28 Apr 2015

Killer Blow? Rodgers reveals bad news about 'brilliant' £29m star and confirms 'day by day' monitoring

Daniel Sturridge is currently recovering from the TENTH injury of his stop-start Liverpool career, and things have gone from bad to worse today with Brendan Rodgers' latest update on the striker's rehabilitation process.

The injury issues are neverending for Sturridge; he's simply incapable of staying injury-free for a sustained period of time, and since arriving in January 2013, the £29m-rated striker has spent over 250 days on the sidelines.

Sturridge's injury history:

* MAR 2015: Hip (ongoing)
* NOV 2014: Hamstring
* SEP 2014: Thigh
* AUG 2014: Hamstring
* APR 2014: Hamstring
* NOV 2013: Ankle Ligaments
* SEP 2013: Hip/Thigh Injury
* MAY 2013: Ankle Ligaments
* FEB 2013: Hamstring
* FEB 2013: Hip/Thigh Injury

When asked today about the current injury, Rodgers hinted that 'brilliant' Sturridge could miss the rest of the season. He told reporters:

"The key now is to see if we can get him [Sturridge] back fit and consistently playing. We'll see if that's going to be this season or the pre-season. We have to protect Daniel and make sure he's going to be here over the next number of years. We're just going to monitor [him] day by day."

During the recovery period for his last injury, Sturridge travelled to the USA for rehabilitation, and after returning to the UK, fitness expert Scott Schrimscher suggested that the striker's injury problems could be over. He told the Liverpool Echo:

“The methodology we utilized is supported by four main pillars: mindset, movement, nutrition, and recovery and it is that holistic and seamlessly integrated system that [will help Sturridge] improve performance on the pitch. He has a bright future ahead”

What a gloriously enticing soundbyte! It's pretty worthless, though, as this fabled 'holistic' approach to fitness recovery has spectacularly failed to deliver the required results.

This season is a total write-off for Sturridge, and there's no point rushing him back for the last few league games. In my view, the best thing to do is just forget this season, and give Sturridge the entire summer - starting now - to overcome his fitness issues.

How Liverpool solve his problems is anyone's guess, but irrespective of how he progresses over the summer, the Reds can't go into next season relying on Sturridge. A new top-class striker is needed, and Sturridge will have to make do with being 3rd or 4th choice.

There's no room for sentiment - Sturridge's record for Liverpool is fantastic, but the team has to come first, and relying on Sturridge this season (arguably) blew the club's chances of challenging for the title, and sabotaged forward progress in the Champions League.



  1. And before Liverpool what was his injury record like ?

    Surely Chelsea must have known something to sell him so cheaply !

  2. Its strange, Sturridge is very religious and post about god a lot.

    Does go hate him?

  3. But look at Martin Kelly who was forever injured at LFC but is super healthy now and a 1st team regular at Palace. Played 2377 minutes of EPL football this season. Something not right.

  4. what do you think zaf iqbal our first team doc got fired for?

  5. Fed up with Sturidge and Sterling GET RID and if Balotelli starts tonight GET RID OF B R TOO . Give Sinclair or the German kid a chance - even Lambert might not be bad against Hull but if Balo is there tonight then please F S G sack BR

  6. Cheer up everybody - its Mayweather V Pacquiao next HOORAH

  7. The height of cheek - Raheem tells everyone to support Labour whilst acting like a spoiled brat Tory Yuppie JUST GO STERLING - ADIOS

  8. Totally agree JK!!.................will BR ever learn?.

  9. I agree totally, I was back in the uk for 6yrs and I did not go to one game because of the prices, I would rather (then) watch the games on my p/c, As for Mr Rodgers I think that he is just stubborn with his team selection and placements to try and prove a point that he is right (wrong).

  10. Things still not getting better. Lallana has been injured time and time again this season. Sakho another player that cannot stay fit.

  11. so much for only wanting to concentrate on playing !
    Clearly this kid has much more on his mind .

  12. We lucky that we have Johnson ,Allen and Balo to rely on .

  13. Did Liverpool not announce that ticket price's would stay the same as last year ?

  14. Agreed for Sky sports Jaimie there's Live stream thank God... As for tactics Gerrard as DM has disrupted and destroyed the confidence of our backline, Rodgers fails to see Mario's strengths for the whole season and we should give Lallana a benefit of the doubt at least until he's injury free... As things stand Rodgers will be at the helm next season so there's nothing much to celebrate unless he magicaly comes to his senses....

  15. I agree with lallana as I think he will be our next little Duracell Dirk Kuyt

  16. Rodgers is as good as gone. Few weeks ago he said top 4 was over and now remaining 5 matches are must wins? Clutching at straws.

    As for the match tonight, we are away to a team facing relegation so will by no means be a walk in the park.

    Rodgers stubbornness has shone through this season. Ruined the first half of the season by changing things to late. Now he is continuing with a system that was figured out may weeks ago yet he persists again like he did at the start of the season and now playing Gerrard as a holding midfielder again. Picking Balotelli to lead the line when he does fit which was evident at the start of the season. Same things over and over again.

    Rodgers simply will not learn from his mistakes and his self importance will always be 1st priority.

  17. No!

    After 3 seasons surely Rodgers would have a settled style of play?

  18. Rodgers plays Gerrard out of sentiment and Balotelli, to prove a point. He should desist from playing Gerrard as he is not the player he used to be anymore. Again, Balotelli is only suitable to play as a substitute in the last 25 mins of the game, not as a starter. He does better as a sub.

  19. Yes he should do away with playing with a back 3 for every game.

  20. Frankie Fletcher9:04 am, April 28, 2015

    Interesting that our medical staff under estimated his injury problems whereas Chelsea's medical staff probably could see that he was injury prone and allowed him to leave and yet the reverse happened with the Loic Remy transfer.

  21. Mate, not even his 'death by football' 'tiki taka' style has worked, the one that was sold to FSG in his 180 page dossier which got him the job.

    The only system that has really worked under Rodgers was last seasons relentless pressing/direct style of play which was abandoned and the departure of Suarez is being used as an excuse. Then why agree to sign Balotelli?

  22. Hull 2 Liverpool 2 - Failed Again

  23. I am a fan of Brendan, but I think he needs to be careful, he might upset FSG making ticket price claims of support, or the anti Brendan groupies will throw it in his face as just sucking up.....

    Anyway, back four please, No Johnson and No Gerrard... anything else, I'm good.

  24. Why is Gerard Playing ??

  25. There's no point in playing Gerrard anymore, he won't be a part of the team next season, so it won't benefit us any... If anything, give him the last 30 mins of the season...

  26. Well I think that his tiki taka was working ok in his first season to which they were pressing a lot more than now, and who could ever replace a player like Suarez ? He did everything for that team and is a very hard job to replace a player like that and as for Balo well I think that we all agree, I want to know WHY cant he change his tactics to suit the team that we are playing at the time and try and catch them out with a change of style ?

  27. I am all for a back 4 depending on the team we are playing.

  28. Mr. Point Of View9:35 am, April 28, 2015

    Please bring back 4-4-2

  29. Our football first half of this season was a mirror image of the first half of Rodgers first season in charge. Patient, slow build up, pass till you are blue in the face, just for the sake of passing and then try to pass the ball into the oppositions net.

    His tiki taka was not working and had to change second half of his first season. This season has been no different, went back to his favoured system, did not work and his stubbornness got the better of him and even admitted that he should have changed things earlier.

    More of the same if he is in charge next season!!!

  30. His stuborness and ego simply alienate him from the fans, I dunno what's he trying to do- imitate Fergie but with zero trophies??

  31. Yes I hear what you are saying and I agree and he should be able to change tack ticks at anytime of the game, I know that the players only try and do as they are told But for the life of me WHY cant they shoot from outside of the box and why for the likes of corners why don't we have a man on the far side of the box ? for any over hit balls (lots)

  32. I've said this before ,and GOT slated by Sturridge fans

  33. Frankie Fletcher9:56 am, April 28, 2015

    Don't get me wrong I'm a huge fan of Sturridge but i completely agree with Jamie, he should just write this season off, and be a second or third choice striker until he can prove he can stay fit for longer than 2 weeks.

    Hopefully give samed yesil some game time for the rest of the season

  34. The players are good enough but the manager fails to deploy them properly!!!

  35. Seriously a manager making a decision on tactics or picking a team (or transfers) is not & never can be classed, 'negligence'. There is never a right or wrong on any of those issues as they are all completely based on subjective opinions and nothing else, and there are far too many external factors that can influence results that are completely outside the manager's control, i.e. injuries in games, illness, player's temperament, player's external circumstances, how the other team plays/ lines up, refereeing decisions, etc etc etc (I really could go on) for anyone to be completely 100% certain a different choice could've changed a result. Yes we can personally judge that a manager's made the wrong decision but it's just our opinion against his (and we don't have anywhere near the info, stats etc he does) NOT 'negligence'!!!

  36. Balotelli does not give a sh!te though and there are still some doubts about Markovic, Moreno, Lovren and Lallana but yes, if we have paid massive transfer fees for these players only to persist with them in positions which they have no idea to carry out then the only person that should shoulder the blame is Mr. Brendan Rodgers.

  37. At end of the day, B Rodgers has wasted 45M on these attackers who were simply not good enough:

    F Borini L Alberto I Aspas M Balotelli R Lambert

    And two are out on loan and the other 3 have struggled badly

    The abysmal, comical transfer committee and B Rodgers need to be shipped out this summer.

    Whilst these players have to follow:

    B Jones GK

    G Johnson RB

    A Wisdom RB

    S Coates CB

    K Toure CB

    J Enrique LB

    J Clue/Useless Allen CM

    L Alberto

    I Aspas

    F Borini

    R Lambert

    M Balotelli

    That's 12 dead wood average players we need to get off books

    D Sturridge will never ever be world class until he can get over his injury concerns

    The new manager should bring in these two strikers this summer:

    1: P Aubamayeng Of B Dortmund or L Vietto Of Villareal for £10-£16M to replace F Borini and I Aspas

    2: C Benteke Of A Villa should be brought for £18-£26M to replace R Lambert and M Balotelli

    I have just read an article which J Aldridge is blatantly Honest and what he is saying is so true:

    Aldo: Liverpool FC's transfer failings number one reason for 25 year wait for title


    I left Anfield at the start of that 1989/90 season, moving to Real Sociedad. And if you’d have told me then that the club would fall away as it did, I'd have said you were off your head.

    Liverpool, at that point, was a machine. A winning machine. We thought that success would last forever. We had a great management setup, a great backroom, brilliant mentality, and a scouting network that enabled us to sign great players and mould them in the Liverpool way. Honestly, Liverpool was a machine.

    What happened, then? It’s easy to point the finger at individuals, and to look at the various examples of mismanagement, throughout the club, that have gone on in the last 25 years. But for me, Liverpool’s demise comes down to one thing above all others; bad recruitment.

    It’s a hot topic at the moment, transfers. It always is, to be honest. But in my eyes, it’s the single biggest reason why Liverpool fell off their perch, and the main reason they have been unable to get back on there.

    Think about it; how many players have we signed since that last title win? I’ll tell you, it’s 185. One hundred and eighty-five players brought into the club. How many of those players would you say were unqualified successes? I’d suggest not many. Fifty, maybe? How many, on the other hand, have been unqualified failures? I’d estimate, conservatively, at least 100.

    A hundred footballers signed by this club in the last quarter of a century, who would not have got into our reserve team during the 1970s and 80s. That tells you everything.

    You expect mistakes in the transfer market. It’s not an exact science. And hey, one man’s flop is another man’s superstar. We all have our opinions on players. Nevertheless, it’s been a huge problem, from the early-90s to the present day.

    Whoever the manager, whoever is in charge of the signings. we just don’t buy well enough, and it costs us dearly.

    Look at this season, for example. How much different would our campaign have been had we got our business right last summer? How much different would it be had we had signed Alexis Sanchez?

    We held all the cards with that one. We had Luis Suarez, and Barcelona wanted him. Suarez should not have been allowed to join Barcelona until Sanchez was signed on at Anfield.

    If we’d have done that deal, our season would have been very different. And so would Arsenal’s.

    As it happens, they’re up where we want to be, and we’re looking at another season without Champions League football.

  38. Please... Don't interrupt this anti Rodgers love in with balanced posts. You'll be labelled an apologist, with rose tinted glasses who wants square pegs and exonerates Rodgers and FSG...

    These guys are the only ones who see the wood for the trees

    That is all

  39. Ok, let us get this straight, I was constantly saying at the start of the season that Rodgers was out of his depth, stubborn, ego as big as mount everest and completely ignoring what was happening to satisfy his self importance which lead to our worst start in more than half a century and then Rodgers goes on to admit that whatever he was doing was not working and should have been changed sooner?

    What should we call that?

    And what is happening once again with Gerrard as a DM, Balotelli as a lone striker ect?

  40. It's still 100% not negligence! How do you know that in training the pair of them don't look great together? Or are you secretly one of the coaches or staff at melwood?! Did we not have something like 74% possession at the weekend? Did we not keep a clean sheet? Did we not have multiple chances that could have easily have gone in on other days? Earlier in the season everyone was saying how bad Lovren was and how he was also contributing massively to our rubbish start, yet wasn't he our man of the match (depending again on opinions) saturday? Things change in football. That's my point. What didn't work earlier in the season doesn't mean it won't ever work, otherwise why do you think one season a particular formation maybe in vogue and then the next a different one is?

  41. After Suarez left, god is unhappy with lfc :/

  42. Yesil playing tonight.....? Rumors.

    Hope to see LFC win this by 3-1.
    I really would like to see new blood in the team at least for 20 min....And bring on both Balo and Lambert, if like WB they park the bus............ as in that case long balls in should be the norm. Something different.

  43. Any manager that can praise his team calling them outstanding after a poor performance like we saw over the weekend vs a team that should have been beaten quite honestly needs a muzzle. This is not Watford, Reading or Swansea,

    We have been struggling to score all season. Who is to blame for that when it is a consistent problem this season?

    We keep on seeing players deployed in positions and then those players get hammered by the fans for putting in poor performances. Who picks the team, formation, tactics etc?

    First half of this season did not work, Rodgers admitted it and it was no different to Rodgers debut first half season, mirror image. It did not work then and it has failed again this season. Who is to blame for this? After 3 seasons?

    Some are not willing to blame Rodgers for anything. It is the same as what it was with Rafa who could do no wrong and look where it got the club in his last season.

    The FA Cup defeat vs Villa was a clear sign that Rodgers has not learned from his mistakes after 3 seasons. If you want to disagree with that then by all means do so.

    FSG on the other hand will have the final say on the matter and as they have shown before, they have no interested in sentiment.

  44. Spot on, it's Rodgers all the way- last season had Suarez to bail him out; he's done, he's made and now he's just running around in circles (how else to call his regressing into his first season slumber footy)

  45. Haha good point but any millionnaire footballer who thinks they have 'god' on their side whilst the world continues to suffer is dilluded at best!

  46. Rodgers keeps on using Suarez as an excuse. I guess almost £120m was not enough to find a suitable replacement and now Balotelli ""I think we've seen that it's not really his game" is his scapegoat.

  47. I'm hoping for a 2-0 win to us obviously but expecting a dull 0-0

  48. Yeah cheer on a woman beater

  49. Sanchez was the one, the one we missed out on and the one that in my opinion would of seen us easily into the top four. Was it Brendan's fault we didn't get him, can't see it myself.
    I don't think Brendan wanted Balo at all and if FSG now see they need to do more to ensure the manager gets his first choice of player, then we should be back to winning ways next season. It really can be that simple, again - in my opinion.

  50. The world is rooting for Pacquiao.

  51. Fingers crossed- his ego needs pruning

  52. I miss the guy who always put the ages of players in brackets behind their names..

  53. Or it was good because they didn't overplay him.

  54. Twistadee commented on this article, but no ages, sadly :(

  55. Oh man I hate it when things change...

  56. very sad and depressing definition of luck............