27 Apr 2015

First Signing? Rodgers reveals admiration for 'unbelievable' €35m goal-machine who wants Liverpool transfer

If the seemingly endless reports are any indicator, PSV Eindhoven attacker Memphis Depay appears to be a top transfer for Liverpool, but is there any truth to the Reds' alleged interest?

Last week, The Mirror claimed:

* €25m-rated [£25m] Depay flew to the UK for secret talks with Liverpool.

* He met with Ian Ayre and several other LFC officials 'in a hotel close to the airport'.

* 'Sources in Eindhoven' claim that Depay was 'hugely impressed' by Liverpool’s determination to sign him.

* Depay wants to join Liverpool ahead of Manchester United.

In his pre-Hull press conference today, Rodgers admitted that Liverpool 'need a goal threat for next year', and when specifically asked about Depay, he told reporters:

“I can’t confirm either way - you know me, in terms of speculation of players. The kid [Depay] is a very talented player, of course. But I wouldn’t like to confirm either way.”

Rodgers also insisted that top players will sign for Liverpool irrespective of Champions League football:

“If it’s right for the player, and the project is right for them to come and learn and develop, then if we’re not in the Champions League, players will still want to come,”

In most cases, refusal to confirm or deny is a surefire indicator that something is going on behind the scenes, and reading between the lines it's clear (to me) that Liverpool are tracking Depay.

If that's not the case, then why not simply deny interest? I fail to see the logic in sitting on the fence if Depay is not a genuine transfer target.

As for Liverpool's ability to attract top players without Champions League qualification; the signing of Suarez proves that it can be done, but in this case, it's just wishful thinking from Rodgers.

Plus, he makes yet another reference to players who can 'come and learn and develop' - I wish Rodgers would drop this kind tedious rhetoric; not every player out there needs to 'learn and develop' at the hands of Rodgers the genius kingmaker - some players are already the finished article, and the expectation for them needs to be different.

For example: Zlatan Ibrahimovic is currently linked with Liverpool, and I doubt he's interested in hearing about 'learning and developing' at Liverpool. Zlatan knows his job; he's still at the top of his game, and if he ever signed for LFC, the expectation of him is simple: Score and create as many goals as possible.

Depay is, of course, a different story. He still has lots of learning/developing to do, and in a further boost to Liverpool chances, he revealed a tidbit of encouraging info on Sunday night:

"There's absolutely no truth in that. I haven't spoken to Manchester United."

Would Depay publicly admit it even if he had spoken with United? Probably not, and in many cases, transfer-related statements made by players are pretty worthless.

Still, Depay didn't deny contact with Liverpool, so that has to be an encouraging sign...right?



  1. It would be brilliant if he came......a sure sign to other potential buys that LFC are still in contention.

    There is every reason to think he would choose us over Man U; apparently having worked with the 'fury' that is Van Haal ther is rumour that Depay has been put off having the wild one as manager week in week out.

    Also heard that Dirk Kuyt has had a word about LFC being the correct destination..

    Now if a certain Louis Suarez got in on the action and told the boy to get his arse down here cos it would be good for his career aka himself...then all would be good with the world.....

  2. I've just seen the video....he certainly has a coool head in front of goal....

    ....the boy is pure bolshie just like a certain Mr Suarez we once had...

  3. Would be a cracking signing, but with Ian Ayre being the chief negotiator it is likely he'll go elsewhere.

  4. I am very encouraged. By our chances of signing the kid. Have no clue how good is he,but everyone is talking..

  5. Well, he's arguably done more for a better national team than Sterling has, so that's something. I don't want to get too carried away though, he's still definitely a work in progress. That said, he's more than equipped to make our squad better as it is now.

  6. Inevitably some will say there's no chance. The same people will bemoan the lack of ambition if we don't try. So bottom line here is, pay the money and get our top targets or keep the money in the bank and play the youngsters. No more compromise players..

  7. Mss-kicked scissors, wasted ono on one, deflected free kick, almost an Alonso goal, and he shaves his armpit... He is good!

  8. Says a lot about what we have now ;)

  9. Three of them supported by Couts? Kondogbia and Hendo behind.Flanno and Moreno on flanks, two out of Sakho, Skrtel and a real Lovren in centre. Daniel, Lallana and Can on the bench. EPL trophy here we come!
    I got carried away...
    Actually no, I didn't!