22 Apr 2015

Molby tells BR: Liverpool 'have to' sign 'fantastic' £20m midfielder ASAP. Agree?

With Steven Gerrard leaving, Lucas injury prone, and Allen struggling to rise above squad-player status, Liverpool clearly need new midfielders this summer, and Reds legend Jan Molby has urged the club to target Southampton star Morgan Schneiderlin.

Discussing Liverpools transfer needs on Tuesday, Molby told the 5-Times Podcast:

"They [Southampton] didn't want to sell him [Schneiderlin] but we should've been there. We have to ask the question. Let's go and get someone who's proven [this summer], and Schneiderlin falls into that".

Jamie Carragher is also a fan of £20m-rated Schneiderlin, and in a recent interview, he explained why. He told the Sky Sports:

"He [Schneiderlin] is a top play, [and] he is so suited to the Premier League; he’s a good physical presence, has good energy, if he became available, lots of top teams will be looking at him".

Schneiderlin - nicknamed 'Spiderman' by his Southampton team-mates - clearly wants to leave Southampton, and he reiterated this earlier in the season:

"I just turned 25, I turned a corner. I want to play for a big club as a career passes quickly. Today I am in Southampton [but] I will make the choice. I will see with my club"

Is Schneiderlin worth the risk? He's an important player for Southampton, but I'm sure many LFC fans thought that Lallana and Lovren would come in and do well, but that hasn't transpired.

That said, Liverpool are crying out for a quality holding midfielder, and Schneiderlin - hailed by Ronald Koeman as a 'fantastic' player - certainly fits the bill, for the following reasons:

* Proven Premier League performer.
* Upgrade on Lucas, and Joe Allen.
* 25, so coming into his prime years.
* Has the ability and experience to make an immediate impact.
* Rarely injured (One 15-day absence in the last 5 years)
* Averages 38 games per season over the last 6 years.

£20m is too much, though, and Liverpool should be wary about splurging big bucks on players from comparatively smaller clubs. Since arriving at Anfield, Lallana, Lambert, and Lovren have all struggled with small-club mentality, and there's a risk that history may repeat itself.

Manc legend Gary Neville certainly thinks that Liverpool will go in for Schneiderlin. In January, he named the Frenchman ahead of Cesc Fabregas in his Premier League team of the season, and insisted that the coveted midfielder will be 'bombarded' with offers. He told Sky Sports:

“Liverpool will look at him, Arsenal will look at him, Manchester United will be looking at holding midfield players and Tottenham. Four clubs who all might fancy Schneiderlin.”

Should Liverpool pursue Schneiderlin this summer?



  1. No Please. We have enough S'hampton players here. Kondogbia or one of the Bender twins. Not this guy. Even Song would be better.

  2. Fully agree about Lallana. I am not the biggest fan of Suso as he lacked pace but highly talent. Spending £25m on Lallana cannot now be justified when he has either been injured or underwhelming. Suso has left for something like £1m. Alberto cost £7m. The more and more you study our transfer dealings the more you go WTF?

  3. anyone seen how Alberto has been doing? i dont follow la liga. i wouldnt spend 20m on this guy. we need to set out where our squad currently is. Stevie G leaving and possibly Lucas will help do that and hopefully we look at one top quality player to replace them rather than several average ones.

  4. good player but much better out there. Wanyama is better than Schneiderlin and i would still say no to Wanyama. right now we need someone who is a natural Defensive mid and experienced at the highest level. Geoffrey Kondogbia is perfect. 22 and experienced in la liga champions league and ligue 1.

    right now we need pace in our team. Pace and end product. Yarmolenko and Konoplyanka for free, an experienced 'wing-partnership' for £20M. its a bargain. pace, experience and end product.

    then buying a right back and 2 top quality strikers is essential. Divock Origi will come in, and he will get his chances, but LFC need to be title challengers and once we sell that scum Sterling, we can build a team commited to LFC of champions. Vietto for his £13M release clause and Dybala for his asking £29M price. having 2 argentine elite young strikers in the prime years of their careers is like gold.

    Buy a right back*--------------Skrtel----------------Sakho----------Flanagan

    we will become champions.

  5. There is no point in going into the market if we are not able to attract better players than what we already or those that are leaving. We need to look to the academy.

    This summer is going to be one where whoever is in charge will have to get rid before they can buy.

  6. Kondogbia is the best defensive mid in the world(new viera). he can play left back as well. monster. with him and 2 quality wingers with pace and consistent end product, and an elite striker and a right back we will become champions. thats all we need. sell sterling and build a team commited to LFC. and also with sakhos great passing and vision, i think he will be a monster at left back. hes played there for PSG, and watching Kondogbia play there for Sevilla and Monaco, Sakho looks capable. plus Moreno makes too much mistakes and will cost us the title. Sakho can defend and passes well, so will be better at left back than Centre back where hes abit suspect.

    Buy A Right Back---------Can------------Skrtel--------Sakho

  7. and realistically so they should. we are carrying alot of non contributors whos spots could be used on youth players. I honestly believe (possibly hope) that our current buys will turn into top players and are possibly just suffering a culture shock.

  8. we won't become champion's with average player like konoplyanka and yarmolenko and one season wonder like dybala and vietto

  9. Kondogbia/Illaramendi/Naingolan. With Can and Henderson would make a great midfield trio that would never be bullied, add Couts on top and you have that department sorted and ready to challenge for the trophy as you have Lucas, Allen, Markovic and Lallana ready to step up. Sterling can play that playmaker role as well.

  10. That would be an interesting read..

  11. We had no option- nobody wanted to buy him, and he did deserve that wages once upon the time..

  12. He would improve any team in the prem. Any team.

  13. lallana lovren lambert - NO THANK YOU - BEHAVE JAN

  14. Southampton wil just milk us dry if we want to take Schneiderlin from them like they did with Lallana and Lovren.

    Despite some injury issues, Sami Khedira would be a a top signing but unfortunately we will not have CL on offer and many other teams will be chasing after him. Your Khedira's are the kind of players we need to push on. Hopefully we at least try for him.

  15. Forget signing signing signing - Lets start Sellindg Selling Selling = at least 14 should go

  16. At last. sanity.

  17. AndWithSuchSimplicity5:06 pm, April 22, 2015

    Oh God. Sorry about that.

  18. AndWithSuchSimplicity5:12 pm, April 22, 2015

    I'd like to put a round peg into bloody Raheem.

  19. No Lallana has struggled with injury... Why do people keep using an unfit players woes as a small club mentality claim....He was injured at the start of the season, when he came back and played, he had broken ribs, but played, and wellish considering the pain he would have been on.... He got injured again, and then Rodgers wouldn't play him because he is an idiot that prefered Markovic, or Johnson.... Not Lallana's mentality.... Don't forget, he played for England before he came to LFC.

  20. Sakho.. He has improved vastly since his arrival... Numerous MOTM performances suggest he is far from suspect

  21. Square pegs round holes? Logan is that you?

  22. I like him too but I'm not THAT keen on him but each to their own ;-)

  23. Lallana himself has displayed signs of small-club mentality. A selection of quotes from him this season:

    * “Just being at Liverpool, the expectation is there at a bigger club, so you are expected to play better more consistently".

    * "It is a big difference coming from Southampton. It is something I’m learning to deal with"

    * "I always knew it was going to be difficult settling in, especially with the injury. Playing for a new club the size of Liverpool and having Champions League football - you need to be tough mentally".

    * "I was so desperate to do well, maybe trying a bit too hard to impress, not doing things that I'd normally do, thinking about things maybe a bit too much".

    * "You can't always expect to be at your best straight away".

    Lallana's failure to adapt properly has had an impact on his form. So far, he is a massive waste of money.

  24. Those statements mean nothing more than he knows what he has come into....He's no idiot...They certainly don't suggest small club mentality... I know you are desperate to find ways of ripping on our players, but here, you are just reaching...

    Lallana's failure to avoid injury has held back his transition into the tem, the injury before the season started put him on the back foot, and he's been trying even harder just to get upto speed... Probably the root of his following injuries....
    I just don't except Lallana has a small club mentality...Lovren definately, he had the same problems at Lyon, and only found some form when he went to Southampton...
    Lallana is just excepting the challenge and acknowledging the expectation at LFC is higher... Simple as that.... Don't go reading into things... in my humble opinion...atleast...

  25. small fish,big pool syndrome. lovren, lallana and lambert. thanks southampton..but no thanks.

  26. 211 million since he took over not including wages of those players, His salary and that of his motley crew of amateur assistants.

  27. Really should worry because we are not going to sign any worldclass players without a worldclass manager.

  28. When you read through these comments, as I have just done, you see one thing very clearly - the vast majority of LFC fans still haven't got it. They still think it is just a question of making a minor adjustment here and there, a little bit of a tinker,playing one guy on the left instead of on the right or whatever, and everything will magically come right. The problem is much, much greater than that. So great, in fact, it is insoluble. It doesn't matter where you play Allen - he's just no good. It doesn't matter where you put Markavic - he wasn't worth one tenth of what they paid for him. It doesn't matter where you play Can - he's clearly nothing better than ordinary. Louvren, put him where you will, he's no good. The club is absolutely chock-full of sub-standard players collecting huge wages. players they would have to give away because no-one is going to buy them. Apart from Coutinho - who looks great compared to the others but is really not all that special - and Sterling, who could they sell to raise cash? Who is going to fork out for Balo - one goal and it's late April? What Liverpool need is a manager who knows something about football, not a hopeless dud like Rodgers. But anyone who took over - and Klopp would be great - faces an absolutely massive task. Realistically, a near impossible one.

  29. why is everyone looking for reasons we lost when its clear that playing gerrard (and not having lucas available) was one of the biggest reasons. glen johnson wasnt going to save the day and markovic at wing back has worked before (albeit he hasnt been a world beater). people are afraid to admit its mostly gerrards fault and when paired with the fact rodgers didnt buy a single good midifelder other than can who rarely plays there, we had no other choices really in midfield. also allen is okay here and there but he still isnt the answer and balotelli/lambert with their mobility and/or work ethic just arent going to have the desired impact really. I still think anyone out of branagan, borini, markovic (if left on), or even yesil or rossiter could have contributed much more than gerrard, balo or lambert. (yes, thats how bad gerrard is now). seriously.....can't...... run.....or even pass.... or shoot.... or deliver a good set piece..... or run.

  30. I don't understand why people are writing off Balotelli. He's being totally under used and a better manager will make him realise his undoubted talent. When he started that Tottenham game I don't think anyone thought he was a bust signing. I refuse to think this same guy who lit up the world in a city shirt has suddenly become as useful as heskey.
    This rodgers man is a nobody and balo is big deal of player. Rodgers is just finding it hard to motivate balo. Granted he should be motivated by his pay check which is more than most people. But u must realise he's been earning the same kind of money since his city days so it's not that much of a Big deal to him.

  31. who let Ibe go on loan without ensuring he wasnt to be cup tied might have made a difference on Sunday

  32. i think you are actually a lttle harsh. liverpool have a lot of duds, but markovic, can and even lovren can all be really good for us. we also have ilori, coates, origi and alberto all out on loan all of whom i rate if given the right roles/game time/confidence (we likely have europa league next season so these could get more chances there). the ones that need to go are jones, toure, enrique (remember him?), johnson, gerrard (a season too late imo), lambert (why oh why?) and balotelli (ditto). i don't really care much for flanagan to be honest and since borini and manquillo never play they will probably leave even though i think they have something to offer. ultimately the summer will bring many more signings who rodgers immediately loses trust in and dumps. he did it with pretty much everyone but allen, coutinho and sturridge at some point. i can only hope he's finally learnt from his failings or i'm all for a new manager who is smarter

  33. Emre Can has gotten a spattering of minutes in midfield and he is been written off; that is laughable. He is a midfielder by trade and a very good one too, and even though I want BR to stay, if he continues to play players including Can out of position then I hope he's sacked.

  34. Will sign no world class players regardless no CL has seen to that.

  35. I was watching the Madrids game last night and though...what if we had spent the Suarez 75 million on James and the remaining 50 million on Schneiderlin and Diego Costa...what a difference that would have made..

  36. AndWithSuchSimplicity11:02 am, April 23, 2015

    Ho ho :).
    Sorry, that does look borderline gay, doesn't it? I was planning something a lot more murderous to be honest.....

  37. AndWithSuchSimplicity11:07 am, April 23, 2015

    The problem will be the same agin this year. Rodgers flew out a couple of months ago to secure Pjanic, now it looks as though we won't get him.
    But we will get his 'mate' from Roma. So that's almost as good .......
    Gerrard should've called it a day at the end of last season. You only had to look at his performances in the World Cup to see that the Chelsea/Palace fiascos killed him as a footballer.

  38. AndWithSuchSimplicity11:09 am, April 23, 2015

    Do you think he has the pace to be a top class midfielder? Whenever i see him in midfield he looks completely knackered.

  39. AndWithSuchSimplicity11:25 am, April 23, 2015

    I'm not keen at all. I was thinking of something villainous and murderous.

  40. I really think if we get in a world class manager we will be able to sell the club to top players that we have a top manager who has a plan in place to win trophies in the near future. With his cv riddled with trophies it would be an interesting prospect to any player.

  41. If we get a new manager does would that mean another 3 yrs in transaction ? I am all for a new manager with history as this one buys players that he likes who play in there preferred positions then try's to play them somewhere totally alien to them ? I know they are supposed to be pro's but fairs fair play them in there preferred position till they bed in.

  42. have the same name.LOL.Liverpoolfc play some attractive football and are getting the results hence the position we in.Br has brought back the consistency so desperately needed, but BR and his current liverpool team are not for the big occassion.Cap one cup,FA cup,Champs league and most important of all last years slip up in the league when it was ours to lose.Will be a gamble to continue with him next season coz he could get the BMT back that Liverpool teams of the past so convincingly displayed.

  43. interesting comment.We are not going to get an LVG or Ancelloti at Liverpool due to FSG wage bill policy.Liverpool is not a mega rich club anymore.These world class managers come at a huge price.Ask manu,Chelsea or man city.Do we have the financial muscle .Don't think so.Am sure these man command world class salaries too and they will still demand huge financial backing from the owners in the transfer market.I think FSG need to bring Stevie G or a former kop legend to work alongside BR,but do agree big name manager needed to take club to next level and adopt similar system as man U with a kop legend alongside.The model is working wonders for Man U.

  44. Well did u know that wenger one of the highest paid managers in the world earns 7.5 million and rodgers is on 5 million. We are in the top ten in the deloitte money league, even without winning the league in 25 years. We get in a lot of money in sponsorship I'd have rather have given 20 million a year to a wc manager than give 5 million to rodgers for him to keep failing.
    If we don't start winning soon we are going to lose sponsorship money which is more fatal than the salary any worldclass manager will demand. If we act now and install a wc manager who will in turn win us trophies we'll make enough money from sponsorships alone to pay for everything without even touching the tv money.
    Make no mistake we are not a poor team.