I think, it 'll be another wastage of money, next year BR again 'll search for a reliable GK. We are still paying for the few mn saved from Mignolet over Begovic; while I read lots of critic when Sir Alex paid 18mn for a 20 years old GK - but that's exactly what one should do. Pay big for a world class GK & be assured for a decade. Juve paid 30mn+ for Buffon - he paid them back for 15 years & running.

    I still think, best option is to sell Mignolet & bring Cech at premium salary & buy couple of U21 GK as under study. Otherwise, we should stick to what we have now.

  186. Biting someone is abhorrent behaviour and certainly cannot be condoned in any way, but Suarez was punished and I genuinely don't think he did any lasting damage to LFC, quite the opposite in fact.
    I see Jamie's point of view and agree the potential for harm was there and perhaps had he stayed some of the mud would of started to stick.
    During the charity match one of the commentators said he thought if a group of children knocked on Luis' door and asked if he fancied a kick about, he'd likely be up for it; this for me captures the essence of why so many still like him. He just loves the game and we could of done with more of his ilk against utd.

  187. That's pretty much the way I see it. I hate all the cheating and bad sportsmanship in the game, quite likely just as much as Jamie.
    However, I've learnt over the years that sticking to ones principles and morals, quite often leads to a 'cutting your nose to spite your face' situation. In football terms, LFC being the first adopters of a new sporting way of play would, I feel, soon see us in the Championship.
    That doesn't mean I condone such things as diving and feigning injury et al. Just that in the race to become the new whiter than white team I'm actually happy for Liverpool not to win.

  188. I think we tried with Sanchez, things just didn't pan out. If I remember correctly we haven't actually spent all the Suarez money yet so maybe this summer we will rectify that.

  189. You're actually writing for yourself. I would rather suarez stays at Liverpool and help us win the league or get the second position than let him go and then buy a Rickie Lambert who will not bite and still will not score goals. You seem someone who hates Suarez. No one is a saint after all. All players cheat.

  190. You need to remind someone that.

  191. Yep, I'm starting to get mildly irritated by him now but until it all comes out in the summer wash I'm not going to completely condemn him.
    He would sure do himself a lot of good by putting in some match winning performances during the run in though.

  192. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:15 pm, April 01, 2015

    oh now i get the joke
    you mean twistadee because i put the ages up

  193. Just feel that given the choice of staying in London at Arsenal or moving to Liverpool he'll stay in London. Once you are at the top end of the pay scale money becomes a little less of a draw and regular football at the top level becomes priority, and much as it pains me to say Arsenal gives a keeper that more than we do.

    Regarding the money the Fenway Group seem to have made their stance pretty clear that they are looking for young hungry players who may have a sell on value, so I can't see them spending a whole summers budget on one player like Suarez or Bale.

  194. I've said it here before and I'll say it again:

    Whenever a professional athlete says that it's not about the money... it's about the money.

  195. I felt Yossi was treated badly and massively under-utilised under Rafa. He'd have had a lot more game time if it were up to me