8 Apr 2015

Great News? 'Fantastic' £7m striker to reject Real and sign for Liverpool

On Sunday, Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers admitted that the Reds need to find a way to score 'more goals', and with the club's forwards collectively misfiring, it's clear that new goal strikers are needed this summer. It's all gone quiet on the Danny Ings front in recent months, but new reports suggest the Reds are still in pole-position to sign the Burnley man this summer.

In recent months, Liverpool legends Jamie Carragher and John Aldridge have thrown their support behind Liverpool's pursuit of Ings, and according to The Telegraph on Tuesday:

* Liverpool 'remain the most likely to club' to sign Ings.

* The striker wants a move to Anfield over Europe and will reject 'astronomical' offers from Real Sociedad and Borussia Moenchengladbach to sign for Liverpool.

* The Reds will probably have to pay a £7m compensation fee.

In a recent interview with Talksport, Burnley legend Robbie Blake urged Ings to choose 'a club like Liverpool' over Sociedad, and that's exactly what he appears to have done.

From what I can see, lots of Liverpool fans are distinctly underwhelmed by the prospect of signing Ings, but Carragher and Aldo are definitely all for it. In a recent column for the Liverpool Daily Post Aldo enthused:

"Ings has got great potential, and I’d rather see us spend on [him] than on, say, Iago Aspas. Ings wouldn’t be regarded as much of a gamble. He knows where the goal is and he will improve".

Carra recently insisted that £10m-rated Ings is a better fit for Liverpool than £20m-rated Saido Berahino:

"If I was Liverpool I'd be trying to sign Danny Ings. With Ings, you hear him speak, he says: 'Let your football do the talking.'"

Jamie Redknapp is also a fan of Ings, and he's convinced that the striker is 'destined for bigger things'. Last month, he told the Daily Mail:

“He [Ings] is a fantastic young player. He has the work-rate, technique and the temperament to became a top player and, Chelsea or Manchester City apart, he could improve any side in this League"

For £7m, I see very few downsides to this deal. In terms of scoring/creating goals - a striker's primary role - Ings is clearly an upgrade on Borini, Lambert, and Balotelli, and even if he fails at Anfield, the worst case scenario is that the club will make its money back.

Under different circumstances (i.e. no expiring contract), Ings' value would be inflated by the spurious British player 'tax', he'd probably cost £15m+. As such, this deal may turn out to be an absolute steal.

That said, it's a little concerning to see that Ings' form has dramatically dropped-off amid the transfer speculation. He hasn't scored of created a goal in almost 600 minutes of football, which suggests a lack of focus and/or reduced effort as a result of having one eye on a big summer transfer.

Multiple sources claim the deal is done, but there's still a possibility that Chelsea or some other club will come in at the eleventh hour and trump Liverpool with a massive salary offer. If/when that happens, we'll see how much Ings really has his 'heart set' on Anfield.

Will Ings improve Liverpool, or is he destined to be another Borini-style squad player?



  1. Ings is a good deal for me. HOWEVER, he shouldn't be our only transfer in the striking department. Sturridge, Ings, Origi, and 1 more player would be a good force, but that 1 player needs to be top class, or I don't think our goal count will go up anytime soon.

    As for his decrease in output recently, has Burnley created any chances for him to finish? It's hard enough to score on a relatively poor team, let alone when no one's helping you.

  2. The only reason he is a possibility is the price, if you had to pay full wack would he be worth it, NO. Sorry, but not a good enough standard to take us forward.

  3. Frankie Fletcher3:30 pm, April 08, 2015

    This comment is spot on. (Y)

  4. Your second paragraph could apply to Balotelli in the early part of the season when we were not creating chances. I think he has to be given a chance to partner Sturridge in the remaining league games, what is there to loose. He may be a revelation.

  5. That is a very good point. However, I'd rather not be leaning on that risk next season... We could keep him until Jan to test it I suppose, but we'll still need someone consistent while Sturridge is out and the others are off form. Chances are Origi will take some time to acclimatize, and Ings was going to be a backup youth with potential to become Kane 2.0

  6. Well im a bfc Fan & Danny is defo good enough to make the Step up! Given the chances in a decent side he would bag 20 a season easily n would be a great partner for sturridge...

  7. Ings is a good buy , If he does not work out Liverpool will always sell him on for a profit .
    Lallana at 24m and has only scored 4 goals

  8. Exactly, rather forget Ings though and spend his fee & wages on a real proven quality striker to replace DS when he is injured. DS,Balo, Origi + one other top player.

  9. I like Ings for this price young and going to improve. Putting him in side like ours will help us and him. give our players someone to cross to.

    P.S. Were still going to finish fourth.

  10. yep that has work miracle with Lambert...

  11. Why not both though? Ings has the quality to be a great player both now and in the future. He's out of a contract this summer, so his fee would be low, and his wages would be reasonable. Best case he becomes a 20 goal a season player. Worst case we sell him for profit. There really isn't a bad side for me.

  12. where did i ever mention anything whatsoever about lambert?

  13. We bought him as a plan B, someone "to cross to." Same as Balo. That hasn't exactly panned out well, has it?

  14. Dreamland, Reus, reality, Lacazette

  15. But Lacazette > Reus when it comes to being a FW.....

  16. i quote "putting him in side like ours will help us and him, give our players someone to cross to"
    That's exactly what Lambert has been brought for (aka the plan B) and it failed pathetically

  17. Have LFC the money to retain five strikers?

  18. What's the difference between him and the other 7-10M player we have bought after 1 decent season the last few years ? oh yeah ! he's english !
    I'd rather give a youngster the chance to be the 3rd/4th choice than to buy, once again, a player who had 1 decent season.

  19. maybe in your opinion he was bought as a plan b but if you actually watched lambert at southhampton he was not much of target man he was often played to feet. plus lambert is an aging slower player. not so with ings

    but again i never once said lambert anywhere. you made an assumption.

  20. Well we will loose Gerrard and Johnson + some more overpaid deadwood in the summer so I think we could afford it

  21. Agree, but I think Reus gives you more options to combine with other players. Can play with one or two other strikers or on his own with RS.

    Ideally I would want Studge, Reus, Lacazette, Origi but Reus wont come and all too expensive.

  22. Nevergonnacrackthecode3:53 pm, April 08, 2015

    No ! No ! No !

    Danny Ings is the end of LFC

    this is why Sterling is leaving and why Suarez left

    too many signings from mid table pl teams :

    Andy Carroll Newcastle
    Jose Enrqiue Newcastle
    Jordan Henderson Sunderland ( he was poor for 3 seasons)
    Simon Mignolet Sunderland
    Charlie Adam Balckpool
    Adam Lallana,Ricky Lambert, Dejan Lovren southampton
    Stewart Downing Aston Villa
    Joe Allen Swansea

    Total cost 158m
    And we wonder why we are in mid table , by mid table players finish mid table
    When will FSG understand this?
    And it is FSG as it was present in Daglish and Rodgers reign


  23. Yes... The wage problem has never been about not having the funds. It's about making sure players are earning what they are worth. We most certainly can afford putting Hendo on 100K and Sterling on 200K if we wanted, but they (specifically Sterling) isn't worth nearly that.

    Ings is on around 12K a week right now I think. Even if we triple that, it's only 36K. Easily affordable.

    Plus we're losing Gerrard, Johnson, and Jones off the wage bill, Probably Lambert and Borini as well. And a ton of loan players we still contribute to, even if just by a fraction. Just that would be over 350K+. Enough for 1 top striker in (120-150K), Ings (36K), plus a few other signings without increasing the wage bill.

  24. balo i think has been misused would love for him and DS to run together. i never mentioned lambert as a plan b because i never believed him to be a plan b.

    i think lambert is someone rodgers knew would just work his socks off and was good at holding up the ball but keeping it on the floor and could maybe get some goals and assists. was never looking for lambert to be a star.

    Ings has a lot of potential.

  25. Nevergonnacrackthecode3:57 pm, April 08, 2015


    Carroll, Lambert,Lallana,Downing,Adam,Allen,Enrqiue,Lovren,Mignolet

    This is a huge stain on FSG

    158M FOR This average players in FSG reign

    Athletico ahve a similar standing to us in the agme but they buy TOP EUROPEAN BASED STARS WHO FIGHT FOR LEAGUES eg

    Turan (played for biggest team in turkey) , Falcao ( biggest team in Portugal)
    158M if Athletico spent that they would ahve won the cl

  26. I agree with everything you say, but my point is using Ings as you suggest would be misusing him in the same respect as Balo and Lambert.

  27. 1st did i say you talk about Lambert ? (it's rethoric but just to say it, no i didn't)

    my point is you said that using him as a target him would help him/us, Lambert was brought for that regardless of how he played at southampton (just look how we played when he was on the pitch) and it just did not work.

  28. Pedro will join Liverpool for 90k so why pay Sterling more than 100k ??

  29. Have.It is have.

  30. Nevergonnacrackthecode3:59 pm, April 08, 2015

    i type fast
    and dont proof check
    what is your problem?

  31. Ah! I think I understand! Let's let Ings go to Spain or Germany for a year, let him become a star there first, AND THEN pay over the odds for a player we could've gotten for peanuts a season before. Perfect plan!

  32. Type slower. And proof check.

  33. Nevergonnacrackthecode4:02 pm, April 08, 2015

    How about we buy the best players from

    Porto,Lyon, Roma/Juventus , Ajax,PSV , Marseille , Fenerbache,Gallatasary ,Shakter Donetk,Basel ,

    teams that dominate their leagues

    and have players that are CHAMPIONS already

    a champion can handle the pressure of lfc , Allen and Lallana who played league 1 do not have the mentality needed

  34. Naah, square pegs round holes.. Rodgers out!

  35. As Not You said....

  36. i'm not saying that is all he is good for but he is better in the air than are 5 foot 6 inch players that come running in behind sturridge. it would help us free up space in box for ds and the rest of team and give us a better option on corners fks and crosses in general

  37. Nevergonnacrackthecode4:07 pm, April 08, 2015

    158 Million pounds

    spent on mid table dross


    Carroll,Lambert,Downing,Adam,Allen,Enrique,Lovren, Mignolet ,Lallana,Henderson

    in FSG reign and only one has been reasonable successful 16m /158


    what do FSG do TARGET MORE OF THEM

    You can see why they hired Rodgers he is just as stubborn as them

  38. Look, I agree with the premise, but you are making things all too general. Allen and Lallana were never going to be good buys, but getting someone like Austin or Ings or Schneiderlin could pay off.

    Also, we tried this with Markovic, and look what happened there. Benfica finished 1st in the Primera Liga, and made the Europa finals, but he's had no confidence whatsoever.

    In addition, teams like Porto are renowned for their scouting network and sell for very, very high prices. Why wait for them to discover a player and make a huge profit when we could beat them to the punch and buy a player before he joins them?

  39. lambert and ings are two completely different players. to try and compare and the 2 is beyond ridiculous. i never once said that ings is only good for a plan b i just highlighted he could help us with crosses. again your making assumptions. when you ASSUME things you make an ASSoutofUandME

  40. Nevergonnacrackthecode4:10 pm, April 08, 2015

    Markovic stats were not good enough
    Jaimie warned us

    there are players whose stats also match up to club

    Austin would crumble has no pace or dribbling ability or power
    Ings would crumble no swagger

    Schniederlin might do well



  41. Nevergonnacrackthecode4:11 pm, April 08, 2015


    so type fast

    158M on midtabel pl players

  42. Buy a stress ball. It helps ;)

    Just calm down. We all know where you stand, as does JK,... no need to hurt yourself.

  43. Ings is only 5' 10" though...

  44. hey that is four more inches of glory.

    any women would take four inches lmfao

  45. True... lmfao ;D

  46. seriously though he is more combative and rough, he gets after headers unlike most of our team. even our big boys. playing in championship has helped too.

  47. if we sign ings im done with rodgers. good manager but his signings outrageously stupid and is wasting LFC money. after wasting money on Allen, Borini, Moses, Aspas, Alberto, Lallana, Lambert, Markovic its highly evident we need proven quality and champions league quality, or at least players that are scoring and assisting on a high level. Firmino, Pedro, Vietto and Sissokho. if we get top 4 we will need another striker and that will be Lacazette. then people will know were back


  48. To reject Real, good one..

  49. exactly. spot on. we need proven quality. Pedro, Depay, Vietto, Lacazette, Felipe Anderson, Cavani,

    or instead bring through Harry wilson on the right wing, Ibe on the left and Sergi canos up front to become our Lionel Messi and then sell sterling and build from there.


    and the way our youngsters play the front 3 will all interchange. so if canos goes left, ibe will go up front and if canos goes right wilson will go up top to keep the shape and fluency. our youngsters will make us become Barcelona instead of players like Lallana and Lambert who have had there chance at the highest level already

  50. If that's our lineup in 5 years
    I will be crying happy tears
    (hey, I can rhyme!)

  51. Nevergonnacrackthecode4:33 pm, April 08, 2015

    Also don't ahve too much faith in the youngsters

    Canos is new Pacheco
    Wilson is new Adam Hammill /Tom Ince
    Rossiter new Spearing

  52. Samed Yesil has as much potential as Ings

  53. Nevergonnacrackthecode4:35 pm, April 08, 2015

    They are both as bad as each other for me


    Rush to Fowler to owen to Torres to Suarez to

    Ings or Yesil ?

  54. Nevergonnacrackthecode4:36 pm, April 08, 2015

    Suarez used to play with

    Adam,Downing, Henderson

    and still created his own chances

    that is what we need another Suarez

  55. I agree, I don't want Ings. I said earlier we need a top line striker. Don't waste money on Ings, we may as well develop Yesil.

  56. Nevergonnacrackthecode4:39 pm, April 08, 2015

    If we buy Ings lets buy the whole lot and get relegated



    FSG wake up midtable pl players are not lfc standard

  57. The Redmond one really worries me this guy has Brendan Rodgers written all over him.

  58. I wish it was that easy to find...

  59. Henderson! really?

  60. really makes sense :) cheers

  61. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:16 pm, April 08, 2015

    Loganlfc ?

    oh no he possessed Omre

    everyone watch out
    you may be next!

  62. I think we should buy him great value for money. If it does not work out, we may end up selling him for 15m in a few years.

  63. Came on as sub yesterday

  64. Our reserves or is he on loan?

  65. Ian Rush was signed from Chester , John Aldridge from Oxford . give the guy a chance so much complaining the most important contract is Henderson the owners need to pay him the going rate Liverpool cannot compete against the spenting power of city or chelsea and sign a top class forward be realist

  66. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:10 pm, April 08, 2015

    Football has changed

    going back 30 years or more is not a good example

  67. Alexander Lacazetter and Danny Ings....we will have origi back from loan

  68. You're fighting like cats and dogs

  69. what about gerard delefyeo joining the party should be the answer in striking dept and is still very young ,he was good at everton always added firepower up front when called upon by martinez

  70. Rush came from Chester City.
    How many times are you going to prove yourself wrong?

  71. Sterling will be gone in the summer,
    so room for Reus as an attacking midfielder/winger. If we get anywhere near 50m for sterling, some if not all of that money should go straight to getting him IMO. Pay him 150,000 grand serling is looking for and we've got twice the player.
    If that doesnt work slap in a sneaky bid for DeBruyne though not sure of the whole Chelsea situation as regards first refusal on him. Firmino would also be an adequate replacement for Serling and there would be a lot of change left.
    Borini, lambert, Balotelli will be gone too, leaving Studge and Origi. Lacazette and Ings would be great buys. Wouldnt cost the earth and proven goals in both.

  72. Personally I think a striker list of Sturridge, Origi, Ings, Balotelli and possibly another would be ideal. Sturridge we all know is deadly on his day, but he needs to have a sustained period of fitness. We saw what he could do last season, arguably his best ever thus far, and in order for that not to be a premature peak of his career, he has to be managed carefully. This leads to the inevitable conclusion that though he is an undeniable asset, we cannot afford to build a team around him, and as such the other strikers have to pull their weight. Ings and Origi are both young, vibrant, and dynamic, that said however, they lack the key ingredient which is experience. With Mario, a tactic needs to be found out that brings out the most of his undeniable talent. Personally I think he's been misused, and that coupled with the impact that may have had upon morale is making for a rather frustrating player. I've said this before and I'll say it again, a manager has to manage the players he has, and utilising them effectively is a huge part of that. If Mario does not fit into one system, then be flexible, accommodate him. Signings should represent additional strings to a manager's bow, not coiled strands chafing from misdeployment. Finally we need someone in th mould of a Suarez or a Torres, someone who can tun the game ion its head by creating his own chances. A reliable target man who is versatile, someone like Benteke perhaps, if Villa don't survive, or Lacazette. Nobody can deny that strikers have been our main deficiency this season and that has to be addressed.

  73. I don't know about that. Reus is just well regarded as an amazing player, and has done so by proving himself over the years, whereas Lacazette has only just got into amazing form this season. Not saying that he isn't talented and just a one season wonder, because I do think he's a talented footballer, but if he can do the same or better next season, then he'll definitely be above Reus and many more.

  74. First comment = genius

  75. Yokohama Liverpool Fan6:24 am, April 09, 2015

    Lacazette, Firminho, Depay or Pedro should be our priority targets upfront.
    Song, Kondogbia in the middle and another commanding CB, LB like N'Kolou. We will obviously need to work on a clear out before bringing players in. Wholesale changes, time for new players to settle will probably mean another slow start next season but quality over quantity should bevour focus if we want to pip Man U to a top 4 spot next season.

  76. Yokohama Liverpool Fan6:28 am, April 09, 2015

    What we will give to have a striker that will bag half the chances Kane is convertng.

  77. Would really love to see this deal happen. Ings in the number 9 shirt at LFC. That would mean the departure of Lambert and Borini for sure. I would like to see Balo stay for at least half a season and be given a real go at being the main striker. I feel like sturridge and Sterling are much too selfish and lack the vision that Balo has. He showed great vision in the charity game. Although it was just a charity game, I doubt Sterling and Sturridge has that kind of vision.

    A strike disposal of Sturridge, Balo, Origi and Ings would certainly be a pretty potent force. IF all 4 strikers are on top of their game.

    I really think Balo cans ings an be that top player we are looking for. Strong, fast, good with both legs.

    When Sterling leaves, I hope the club hold out for at least $50 mil for the obnoxious kid. Misguided or not, he should know better. Considering what BR and LFC has done for his career. You just don't bute the hand that's fed you. When he leaves, I would really love it if we brought in either Kevin De Bruyne or Reus

  78. Spurs it is then !

  79. Origi has had a similar problem.

  80. Yes, I agree wholeheartedly.

  81. Mario Suarez? Best of both haha.

  82. For what it's worth, it sucks to see 'smaller' clubs always losing their best players. My local team (I'm not Scouse) suffers the same thing and it gets annoying.

  83. That's true. Lambert has good ball skills but because he's big it's assumed he's a target man.

  84. Antonio Nunez was signed from Real Madrid.

  85. Are you suggesting that a manager actually has to actively manage to earn his wage? Heresy!

  86. I would be happy with Lacazette...not sure if that's reality though.,,

  87. That's just paper talk...why would Pedro leave Barca one of the most prestigious clubs in the world currently competing domestically and in Europe on a regular basis? Plus with the transfer embargo Barca are not likely to sell any of their players, especially those reaching their prime years