15 Apr 2015

Transfer Trip: Liverpool fly out to watch 'excellent' €15m star. Talks expected soon

Liverpool are currently linked with a summer move for Sporting Lisbon star Rui Patricio, and new reports suggest that the Reds are stepping up their efforts to sign the Portuguese stopper.

Last week, The Mirror claimed:

* Rui Patricio is 'one of the names' on Liverpool's list of transfer targets.
* The Reds are lining up a summer bid to bring Patricio to Merseyside.

According to Tuesday's edition of Portuguese newspaper A Bola today:

* Liverpool's chief scout recently flew to Portugal to watch Patricio in action.
* Liverpool are now 'ready to open talks' with Sporting over a €15m (£11m) summer move.

Ironically, Liverpool were linked with €15m-rated** Patricio at the same time as Mignolet, but Rodgers ended up choosing the Belgian. Now, if Rodgers signs Patricio this summer, he could conceivably end up replacing Mignolet.

Some info about Patricio:

* 320 appearances for Sporting.
* Averages 40 games a season.
* 36 apps for the Portugal national team.
* 2011/2012: SL's 'Player of the Year' two years running.
* Contract expires: 2019


* 308 goals conceded in 320 games
* Concedes 0.9 goals per game.
* 120 clean sheets (39% of games; 1 every 2.5 games)

This season:

* 41 goals conceded in 37 games.
* Concedes 1.1 goals per game.
* Clean Sheets: 11 (1 every 3.3 games)

If Liverpool's interest is real, then Mignolet should be worried. Patricio - recently hailed by Portugal boss Paulo Bento as an 'excellent' player - is Sporting's undisputed number-one goalkeeper, and he plays practically every game.

If the Portuguese comes to Anfield, it won't be to sit on the bench, and I doubt he'd agree to any deal without assurances of game time. After all, why would Patricio leave a regular starting spot at Sporting - a club at which he's spent his entire career - to sit on the bench at Anfield?

That would jeopardise Patricio's place in the Portugal national team, and with the European Championships on the horizon, he'll almost certainly be focused on solidifying his position in the national team.

Mignolet has turned his Liverpool career around this year, but can he be relied upon next season? In my view, it's a risk to go into the 2015-16 league campaign with the Belgian as number one, especially if Rodgers is still in charge.

If Liverpool fail to qualify for the Champions League this season, and Rodgers keeps his job, he'll be under intense pressure to deliver next season, and I personally wouldn't want to put my career in the hands of goalkeeper with a patchy record.



  1. He sounds like a replacement, and that is not what we need at this point me thinks.. Young and promising is what we need. And cheap, of course..

  2. I still worry about Mig. He has improved a lot but he still is not imposing enough for me

  3. Giving him competitive pressure will be good. Patricio will could in and performances over summer will likely decide who starts the season. Much like US football's summer camp to decide starting QBs.

  4. Hopefully if we go for him he'll be an improvement on Mig not just competition.

  5. Luis on fire this evening Happy Days :-(

  6. Has been confirmed that Jurgen Klopp will be leaving Dortmund at the end of the season.

    Off topic, but opinions? If you put 1 and 1 together, you can see where this is going, so the pressure is on BR now, haha.

    Would love to see Jurgen at the club though. Amazing guy with the potential to attract stars like Reus and Hummels to our club.

  7. I can't see him being happy as BRs number two though

  8. Can't we have Vincent Enyeama?

  9. Who is going to be our next Manager? I am almost certain that BR 'll not stay - by this time FSG should realize that, among established players, BR can only bring average English players from mid-table clubs, that too paying over the top.

    Who is going to replace him - options are Rafa, AVB, Klopp, Rudi Garcia, Laudropp, Koemann & may be Pelegrino. Whom should be our first preference - what about Garcia or AVB?

  10. Nobody is going to replace him because we aren't going to sack him.

  11. If Klop wanted to come and we are in the EL, would you want him here? As number one...

  12. What is everyone's problem with Rodgers, alright we haven't quite hit the heights from last season due to the new players taking a while to bed in but, we've been excellent since christmas and I fully expect us to challenge next season. Have people forgotten how close we came to winning the title last season, as close as Rafa ever did and yet we still talk about replacing him. Rodgers is doing a good job and is going nowhere.

  13. I agree. But.. If we do not qualify for CL and with such a good manager as Klop being available- I would be tempted.. On the other hand if we qualify for CL, I would stick to him even if Ancelotti with Bale wanted to come. So I am saying that I am a cu*t that stands by his manager, but only if..

  14. I like Klopp but isn't he having a bad season too? Bottom of the league at one point and only recently regained a bit of form but still sit 10th in the league. It would seem strange to me to replace BR with someone who is actually having a worse time of it. Give Rodgers another season, hopefully we'll keep hold of our better players and add another quality striker and we won't be far off.

  15. I am old fashioned and believe in giving people a fair crack of the whip unless and until they really fail.

    So at the moment I wouldn't want anyone else and would give BR another year. Managers are like buses there is always another one coming along.

  16. Well, as of now Patricio is better than Mignolet, so if Mignolet wins the "competition," I would assume he improved to the point where I'd be comfortable with him.

  17. To be honest, I'm mostly anticipating summer transfers right now. I personally think this is where I will decide where I stand with Rodgers, and to be fair I respect him and how he has turned the season around.

    But, I'm curious to see what will happen; If either of these happen, I'm on an out for BR:

    A.) Glenn Johnson get's a contract extension: This would mean that BR clearly has his priorities set straight on nationality before anything else. If Johnson was from any other country outside the UK's general vicinity, he would have been kicked out a long time ago.

    B.) Fabian Delph and or Ashley Williams are signed as first team players, or generally signed: This would further reinforce the idea of us turning into a mid table club, not to mention stars like Coutinho and Can are at potential of being lost to higher clubs, simply because they see us at a lower level than what's expected.

    C.) Sterling gets his preferred contract: This is not as big of a deal and a lot more of a controversial topic, but I still think he shouldn't get it unless he steps up and shows us that he wants to play for us. Succumbing to his threats of leaving would set off a bad example, as players would be asking for higher contracts while playing at lower levels, and more would potentially leave.

    If none of these happen, I'll be fine with BR, and as long as the right signings or decisions are made I'll be fine with him.

    I just personally feel as if Klopp is the train leaving in 5 minutes. He could be a potentially history writing manager for us. With the ability to attract world class players like Gundogan Reus and Hummels, and having a great reputation, we could be winning CL next season. I also don't think it would be much of a risk either, he is good at developing young talents and has an eye for them too. I also VERY much doubt that he will trump on 85ish% of his transfers made here, such as BR has (Coutinho Sturridge Can and Moreno being the only ''successful'' ones.

    While his season in the Bundesliga was horrible,

  18. Or like Fergie's nose.

  19. Is he any use with the ball at his feet? We've already got one clown who cant pass/kick it in goal.

  20. He's been constantly losing his best players, bedding in new players, reinstating players that left and flopped AND overachieving. it had to crush and burn eventually. And they still play some good football, but after so many players that left, and those new ones having big expectations.. he needs to start over and so does the club. he'll be fine, not sure about them, it will take more time..

  21. Oh good god... We are being very heavily linked with signing Falcao... £25m, around £250k pw... If this happens, I'll be sick. One of the most overrated CFs in the world and is right up there with Costa as my most heavily disliked players in football.
    By the great Odin's beard it best not be true.

  22. Why are you so sure? I wrote something on this few days back - out of 6 KPI (that an owner spending close to half bn $US would expect when they appoint a Manager & support him in transfer mkt with almost another quarter bn), BR has accomplished only 1, may be a couple partially and most of the posters actually agreed with me.

    I don't think, if we don't make the CL, BR is going to survive. Forget about that, IF & I say IF, we are in a position to appoint new manager, hypothetically who 'll be your best choice?

  23. As you say he's commanding a regular starting place with Sporting and is the current Portuguese number one why on earth would he want to come to Anfield? For me Mignolet has shown of late what a good keeper he is, virtually keeping us in some games due to his saves. Yes organisationwise we could do better, but bearing in mind how many introductions there have been to our defence, small wonder that organisation remains an ongoing concern. Rodgers hasn't proven the type to rotate his keepers much with Jones a ready made number 2. Perhaps this indicates he's looking to change that to pressure and inspire Simon to sustain good form which can only be a good thing.

  24. Why not, he is a very good Manager - young, ambitious & charismatic. I know, he had 2 failed bites at EPL, but that only 'll make him better. I am sure, next time when he returns back in EPL he 'll be totally a different Manager.

    I don't find much deficiency in his playing style, tactical nuances or his transfer business, may be man-management is his scope of improvement. However, he was appointed Manager at 35 at Chelsea with some of the senior most club legends (& indifferent personalities), may be at LFC with very young team (after SG leaves), he 'll be exactly what we need - an ambitious young Manager with very good reputation & know how in football world (& who knows English, French, Portuguese, Spanish & probably Russian now as well).

    BR is a very good trainer, but I doubt if he is yet a Manager of top side.

  25. If this happens, I will put my balls in a meat grinder while squeezing lemon juice and mace in my eyes, and then rip my eyes out. Then, I will ship the contents to BR, with a letter simply saying:

    ''You have fucked up''

  26. Personally I think Mathew Ryan from Brugge would be the safest bet right now, won't ask for starting position and not too expensive

  27. Yeah I was thinking of him as well. By the sound of it he's ready to take the step to a more competitive league, and won't just be content to be a backup.

  28. Just wont happen under their wage structure his wages are way too high.

  29. Agreed.If we'd beaten Manu and arsenal we'd be joint
    second ATM. so we ain't too far off

  30. Rodgers is not going anywhere, CL qualification or not. FSG will not want to roll the dice and bring in a new man and cause more upheaval while the stadium project is on going. They want a settled club.

    A number of Journalist close to the club have echoed this sentiments.

  31. A) Its Glen Johnson not Glenn - Since he has come back from injury this year he hasn't done much wrong and has filled in where needed in defense. As long as its for reduced wages and a short term deal i cannot see why this is such a deal breaker over a manager.

    B) This is just paper talk at best.

    C) What is Sterling preferred contract? How can you judge against something which you don't know the figure? - Also in B you talk about not losing players to higher clubs well that is more likey to happen as club wont pay wages than because we signed Delph or Williams.

    You are also dreaming if you think we could be 'Winning the CL next season' are you serious? We will be lucky to even be in it and if a new manager was to come in it would take time for them to get a settled team and to get their philosophy over.

  32. Spot on mate

  33. The guy was a failure from the beginning.

  34. I would be putting all my funds into outfield players myself starting with a class striker as I don't think Origi will be scoring 15 plus goals for us . We also need a couple of top defenders one being a right back plus I think we need a solid hard working holding mid .

  35. A) ''Glen'' (woops) Johnson is just BAD. In the Newcastle game he had easy passes go out for a throw in and many simple mistakes that could have been avoided by anyone with basic skills. I VERY much doubt he will accept reduced wages. Unless it's sub 50k I don't think he deserves a place here.

    B) Fabian Delph has been commonly linked with Liverpool in the past few months. Ashley Williams maybe not, but those are just 2 examples. In general, I mean that: ''No mid table english men in the club''.

    C) His preferred contract is most likely something we as fans and him himself know he isn't worth. By the look of it he will definitely be asking for 120000 or maybe 150000 + in wages a week. Again if this is all just banter then this is nullified, maybe he does just want to play for us and will accept 100000 or below.

    Making CL next year won't be that hard. Other than Chelsea and potentially AVL our next games aren't going to be as difficult as games for MCI. Note that Southampton and Tottenham both have some tough games as well, and must face each other too.

    Ok maybe thinking we could win CL next year is a bit of a hyperbole, but definitely within 4 maybe even 3 years we would be decent contenders. Players like Reus will have a reason to come and we could build a great squad around them.