19 Apr 2015

Confirmed: Liverpool can sign 'exciting' attacker for 'more than' £20m. Replace Sterling?

Last season, Yannick Bolasie inspired Crystal Palace's to a deserved 3-3 draw with Liverpool at Selhurst Park, and as is usually the case, players who perform exceptionally well against LFC inevitably end up being linked with a transfer to Anfield. Well, in Bolasie's case, that to pass soon after, with Liverpool allegedly making a 'firm enquiry' about his availability. The speculation has continued again this season, but according to Palace boss Alan Pardew, though, the Reds will need to pay through the nose to seal the deal.

Multiple sources this week claim that Liverpool are interested in signing Bolasie this summer in a £10m deal, but when specifically asked about interest from Anfield this week, Pardew told The Telegraph:

“Someone put a £10m price on Bolasie. Blimey. It needs to be more than double that to get him".

This echoes Pardew's comment on the subject in January, when he told reporters:

"It would take an extraordinary bid to take him away from this football club. I would be very surprised if any club wanted to make that phone call."

£20m+ for Bolasie? I wouldn't be 'surprised' if Liverpool put that kind of offer; like many fans, I'd be absolutely mortified at yet another stunning misuse of transfer funds.

Don't get me wrong: Bolasie is good Premier League player, but there's no way he's worth £20m+, especially since he's only really appeared on the radar in the last 12 months.

Pardew clearly rates Bolasie very highly, and in a recent interview, he outlined the 25-year olds main qualities:

"He [Bolasie] is an exciting player. I have been an opposing manager to him - with great power and technique and it gives you an unpredictability in your team which I quite like."

That all sounds great, Liverpool should steer clear of Bolasie for the following reasons:

* Comparatively new to the Premier League, and like so many others, could fade away after a good 12 months.

* His goal record is simply not good enough. Last season: ZERO goals in 30 appearances. This season: only 4 goals in 30 apps.

In what twisted universe is an attacking midfielder with 4 goals in 60 apps worth £20m+? It's an absolute joke, and heads should roll if Liverpool actually make such an offer.

The Reds already have enough attacking midfielders who fail to consistently score goals, and if the clubs spends big bucks on attackers this summer, it should go on players with prodigious goal records, such as Robert Firmino and Memphis Depay.

In recent years, the likes Carroll, Downing, Moses, Lallana, Allen, Adam, Lambert etc have come in and totally failed to make any consistent impact.

Enough already with the seemingly neverending influx of average Premier League players.



  1. £20m for Bolasie?

    What a joke.

    This team lacks star quality , not journeymen or maybe will be players

  2. Theycallmemrburt1:00 am, April 20, 2015

    for the last two seasons and with the exception of last weeks hat trick Bolasie performs twice a year and usually its against Glen Johnson.

  3. No way, he is as you say a decent premier league player but not for us. However he couldn't have been any worse than than anyone else in our team today. We were beyond poor

  4. What has happened to Liverpool's scouts,
    Surely Liverpool needs to be buying these player's a season earlier before they 20m ?

  5. Suso made his first start for Milan last night ,played very well !

  6. To be fair Bolasie has made good progress, but not £20mill worth. If we could get him for £5 mill, then it's worth considering. He has been key to palace's rise.