20 Apr 2015

Anfield-bound? LFC chase €14m star who confirmed he 'wants Liverpool' transfer. Contact made

Last season, Bursaspor full-back Ozan Tufan confirmed that he's interested in a move to Anfield, and new reports this week claim that the Reds are exploring the possibility of a summer move.

According to Turkish newspaper Radyospor, Liverpool are 'in contact' with Bursapor to discuss a potential transfer for the coveted 20-year old,

Liverpool have been linked with €14m-rated (£10m) Tufan several times in the past:

* Apr 2015: The Daily Express claimed that Liverpool, Man United, and Chelsea are monitoring Tufan.

* Mar 2015: Liverpool reportedly sent scouts to watch Tufan in action for Turkey.

* Jul 2014: When asked about his future at Bursaspor, Tufan told reporters: "I have goals, and I want to go to Europe. I want to go to Liverpool."

Some info about Tufan:

* 6'0 full-back who can also play as a defensive-mid.
* Plays predominantly at right back for Bursasport
* 4 goals/9 assists in 54 apps for Bursaspor.
* 11 apps for the Turkey national team.
* Averages one yellow card every five games.
* Passing accuracy: 81%

Georgia legend Shota Arveladze (who has coached in Turkey) is a fan of Tufan, and in a recent interview, he raved:

"Europe's biggest clubs are keeping tabs on him. I liken him to Pogba from Juventus. He is well suited to the modern game, he is good on the ball, intelligent off the ball, attacks, defends, passes tackles, he does it all."

Tufan sounds very much like a reverse Emre Can: powerful defender, who can also play in midfield, as opposed to Can, who is a powerful midfielder who can also play in defence.

Despite bringing in Manquillo and Moreno in the summer, Liverpool's full-back positions still need attention, and in my view, neither of the two Spaniards is a long-term solution for Liverpool.

Given Tufan's wish to play for Liverpool, the Reds should - in theory - have an advantage over competing teams, but it never usually works out that way. Money talks, and if Man United offer him more money, then I'm sure Tufan's allegiance will suddenly change.



  1. Seems like a solid player.

    Though Manquillo doesn't seem like the future of the RB role, Moreno can really grow into it IF he works on his positioning. His tackling is a bit reckless, but successful, and his attacking threat will only grow as he adapts and our main attack is figured out.

  2. What excuse are you trying to come up with? Rodgers is an average manager and signs average players as well. Do you think someone like ancelloti would be looking at Allen, aspas, Alberto et al if he was in charge?

  3. F S G need to clarify if B R still part of their plans = otherwise all speculation on hold

  4. looks a good player. we need a right back desperately so we can play players in there natural positions. Ozan Tufan, Geoffrey Kongdogbia(£30M), Yevhen Konoplyanka(FREE), Andriy Yarmolenko(£20M), Luciano Vietto(£15M), Paulo Dybala(£29M). altogether that comes up to £95M. worth of real quality players. if we sell sterling for £50M, get £10M for Borini, the board will probably hand manager around £70M anyways so that will give us £130M.


    that is the dream LFC team which will grow and has more than enough goals, assists and defensive cover to challenge for the title and definately top 4. Konoplyanka and Yarmolenko are two accomplished wingers who are proven. Dybala and Vietto are two strikers who one day be elite strikers in world football but will also score 20 goals a season now. Kondogbia is one of the best defensive mids in the world right now and his young age and experience at the highest level and big stature will give us the perfect cover for our defence. he is also left footed so that gives perfect balance if he plays holding with can or henderson. and having Kongdogbia will allow Coutinho to do the business in the hole his favourite position and with Yarmolenko a left footed winger and Kono a right footed winger and vietto or dybala ahead, coutinho will have pace, movement and end product to pass to, which will enhance Coutinho's reputation as one of the best in the world.

  5. Roght now, I am more interested in who the manager will be before we get all excited about transfers... Mainly because if we are changing.these names will be nothing more than print on a page....Any new manager may want something completely different, And depending on who, may be able to attract a better class of player.....I wait with baited breathe.

  6. I have never known fans falling out so much during any reign as this. The club is divided and I experienced this first hand yesterday.

    Life long friends and fellow supporters really not happy with what is going on. I will have to take some time out because I am thinking I should retire and move on from football. Thank you for your comments which are totally valid and either of those managers might stop us from the freefall into oblivion which is where we are now perhaps.

  7. I'm a little less confident than I was before yesterday's disaster, but I still think it's going to be BR next season.

  8. There'd be nothing wrong with that.

  9. I'm not so sure anymore, I can't see them giving another 100m to BR, and there smart enough to know it will take at least that.

  10. How do you mean, confident in Rodgers, or that he'll still be here?

  11. That he'll still be here. Sorry for lack of clarity -- at work.

  12. under BR we were good when we played 4-2-3-1 with players in their natural positions despite not having the quality with the likes of Downing. but i remember when we played Norwich and beat them 5-0 with sturridge, suarez and gerrard all scoring and we played


    if we buy Konoplyanka to play left wing rotating with Ibe, Yarmolenko right wing. Coutinho as our no 10 and Vietto up front with Dybala rotatiting and Kondogbia and Henderson or Can as cover in the holding positions. Chelsea won the title with this formation. Kondogbia can be our Matic. Henderson has potential to be as good as Fabregas, when gerrard aint playing. Konoplyanka is a very good left winger, good at drifting in and scoring goals and very quick with assists, like Hazard. Andriy Yarmolenko is a natural Right winger and is probably better than Willian despite Willian being a very good player, Coutinho is on par with Oscar and Vietto can score as much as Costa. we need to buy Kondogbia, Vietto, Konoplyanka, Yarmolenko, Ozan Tufan and Dybala.

  13. No worries mate... Clarity is in short supply where our club is concerned.... Before yesterday, I would have said 100%, give him another season... But after such a bad performance by the players and Brendan... I'm alittle hesitant...

  14. I don't see them throwing a large sum BR's way either, but we can at least make £100m by selling Johnson, right? (cough cough).

  15. Cheers mate.... I needed that...

  16. Not even if ya chopped him up and sole him, organ by organ on the black market.

  17. That got dark. Sounds like a job for Sterling the Ripper.

  18. Ballo's goal isn't wrongly chalked off yesterday and we win a penalty shoot out. We're in the Cup Final against Arsenal. Half the crap written on here isn't written. Fickle fans, I'd have loved to have read what was being written just before the Man Ure defeat when we were on a great run, unbeaten since the Man Ure defeat.
    Back our team, thru good times and bad. the manager's learning as are the players. 3-4 quality players, one in each dept and we're challenging next season. The squad players are in place.

  19. Jus read Hendo agreed 5 yr contract worth 100k per week

  20. Much of the discourse is over whether or not BR's reign can be considered positive overall, and whether or not he's the man to take us forward.

    Personally I would say "No" to both questions given the recent evidence, but that's not to say his era has had no positives at all.

    Again, the falling out has more to do with BR than the club. This kind of passion has been missed until recently, which is a good thing. Whether or not BR has been successful, he has reminded us that WE ARE LIVERPOOL and nothing less than success can be tolerated. We have an identity, and now the question is whether or not BR fits this identity.

  21. The Ripper Offer

  22. Spot on.

    I suddenly see a lot of comments from people we haven't heard a peep off for months, since the team was last doing poorly.

    I keep hearing old quotes from the Shankly days

    Well here's one:

    "If you can't support us when we lose or draw, then don't support us when we win"

  23. Don't like playing a right footer at left back . he'd definitely do a job there but wouldn't like it long term.

  24. Shankly's most regrettable quote (IMO); responsible for spawning a generation of rabid, obnoxious super-fans who insist on absolute blind faith, and advocate the aggressive suppression of any semblance of critical analysis.

    i.e. the residents of RAWK.

    (P.S. I'm not referring to you here)

  25. It's Sterling the Cannibal-Ripper, actually. I also made an analogy to Jeffrey Dahmer in the recent past.

  26. I realise that- and there's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting BR out -that's a fan's prerogative.

    I just hate it when we lose a big game like this and ghosts start appearing from out of the woodwork who were curiously absent when we were doing well

    Blind faith is plain stupid. As is quoting stuff from a completely different era when we were awash with Pools money and able to compete with anyone in the league as though just a change in attitude would allow us to sign Reus, Costa , Sanchez et al

  27. Someone like Ancellotti would not be prepared to manage under the constraints Rodgers does.
    Anyway, forgive me for attempting to take an objective, rational, reasonable view of where the club went wrong this season. You're knee is officially jerked and the witch hunt is on. You're looking for someone to blame and the easiest person is the manager and that is your prerogative but that's simply not the only factor.
    I sense there's no reasoning with you however so I'm going to nip this conversation in the bud

  28. He saw and wanted Costa, Sanchez Konoplyanka Mhkitataryan. We couldn;t get them since we had just a single CL season in the last 7 years.

    Suso? haven't heard his name mentioned since. 1 good game recently. Markovic is in his first season. It took even the likes of Ronaldo 3 seasons to produce and you want a 20 year old to do it straight away? Lallana has had a horrendous run of injuries, it's hard to find form at a new club like that, though we did overpay at least £5m on either player

    Take Rafa. For Lallana read Aquillani. For Markovic read Keane. Or Riera. Or Babel. For Balotelli read Morientes.

    Bad buys are everywhere. Some just take time to come good. (see Leiva,L Henderson, J)

  29. Don't tell me. He was average last season too, and you said so, right before SG slipped and threw away the Chelsea game right?

  30. BR is obviously the only man in football to have cheated on his wife... careful with the accusations of a guy found not guilty by the way. And having a big picture of yourself makes you vain, not a bad manager. Jose is far more vain but look at him...

  31. Coutinho. Skrtyl. Henderson. Sterling. Lucas. Sturridge. And even the king himself, Suarez.

  32. yeah i guess you're right- BR was offered Hummels but thought Lovren would be a better buy. Which GK do you reckon he should have bought?

    Moreno cost what, £8m? has he been any worse than Shaw for £30m and 140k pw?

  33. It was to get back and STAY as a champions league club

  34. I think that Rodgers was a lot more safe to stay until Klopp quit Dortmund. There's no point flicking Rodgers unless someone better is available.

  35. The only thing we're lacking is a world class manager and we haven't had that in a long time. And I doubt that apart from Madrid and BArca there is really an elite club out there.
    The fact is that the fans all around the world of this great team deserve a bit of silver ware and fan fare once in a while (at least every three years).

  36. If we can sign at least one then getting more would easier. Players want to play with worldclass talent. I'd do an arsenal and seriously overpay for reus or Some one out there that'll at least get the ball rolling.

  37. Well after what he's won I'd give him everything and even through in a house. Worldclass managers deserve the freedom to do as they pls as long as they are winning. If Br had won trophies I doubt he'd still be in those constraints. If u want more control u are going to have to earn it.

  38. I've been saying he's average from day one. When I first heard he'd been given the Job I said Brendan what! ?!?!?!?!? And about last year all those feelings came rushing back when he refused to close up shop against palace. He's let us down too many times. Losing is part of football but he has no excuse for not motivating a performance from the players @Wembley

  39. Well I love stevie still and had we had a better manager he would've gone on his own terms.

  40. I personally think klopp is overrated. He only had one real threat in Germany to overcome and he pulled it off twice in a row. But them again look at his transfer record. Immobile mychitaryn ramos to name a few of his striker buys and none have turned out well. I honestly go and get rafa. He's at least got prem experience and I think he's a much wiser man. If nothing he'll win us a couple of trophies.

  41. We need to rid ourselves of Rodgers while Klopp and Benitez are still available. Rodgers annoys me and can't be trusted to get in quality players with funds.

  42. Well we'd have been battered by arsenal again. I'd I for one am glad we've dodged that bullet.

  43. A peep then u have never read any of my comments or many of jaime's post for a while now. Alot of people have had doubts for very long and the last result just brought them back up to the surface.

  44. I'm not turning my back on him, but I feel it's right to acknowledge when his (or any other players) time is up. I'm not going to ignore his poor defensive positioning and general lack of influence simply because of the name.

    Coutinho, Lucas, Hendo are doing just fine. Even Can you mentioned is okay and we should see some improvement over the years. Lucas and Hendo especially, embody everything that is great about Liverpool FC. Life goes on, Gerrard will no longer be a selection obstacle for whatever manager is in charge, and that's a good thing IMO.

  45. Ok u have a point but didn't the same Rafael buy torres and alonso and skertil and ager and more? Rafa actually won trophies what has br won again? No one cares about transfer money being wasted when u are celebrating a trophy or two.

  46. "..I love LFC...but will I see an EPL title in my lifetime??"
    Sadder words have never been spoken.

  47. Maybe we'll start winning again like everyone is is doing

  48. An impotent strikeforce, plodding midfield and deflated defence make winning on a consistent basis, a tougher ask.

    Try 4231 or variants.

    Move to a back 4 of
    Manquillo Skrtel Lovren Enrique.

    - (Flanno, if Luis is injured.)

    Hendo and Can anchoring

    - (Allen, but I'd avoid a 3rd anchor)

    Markovic Borini Coutinho


    Bring Gerrard on at 60th min for any of the 3 attackind mids.

    Lambert if a physical presence is needed.

    I might work up more detailed lineups. Oh, and I don't play FIFA games. :)

  49. LiverpoolforLife2:46 am, April 21, 2015

    I dint even think about No button ...still think Benitez track record is more efficient than Klopp

  50. Mkhitarian is in no way a bad buy? And in no way a striker either. In fact he has been a pretty hard worker for BVB, so I don't understand how he hasn't turned out well.

    Immobile to be fair was sort of a choke. His Serie A record was very good but just didn't seem to perform at Dortmund. Mind you he still cost less than Balotelli, and in no way am I criticizing Balo, but you can see how humiliating it has been for us.

    And Ramos was signed for 9m as a backup plan to signing Aubameyang and Immobile. He was never meant to play much in the first place.

    And let's not keep in mind his successful transfers. Auba, Reus, Kagawa, Hummels, and many more.

    With ever dominant German football, it would be nice to have a manager who can attract the top of the mill. Klopp is that man, the man who might just bring Reus and Hummels to Liverpool.

  51. It doesn't change the fact that we LOST. If BR claimed to have ''set his teams mind towards the FA cup now'', you should AT LEAST have tactically been aware and cautioned of the AVL Benteke 8 goals in 6 games threat. None of this happened. If it wasn't for raw talent we wouldn't have scored our first goal either.

    And it's funny you mention Balo. I supported Balo since his move here. He did NOT play bad in the game. Having to deal with shitstorms of articles and blunders of reserve times. BR doesn't like him, and I do think it was an FSG decision to sign him as well. But I digress.

    All in all, when you have weeks to prepare your side that ''has it's mind set on FA cup'', you should at least be aware of who you're facing, how you'll face them, and set up goddamn accordingly.

  52. But still manage to land trophies , attract big players for Big games That's the different between a Harrod manager and a K-mart manager.

  53. Henderson is no doubt has improved but not a player for BIG games nor top 5 team quality and Lucas Leiva only cost 7mils.